What is your guilty pleasure according to your zodiac sign?

Astrology is an ancient discipline that studies the effect of the stars in the sky on human personalities. Often we can learn unexpected aspects of an individual’s personality simply by looking at their astrological birth chart. And yes, the planets can influence the way we interact with others, but also those little habits that we keep to ourselves because we don’t want to accept them publicly…

Astro: what is a guilty pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is something we love to do, but for some reason we don’t feel quite right with our principles while doing it. Usually the things we do in secret we keep to ourselves because we don’t want to be identified with a certain attitude or activity. But the truth is, we all have this kind of unmentionable desire from time to time, and the healthiest thing to do is to indulge in it, even if it makes us feel ashamed. In this article, we introduce you to the typical guilty pleasure that corresponds to the personality of each Zodiac sign !

Horoscope: what is the guilty pleasure of each astrological sign?

Aries: procrastinate productively

We all know that the Ram is a sign of action. Its ruler, Mars, is the planet which, according to astrology, motivates us and animates our will. But sometimes, the natives of this fire sign manage to do something that seems contradictory, but is not. They put off what they need to do, doing something else, which is also useful, but not what they should be doing just so as not to remain inactive. This gives them great pleasure, but also a certain guilt!

Taurus: eating in secret

We all know that the Bulls are gluttons. But what is less known is that they sometimes eat in secret. They tend to stuff themselves, especially in the evening when no one is watching. They take great pleasure in eating, but sometimes the comments of others inhibit them. That’s why doing this when no one sees them is their guilty pleasure!

Gemini: turn the brain of your lover

There is one thing that the Gemini like to do which, from a moral point of view, is somewhat dubious. They like to use their intelligence to confuse others. Does this make them sneaky and untrustworthy? A little, but it’s a small pleasure that they struggle to give up…

Cancer: watch the same movie over and over all the time

Cancer is the astrological sign ruled by the Moon. These natives have a very good memory. And often they remember all the lines of their favorite movies that they have seen and re-watched for years. The feeling of seeing something familiar makes them feel at home, and we all know how much they love that feeling! Just make sure you don’t watch it with them, so they don’t repeat the dialogues they know by heart all along the movie!

Leo: going on dates, just for the fun of testing your ability to charm

We all know how vain people born under the constellation Leo can be. They are well aware of their attractiveness, and do not hesitate to constantly test it. It’s no wonder then that they go on romantic dates just to see if their charms work. This habit is very common among the natives of this sign, but they will never admit it!

Virgo: filling shopping carts online and never checking out

It is a curious custom, that the natives of the sign of Virgo can have. They will go to their favorite online store and do a complete shopping, without depriving themselves of anything. But what is curious in this action is that they will never go to the checkout afterwards. They seem to be quite happy with the account without paying anything out in the end. Good for their wallet!

Libra: having home spa sessions every night

Libra is the most flirtatious sign of the zodiac. They care a lot about their style and appearance. That’s why they take great care of their skin and hair. But what they don’t say is that they will do everything possible, as soon as they have some free time, to take care of their physical appearance. Is that a bit too much? Yes, it’s true. But we must admit that they are splendid.

Scorpio: having a secret account to play the spy in social networks

This activity is not surprising if one knows a little about the personality of Scorpio. They like to know everything, but never want to appear interested. This is where their secret spying weapon comes in: social media. They don’t hesitate to create fake accounts to gain access to the privacy of their friends… But especially of their enemies!

Sagittarius: going away for the weekend every week

This sign is very adventurous and loves to travel. That’s why as soon as there are two days off in a row, they manage to go far away and see new places. For them, any excuse is good to get away. So much so that their friends sometimes wonder if they still live in town or if they’ve already left for good!

Capricorn: sleeping in

We all sleep in once in a while, some of us quite often. But the point here is that Capricorn is the sign of work. For them, laziness is unforgivable. So, for them, the luxury of staying in bed after the alarm clock is almost torture. And it’s only the weekend!

Aquarius: make appointments and cancel them at the last minute

No sign loves its freedom more than Aquarius. So much so that we sometimes wonder if they think they are alone in the world. They are able to cancel the same day an appointment scheduled for months. And even if it makes them feel a little guilty, the fact that they can do it, reassures them that they are the absolute masters of their independence. Unbelievable !

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Pisces: turn off your phone to not be reachable

Pisces are beings from another planet. And sometimes life on earth simply overtakes them. For them, there is nothing nicer than being disconnected from their phone for days and not knowing anything. They can then spend hours imagining fantastic stories and live far from reality. Even if they know that others miss them and feel ignored by them, it gives them unparalleled pleasure!

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What is your guilty pleasure according to your zodiac sign?

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