What is the smartest zodiac sign? Here are the winners!

Intelligence is a multi-faceted quality. Thus, we can speak of an emotional, creative, logical, sporting, social intelligence, etc. Anyway, people who have such an advantage usually come up with original and not-so-obvious solutions. Do you fall into this category according to astrology ? Let’s find out together what is the astrological sign the most intelligent. Here are the winners in the different sub-categories!

Let’s see together which are the most intelligent zodiac signs according to different criteria

So which are the favorite planets that are among the most intelligent zodiac signs? In general, these are Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Capricorn! At the same time, genius traits are often found in other signs as well, aside from these top 5 listed ones. You are then presented with the absolute favorites and the winners in certain sub-categories (emotional, intuitive, social intelligence, etc.).

Intelligence is a quality that comes in various forms – emotion, intuition, communication, pragmatism, etc.

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Gemini – the most intelligent zodiac sign in terms of creativity

We only need a few minutes of conversation with Gemini to quickly realize the genius that is hidden. Normally, people under this sign have the fastest thinking of all 12 figures. They are usually very curious and can acquire and disseminate information constantly. A sense of humor and creativity are two other well-developed qualities in Gemini. This also indicates the presence of a strong intelligence especially from the point of view of inventiveness. Geminis also find their place among the greatest thinkers of the zodiac.

People under the sign of Gemini are thinkers, with a well-developed sense of creativity and humor.

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Which zodiac sign is the most dangerous? Scorpio and its perceptual intelligence

Scorpio stands out for its perceptual intelligence and mental strength. It is almost impossible to deceive a person under this sign especially thanks to their perceptual reasoning. In addition, the mentality of Scorpios is wise, lively and curious. They distrust every theory before they have collected enough reasons and evidence. One of their greatest qualities is their power to use any information received through their senses in a fairly expeditious manner.

Scorpios possess impressive mental strength and perceptual intelligence

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Virgo – the most intelligent sign of the logical and professional point

Like Gemini, Virgo has a strong passion for the world and is distinguished by a strong curiosity. As a result, representatives of this sign have the ability to always find a solution even to the most difficult situations. They are not afraid to embark on solving unsolvable problems. Attention to detail and perfectionists, Virgos are very motivated (sometimes even extra!) at work, they like to plan projects and anticipate problems. Thus, people under this sign demonstrate a mostly practical intelligence.

When you need a practical and logical solution to even the most complicated situations, you turn to Virgos

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What’s the smartest sign on practicality? Aquarius

Aquarius is also a sign known for its natural intelligence. Their behavior is generally rational. When Aquarians are interested in a subject, they are quick to deepen their knowledge of the theme. Practicality aside, most people under this sign also possess strong intuition. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see a note of arrogance and a display of superiority in their behavior.

Intellectual intelligence and practicality are typical qualities for representatives of the Aquarius sign.

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Which zodiac sign is the most emotionally intelligent? The cancer

Speaking of emotional intelligence, Cancer is arguably the winner in this subcategory. Since water is their element, it’s not at all surprising that Cancerians have the power to always manifest depth in their personal relationships. Indeed, Cancer can also capture and feel the emotions of the person in front of him. Their intuition, understanding and empathy are very strong and they often present themselves as a good adviser, especially in crucial moments.

People born under the zodiac sign Cancer have emotional intelligence

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Capricorn – the most organized and motivated in the ranking of intelligent zodiac signs

Capricorns are very addicted to work and studies. They are dynamic and do not give up on their projects. Their thinking is structured, precise and methodical. That’s why the decisions they make are smart. They have the patience to achieve their goals. On this point, Capricorn most often uses well-thought-out strategies and rarely impulsiveness. People under this sign are rather pragmatic and their intelligence lies in reasoning and logical solutions.

Intelligence that relates to good organization, motivation, methodology, and reasoning is typical for Capricorns

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What is the smartest zodiac sign? Here are the winners!

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