What your star sign says about your health

Taurus is sensitive to angina, Aquarius is anxious, Cancer has a fragile stomach… True or false? What are these beliefs based on? Does the astrological sign really have an influence on the state of health? Clarification with Christine Haas, astrologer and psychologist.

Some believe in it, others less or not at all. Astrology has no scientific basis but this art of interpreting the stars and planetary cycles intrigues still. Can she give information about the state of health of somebody ? The person Bull is it more susceptible to angina ? the Aquarius in stress ? Cancer with stomach problems? What are the limits astrology? Answers with Christine Haas, astrologer and psychologist.

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What is astrology and what is it based on?

astrology is the art of interpreting the stars and planetary cycles” Explain christine haas, astrologer and psychologist. She would determine human character traits by studying the supposed influence of the stars (stars, moon, sun). It is an ancestral knowledge technique. “Astrology draws its origin at the time of the Sumerians (civilization that lived in Lower Mesopotamia during the 4th and 3rd century BC. JC) who would have left the first written traces. Astrology has endured and various sources have fed it: all countries have an astrology” continues the astrologer. We observe a very strong revival of astrology at the end of the 1950s (appearance of the horoscope in magazines) and in the 70s. “Today, astrology is very popular among young people, millennials. Astrology has no scientific basis since it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. We speak rather of “knowing”. It is based on a vast literature of which we can cite Le Tetrabiblosor treatise of Ptolemy [un astronome, astrologue, mathématicien et géographe grec] which dates from the 3rd century“says Christine Haas.

“It is not proven that the stars have an influence on humans. What is proven is that we all have receptors in the brain related to rhythmssuch as the circadian rhythm (biological clock). Astrology defends the idea that receivers are also linked to the cycles of the planets” replies the astrologer. “The liquids of the body and those of the Earth are influenced by the moon and the gravitational force. Each sign has been assigned a part of the human body.“adds Christine Haas. This whole mechanism is notably linked to the energies that circulate in the world and in the organisms of each human being.

Astrology cannot predict or cure.

What can astrology reveal (or not) about health?

“We can associate behaviors with astrological signs and that’s where the relationship between astrology and health” supports Christine Haas. The astrological sign, and more precisely the horoscope (sun, moon etc. signs), can orient towards the sensitive areas of each person’s body. “Astrology provides behavioral lines and affective pattern which give keys to understanding, in particular on a person’s unconscious, which will make it possible to work on the Mental Health (psychology) and so on the physiological health” develops the astrologer. Many diseases are indeed linked to the psyche. This is called the psychosomatic : it concerns all the effects of the mind on the human body. “Astrology is therefore able to provide information on the cause of a psychological problem for example” adds our expert. “It also helps to better understand oneself by detecting the origin of a recurring trauma and an affective pattern.“. Attention, astrology is a symbolic language recalls Christine Haas. It’s not astronomy or physics, it is not rational. This nor is it a medicine. It cannot predict, diagnose disease or cure. The astrologer works on models (abundant literature and experiences of recognized astrologers). Astrology is not a gift, this method requires work, we learn every day“underlines the specialist.

Are certain zodiac signs more stressed?

“Each sign stresses in its own way : the Virgin is a sign very stressé because it is in permanent control. Each sign “determines” behavior and causes of stress specific to each“says the specialist.

What are the sensitive areas of each astrological sign?

Each sign is assigned a “sensitivity” localized to a part of the body. According to our interviewee:

  • Ram : head (he rushes headlong without fear of getting hurt)
  • Bull : throat (more sensitive to angina),
  • Gemini : respiratory system (cold, flu, bronchi, cough),
  • Cancer : stomach (hypersensitive),
  • Lion : heart
  • Virgin : intestines (polyposis, Crohn’s disease, constipation etc),
  • Balance : kidneys and back (they take care of others a lot, take on their problems),
  • Scorpio : genitals (more susceptible to infections),
  • Sagittarius : thighs (sensitive to all that is circulatory, hypertension etc),
  • Capricorn : skeletal system (osteoporosis) and skin (skin problems),
  • Aquarius : anxiety, nervousness, problems of palpitations and fragility of the knees,
  • Fish : very susceptible to infections, germs, viruses)

Does the ascendant have an influence on health?

The ascendant in astrology is one of the astral chart elements : It is determined by time of birth. The ascendant would allow, just like the astrological sign, to direct the individual towards his bodily zones of fragility (head, heart, kidneys, thighs etc). “We can therefore look at both its sign and its ascendant to determine a tendency to be more fragile in certain parts of the body“explains our expert. Again, this is a trend, not a prediction.

thanks to christine haaspsychologist and astrologer, author of the Youtube channel Horoscope by Christine Haas and Zoé Lafont and Instagram account @chrishaasoff.

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What your star sign says about your health

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