what your zodiac sign says about you

For some, astrology plays a major role in the success of married life. And especially in terms of sexuality. Thus, each sign of the zodiac would have a different sexual profile and therefore desires of its own.

To ensure perfect compatibility in bed, it would be better to team up with someone who shares the same tastes. To help you in this process, the loveshop Amorelia had fun combining astro and sex. What turns you and your partner on in bed, if we got used to the stars? The answer is in these few lines…

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Aries: insatiable or almost!

Go-getter, fiery, impulsive… In everyday life, we tend to think that Aries does as it pleases. And under the duvet? It’s kind of the same thing, it seems. Not that you don’t listen to each other, but you have a very developed libido, ready to act everywhere, all the time.

To satisfy this sexual appetite, nothing beats a little quickie ! And it seems that discovering new positions does not scare you. Well, that’s what your sex profile says…

Taurus: a sexual profile full of sensuality

Like Aries, Taurus is too often reduced to the image of the animal that represents it. Someone powerful, stubborn, determined. But when it comes to sexuality, you know how to reveal a more sensual, languorous facet.

It starts from the preliminaries, which you do not hesitate to prolong until ecstasy, but it can last even longer. The pleasure goes crescendo, until the final, memorable bouquet…

Gemini: the anti-routine

When you were born in summer (or just before), being hot, you know what it is! This is also true in bed, where Geminis are not lacking in imagination if we are to believe their sexual profile.

Everything is good for relearning sexuality, rediscovering carnal pleasure. This may involve the use of new sex toys (a vibrator for couples for example), various Kamasutra positions Where unusual places to make love.

Cancer: no sex without love

You like sex, that’s for sure. But you also love to love, quite simply. For you, the two are inevitably linked. To ass plans of some, you prefer the torrid moments shared as a couple on a daily basis, with gentle and languid lovemaking. Foreplay, caresses, penetration: you do not neglect any step, but always with a lot of love!

Leo: indomitable and irresistible

The comparison is easy, but the king of beasts might as well be the king of cuddles. But be careful not to believe that this “status” (real or imagined) gives you all the rights!

Of course, you like to lead the dance, but without necessarily going as far as submission reports (although…). The Leo knows how to keep the flame alive and Amorelie tells us that it is one of the astrological signs most fond of sex toys…

Virgo: in search of perfection

Here is a sign of the zodiac that absolutely must not be limited to the notion of virginity. Because the Virgo man also knows how to have a good time in bed. Simply, he has high demands, according to his sexual profile. It is no coincidence that its Latin name, Virgogave his name to a sex toy!

You are in search of perfection, both orgasmic and aesthetic. It’s all to your credit… even if it can sometimes work against you.

Libra: shared love

Like Aquarius, Libra is a sign ruled by Venus. But where the first does not hesitate to display a rebellious side, the second prefers harmony and balance.

Solo sex? Very little for you. Not too romantic nor too abrupt, not too long nor too short, pleasure is only pleasant if it is shared. This generosity honors you, gentlemen!

Scorpio Sexual Profile - Hot Lover

Scorpio: hot lover

We can already imagine you telling it when you read the title. So, yes, gentlemen Scorpios, you seem to have a flattering sexual profile. You have charm, charisma even, so that it is hard to resist you. Like Christian Grey, you like to push the limits and are not afraid to display very particular tastes.

These are not handcuffs or one double dildo which will scare you. Just make sure your partner shares the same fantasies.

Sagittarius: the roller coaster

Adventure is adventure! Astrologically speaking, your sexual profile promises long hours of intense pleasure. For you, sexuality is conceived almost as a game.

So you play, you test, you try new things… even if it doesn’t always work! But when it works, the orgasms are intense and the sensations are increased tenfold. You wouldn’t be a bit greedy, would you?

Capricorn: intensity and passion

In bed as elsewhere, you have the art of taking your time. We tend to say that you are cerebral… but that the fire under the ice is just waiting to flare up. The longer the better ? Maybe ! You just have to know how to stimulate yourself where you need it when you need it.

For the volcano to erupt, a cock ring might just be your best naughty ally (or a Rabbit Skipper for Madame).

Aquarius: uninhibited adventurer

You have a liberated sexuality and you assume it. For you, out of the question fall into routine ! Life is short, so take advantage of it to discover new horizons under the duvet: 3 way, prostate stimulation, candaulism… nothing scares you! Are Aquarians the most shameless zodiac sign? It’s possible

If the stars are to be believed, in any case you have a penchant for love toys of all kinds, from vibrating panties to anal plug. (Seventh) Sky is the limit!

Pisces: the kings of foreplay

Generally described as dreamers, Pisces are not the most prudish. Simply, when it comes to sexuality, you consider gentleness to be your best ally. It’s all a question of tact, touch…

As such, you excel in the art of caresses and foreplay of all kinds; it’s your partner who must be happy! Your favorite toy? the “vibrating finger”to raise the pressure slowly but surely.

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what your zodiac sign says about you

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