Which sex toy is made for you according to your astro sign?

The company Lovehoney Group has conducted a new survey to determine the toy best suited to your desires… according to the stars.

The stars also come into play in our sex life. Whether Zodiac signs do not have the same preferences, they are also distinguished by the sex toys that best embody them. Lovehoney Group, which sells products related to sexual pleasure, conducted a groundbreaking study to determinethe most suitable toy according to your sign. A nice boost when you think of the long moment of hesitation in front of the shelves filled with a multitude of vibrators!

A sex toy for each star sign

The brand collaborated with Taki Kurenai, a Japanese author of erotic novels, who made her selection among the Womanizer and the We-Vibe. All this, taking care to adapt to each person’s personality. Here are the results :


Very proud, the Lions will only seek a quality experience. the Womanizer Premium 2 is therefore perfectly adapted with its 14 levels of stimulation and its “autopilot” function which adjusts the suction pattern. A little extra: the sex toy is burgundy, the sign’s favourite!


Libras should be tempted by the We-Vibe Tango. Shaped like a lipstick, this miracle-maker stimulates erogenous zones. Small and thin, it can also slip into the shower thanks to its waterproof properties. A perfect ally for couplesespecially for this sign of the Zodiac very attached to his half.


control enthusiast, the Scorpios will find their happiness with the We-Vibe Chorus. This sex toy stimulates both your G-spot, your clitoris, but also the penis of men!


For the most adventurous of the Zodiac, the well-named Sagittarius, the Womanizer Liberty is an essential trips. With its compact size, it fits in any bag. A happiness endowed with 6 different aspirations to take anywhere in the world!


Far from being a follower of one-night stands, Aquarius will get off on the We-Vibe Touch X, which keeps its promises for solitary pleasure while waiting to find the person to share it with. Both vibrator and massager, it is very soft and vibrates silently. A delight.


With Pisces, it’s always time for sensuality. A bit adventurous too, they will rather choose the We-Vibe Moxie, a vibrator that can be worn in underwear. A remote control is even provided. Enough to promise eventful evenings no matter where you go out. Bonus: the sex toy is remotely controllable.


Equipped with a strong libido, Capricorn is very daring. He won’t find anything better than the Womanizer Starlet 3. With its suction massage, all without contact, the experience is to be relived without moderation.


Very discreet about her private life, Virgo is rather romantic and shy. It will therefore turn more towards the Womanizer Premium Eco, whose pink color should particularly attract him. As a bonus, the sex toy is made of biodegradable materials!


Cancers are generous. The pleasure is at its maximum if their partner also feels it. We-Vibe Bloom will be their best ally to train the vagina and improve the feelings of his partner. This sex toy strengthens the pelvic floor as well as the muscles. In other words: the perfect combo for memorable orgasms.


the Womanizer DUO should tickle the curiosity of our Gemini. Able to massage and suck the clitorisit will also stimulate the G-spot to create “mixed orgasm”.


Slowness, calm and passivity are the key words of Taureans. Not very talkative when it comes to sex, he will thrive with the Marilyn Monroe special edition of Womanizer. The clitoral nerves are stimulated by gentle waves of air. All in a cathedral silence… At least without counting the moans.


Sometimes guided by their sexual urges, Aries is bold. He will therefore throw himself on the We-Vibe Nova 2a rabbit vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris. Something to vibrate alone or as a couple, including from a distance!

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Which sex toy is made for you according to your astro sign?

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