Which zodiac signs don’t go together at all? Here is your love incompatibility…

For some, asking the other’s astrological sign has become essential. And in recent years, astrology has experienced a new impetus, exciting the greatest number. So inevitably, you must have wondered which sign is the most compatible with yours, on the relational level. But do you know which one is the least compatible? Purepeople.com comes to your aid, by revealing to you which sign matches the least with each sign of the zodiac, based of course on character traits that do not really agree. So here is according to the astrological signs which person you are likely to date once but not twice.

We reassure you right away, friend Aquarius if you are currently in a relationship with a Cancer, and this goes for all the others, do not break up right away. The astrological signs can only represent a tiny part of our character. Each astrological profile is much more complex than that, marked by a story specific to each one. Let’s not forget either that the ascendant and the moon sign also have a very important place in your profile, so your story can give rise to beautiful sparks, even if your partner is from a sign that is a priori incompatible. with yours.

Aries and Capricorn: it doesn’t match!

The first sign of the zodiac out of the twelve, Aries is also one of the two that is the most impulsive. Go-getter and extrovert, he doesn’t take his time and throws himself headlong into any new adventure. Hard-headed, he finds it difficult to change his mind, which is far from being the case with Capricorn. Sign of earth, the latter likes to think and all his actions are carefully thought out. And while the first has trouble settling down, having far too much of a tendency to get tired of each of his new conquests, Capricorn is very faithful to his loved one.

Taurus is not about to marry a Sagittarius

On one side, the romantic Taurus, on the other the adventurous Sagittarius! If Taurus is a real ambitious man who knows where he is going professionally, in his love life, he inspires calm and serenity. His dream is to found a beautiful home where children run around in a lovely and sumptuous house. Meanwhile, our friend Sagittarius is more the type to spin a world map and choose his next destination with his eyes closed. His freedom, it is difficult for him to give it up. Sagittarius, on the other hand, seems to work well with Cancer, according to the couple formed by Louane and Florian Rossi. There are even many Cancerians around her since the singer’s best friend was born on the same day as the father of her little Esme.

Gemini and Scorpio don’t mix

Even if they were to embark on a first date, they could very quickly wonder what they are both doing here. Indeed, Gemini and Scorpio do not really have the same vision of the world, nor the same philosophy of life. Gemini, double sign of the zodiac, is very open to the world, he likes to socialize. When Scorpio, one of the most feared signs because of its mysterious side, is more of a fan of evenings alone with itself. Gemini wants to party all the time when Scorpio prefers to spend Saturday night brooding and asking existential questions. And this even if in the eyes of many it is one of the most irresistible signs. And it’s not the beautiful Kendall Jenner, native of Scorpio, who will make you think otherwise… And here is a couple who have decided to oppose the stars. Scorpio woman and Gemini man, Jenifer and her husband Ambroise Fieschi spin the perfect love.

The ego war between Cancer and Leo

Yet they are so close on the wheel of the zodiac. But it would be better if they left it at that. If these two will make good friends, it is different for a love story. Indeed, they have a very different approach to love. Cancer, a very emotional Water sign, will seek recognition above all else. And once he loves, he abandons himself to the other completely. Leo, who likes to shine, should therefore find all the admiration he is looking for in Cancer, but he will find it difficult to prove his love to the latter. Too busy with his ego, he is far from the powerful and intense expectations of our Cancer friend.

A big communication problem for Pisces and Aries

Water sign and fire sign can get along perfectly but in love, it’s a risk to take for our friend Aries. Indeed, water extinguishes fire. In this union, mutual understanding will be quite difficult to achieve, because Aries will be totally foreign to the mystical universe of Pisces. But if the feelings are strong, one and the other could know a sincere and lasting agreement. Unfortunately, the danger is that the Water element of the Pisces subject manages to take precedence over the Fire element of the Aries subject, which would have the effect of transforming the latter into a shadow of itself. Captivated by this creative dreamer, he will have a hard time understanding when the last sign of the zodiac immerses himself in his very own world.

Libra and Cancer: it’s not a match!

During several dates, these two are likely to find more than one point in common. But it is in the intimacy that it risks blocking. Cancer dreams of a love lived in a warm home. While the sign of Libra is more the type to imagine theirs crossing borders. The latter may well prove to be a bit too depraved for Cancer. On the other hand, Scorpio and Libra are able to achieve a lasting union, and Léa Salamé and Raphaël Glucksmann seem to be proof of this.

The (too) different universes of Virgo and Pisces

It is still the very own world of Pisces that risks posing a problem for Virgo. Very pragmatic, this one only thinks through the rational, while Pisces relies on an intuition bordering on the mystical. Virgo could therefore be far too down to earth and control freak for the native of this Water sign. And for each moment when there will be a new discussion about the future, Pisces risks locking themselves into a silence that will not be to the taste of Virgo. And this need for security risks suffocating Pisces, unable to express their desires and feelings.

Aquarius will have a hard time with Cancer

Same observation as with Leo, Cancer will have a hard time receiving the proofs of love they expect from Aquarius. The latter prefers to spend his life talking, and meeting people, than delivering his feelings. An aperitif, a game of Playstation or a philosophical debate, Aquarius will always be up for it. On the other hand, there is no question for him of complying with a romantic evening. And Cancer will feel totally left out of it all.

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Which zodiac signs don’t go together at all? Here is your love incompatibility…

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