What is the stingiest zodiac sign?

You are criticized for being too close to your pennies, but you just think you are being reasonable? What if we told you that the cheap fairy got a little too close to your crib when you were born? Your astrological sign may explain why you have so much in common with Uncle Scrooge… or not!

Stingy, rapiat, miserly, penniless, there are many terms to designate these people who are real cheapskates. Always on the lookout for a way not to spend and to save money like a real rat. Obviously, few people admit to being of this type and prefer to mitigate their stingy behavior by saying to themselves thrifty Where provident. Apparently, astrology would explain why some people have such a special relationship with money. And you, are you more the type to to throw money around or do you stock up for lean times? Discover the ranking of the zodiac signs from the most stingy to the most spendthrift.

Cheap or rather thrifty?

Can we speak of being thrifty in front of a person who manifestly demonstrates stinginess ? Where is the difference. In the general imagination, a stingy is a person who suffers at the thought of having to spend money. However, it can go even further. Indeed, a true stingy even experiences a real aversion to sharing. He is stressed at the mere thought of himself. find destitute. If for most people this thought is not pleasant in the least, for a stingy it goes much further. He is even unable to feel pleasure in spending. His only concern is to accumulate. The stingy does not smell security when he has the impression that his money is slipping away from him. He will count them, recount them… bordering on paranoia.

Taurus is the stingiest astrological sign of the zodiac.

The bursar is a person more thoughtful. She pays attention and is not in the superfluous. With it, a purchase must have a meaning, a utility. out of the question to to waste or of spending a lot. What the steward always keeps in mind is to have fun by making sure to get the best price. It also has no problem when it comes to sharing. Which category do you think you belong to?

The ranking of the astrological signs from the most stingy to the most spendthrift

Now that you know what the difference is between a stingy and a thrifty, tell yourself that nothing is due to chance. Your relationship with money is obviously conditioned by your education and by a whole host of reasons related to your life. However, astrology also provides an answer related to your birth and the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Here is the classification of the astrological signs starting from the most stingy.

1. Taurus

Taurus are beings for whom thesilver has great importance. It is a security and the mere thought of being able to miss it puts them in a panic. Spending is a real heartbreaker for the natives of this astro sign. By their calm and harmless nature at first glance, one would be tempted to think that they have no perspective on the expenses. It is very bad to know them. Taurus have a calculating machine instead of a brain.

2. Leo

People born under the sign of Leo are very disreputable when it comes to money. Indeed, very close to their wallet, they can show themselves generous, but with the ultimate goal of being indebted to them. This is also what partly explains their first position in the ranking of most dominant signs of the zodiac. With a Leo, any expense must be justified or avoided. They are not people on whom one should imagine being able to benefit from largesse. On the contrary, they like to take advantage of other people’s goods and when it’s free it’s even better!

3. Capricorn

It is better to have good arguments to succeed in untying the purse strings of a Capricorn. With their strong character, they do not let go of their pennies so easily. They like to have control over everything and even more over their finance. On the other hand, other people’s money is always welcome to be spent lavishly. Capricorns can, however, be overwhelmed with generosity from time to time. What characterizes Capricorn is that he is very fond of savings to invest. Money is in his eyes a tool to evolve and earn even more.

4. The Virgin

It’s nearly impossible to squeeze a penny out of a Virgo without good reason. They like everything to be settled like clockwork and therefore will not give in easily to the unexpected. This does not mean that one could qualify the native of the Virgo sign as a stingy. He would rather be a big saver. Virgos are among the signs that manage to save much more easily and thus achieve great projects. They play the role of the ant in La Fontaine’s fable to perfection.

5. Gemini

Gemini have a very unusual relationship with money. Most of them are not attracted to wealth. With them, the money goes, it comes. When there is, so much the better and when there isn’t, so much the worse. This is not the end of the world. On the other hand, Gemini will not spend their money recklessly. he goes to bargain and try by all means to find a way to do good business.

6. Aquarius

The very thoughtful character of Aquarius means that we would place him more in the category of thrifty signs. Not really stingy, but just planning ahead prediction of difficult times. Besides, it’s probably one of the only signs that won’t go out of their way to earn more money than they need. He is very capable of being self-sufficient strictly necessary and not going to cheat to make millions.

7. Sagittarius

The natives of the sign of Sagittarius are real account books. It is necessary that each purchase is planned in advance, calculated, evaluated and justified before being carried out. For him, money is made to be spent, of course, but with good reason.

8. The Scorpio

Although he won the prize for baddest star sign of the zodiac, we can not say that the Scorpio is stingy. In fact, if he is ruthless with the people he does not like, he is on the other hand very generous with the people he likes. The natives of the sign of Scorpio are beings of confidence and endowed with a great honesty. You can safely entrust them with the purse strings, they will make good use of the money. Indeed, they are pragmatic, thrifty and love beautiful things.

9. The Fish

It is not surprising to find the Pisces at the almost end of this ranking. Indeed, the natives of this sign are recognized as being the cutest of the zodiac. They therefore demonstrate a fairly large generosity. The Pisces native can often be victim of profiteers so much his generosity borders on naivety.

10. Libra

People born under the sign of Libra are those who easily render service. They have no acquaintance for theaccumulation of wealth. It is not for nothing that Libra is referred to as the best zodiac sign among the 12 astro signs. They like to spend to please themselves, but also to those around them. Be careful though, Libra is not one to waste so much that they end up in the red at the end of the month.

11. Cancer

Cancers are able to give away their shirt when a friend needs it. They spend lavishly for themselves, but also for others. They like to please those around them. The natives of this zodiac sign have money flowing out of their hands as if trying to hold back water. They are after all surprised to find themselves penniless. He has no notion of necessary and accessory.

12. Aries

At the bottom of the pack of the most stingy astrological signs, we find Aries. Their legendary impulsiveness makes them real spending machines. These are real compulsive shoppers. The natives of this sign have money burning their fingers. For them, money is made to be spent. Paradoxically, when they have none, they can easily become depressed. Aries are generous beings who are ready to do anything to please their loved ones. Their kindness and their generosity often bring them a lot of disappointment.

The twelve zodiac signs behave differently when it comes to spending. According to astrology have a more spendthrift character than others. Some like to plan seizures eventual, others live from day to day. Be that as it may, we must not forget that the environment in which we evolve and the situations have a strong impact on behavior. Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions or do you have a totally different relationship with money?

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What is the stingiest zodiac sign?

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