What is your totem animal according to your astrological sign?

In Native American astrology, a totem animal is a protector who subtly helps and advises us throughout our lives. The characteristics of these spirit guides can draw our attention to an area of ​​our life or hidden talents that we could tap into more.

Here is the list of animal totems corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac:

Aries: Falcon

The falcon is at the service of his family. He takes his time when he does a task, for example when he hunts. He observes before launching to be sure of succeeding. Considered a messenger between heaven and earth, the falcon invites us to listen more to our intuition.

Taurus: Beaver

The beaver has a very strong adaptability. The Beaver can create great things, without counting his hours to ensure stability and security. He is quick-witted and will always find a solution to improve his comfort of life.


Gemini: Deer

The deer is a lively, cheerful and talkative animal. He likes to flutter and court several does at the same time. They are impatient and often distracted. Despite everything, he is a very observant animal who knows how to get out of any difficult situation. He always finds a way out. Thanks to his vigilance and his determination, he achieves all his objectives.

Cancer: Woodpecker / Woodpecker

The woodpecker is a bird that builds its nest close to the ground. It is anchored, close to the earth, to the roots in the literal and figurative sense of the term. The woodpecker does not fly much, it often stays in the same place or in the surroundings throughout its life, surrounded by its family. It has a great capacity for regeneration and healing.

Leo: Salmon

The salmon is brave, valiant and swims against the current. He goes all the way up the river and puts his life in danger to lay his eggs. Salmon finds a balance between his stubbornness to see things through and the wisdom to do what’s best for him and his family.

Virgo: Brown Bear

The bear is powerful and is able to withstand extreme situations. He knows how to put aside to be able to survive when times are less good, he does not waste anything and calculates exactly what he will need. No more no less. The bear is calm, but beware of anyone who irritates it. It is a patient and solitary animal that needs to go on an adventure and savor moments of introspection to respect its balance.

Libra: Crow

Symbol of luck, it is also associated with manipulation and lying. It helps to grasp the mysteries of life and has a higher spiritual power than others. She is fearless and determined.


Scorpio: Snake

The snake represents the balance between the dualities: death and regeneration, good and evil, shadow and light, creation and destruction. He is endowed with great instinct and great sensitivity. It helps to move forward while staying grounded.

Sagittarius: Owl

The owl represents the link between wisdom, judgment and knowledge. He is insightful, observant and has great intuition. He knows how to identify the true personality of people. It helps to let go and to be guided while exploring its dark sides to find the light.

Capricorn: Snow Goose

The snow goose advances slowly but surely. She needs to secure all areas of her life because of a lack of self-confidence. She is uncomfortable if she does not control all of her surroundings. She is patient, enduring, and takes the time to lay solid foundations for herself and her family.

Aquarius: Otter

The otter is sociable, but independent. She only meets other otters if she wants to, it’s not a vital need for her. The otter is not materialistic and has no notion of territory, which makes it an animal of peace. She is cheerful, emotional and helpful, although she doesn’t like rules and rebels if you try to impose things on her.

Pisces: Wolf

The wolf represents instinct par excellence. Living in a pack and always suspicious, he always watches his back. He is hypersensitive and experiences his emotions intensely. He is anxious and can easily lose his footing. Nevertheless, thanks to his intuition, he managed to overcome all his worries.

You now know what your totem animal brings you in your everyday life.

What’s yours? Does it match your personality?
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What is your totem animal according to your astrological sign?

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