Which star signs will have the best Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the spotlight this February 14, 2022. On this Valentine’s Day, some astrological signs will have an ordinary day, some may be in a bad mood when others will have the wind in their sails. Find out which astrological signs will have the most luck during the Valentine’s Day 2022.

Romanticism for Taurus

The sign of Taurus is represented by the planet of love venus. In other words, affection and seduction are essential things for this astrological sign. That’s good: not only does Valentine’s Day put love first, but the planet Venus is in the spotlight! love is made dreamy and romantic. It is also a day when passion is the order of the day: feelings are inflamed and whole.

The notion of “secrecy” and “concealment” is important for Taurus on this Valentine’s Day. Are there any hidden surprises? Hidden feelings? In addition, the need for affection: that of receiving and giving it, is very present. Be careful, however, that feelings do not take precedence over reason!

A crush on Capricorn

Many things are happening for the capricorn sign right now. Many planets are united in this sign bringing it a lot of different energies and especially linked to the Other. On the one hand, Mercury gives him a taste for relationships and communication. Often withdrawn, Capricorn feels teasing and playful. If he can be clumsy, he is nevertheless eager to meet new people and to contact those around him. Naturally pleasant, he has no trouble charming those he meets.

On the other hand, we note the presence of other significant planets for Capricorn: Mars and Venus. These two planets have the particularity of being glued to each other, to the nearest degree, on this day of Valentine’s Day. When the planet of action and sexuality is glued to that of affection and love, everything comes together to offer great and beautiful passion to Capricorn. These planets can affect Capricorn by offering him a thunderbolt of great strength or a passionate day for two. This is the time to enjoy !

Surprises for Aquarius

the Aquarius sign is going through a beautiful period of dynamism and optimism. Since the end of January, the Sun has entered this astrological sign, bringing it great vitality. Aquarius can feel suffocated and crave freedom and independence. Don’t try to lock him up or coerce him: he could well throw everything off! Inspired and inspiring, he needs to see something else, to learn and to travel.

This originality will not slow down Aquarius: on the contrary. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is in good aspect with Jupiter, planet of luck which multiplies opportunities, and with Mars which rules action and energy. But it is above all its link with Venus that suggests that an unexpected crush could well be at the heart of Aquarius’ concerns. A dazzling thunderbolt? An unexpected romantic trip? In any case, a surprise can be there and that’s good: Aquarius loves it!

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Which star signs will have the best Valentine’s Day?

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