What is the shyest zodiac sign?

Are you terrified at the mere thought of having to speak in public? Do you shiver and break into a cold sweat when the person you’re crushing on lays their eyes on you? What if we told you that this pathological shyness has everything to do with your astrological sign?

Discomfort, tremors, sweaty palms, unmanageable stuttering, excessive sweating… Being shy is not easy. Indeed, very shy people often have to do violence to fight their personality and to be able to evolve in society. Although it manifests itself most in front of a crowd, shyness can also show itself in the most unexpected situations of life. If several reasons can explain this behavior in a person, theastrology provides a first line of response. According to your sun sign or your lunar ascendant, your temperament will be strongly influenced by the stars. Is your personality that of a shy introvert or are you the type to feel comfortable being at home? center of attention ? Discover in this article what is the astrological sign the most shy?

How is shyness expressed in a person?

Shyness affects about 60% of the world’s population. At least, some define themselves as being shy due to many personal criteria. However, in some cases, shyness becomes a real social phobia and can be very disabling in everyday life. Most often, shy people have a great lack of confidence in them, are very emotive discreet and react with a lot of sensitivity.

When shyness becomes a handicap, it can lead to social exclusion for fear of being judged or doing wrong. Shy people are extremely sensitive to judgment of others. They therefore want to do everything well and live with the fear of not receiving the approval of others. This is what causes them to feel bad and have low self-esteem. Far from being just a temperament, it can sometimes lead to physical symptoms (tachycardia, tremors, cold sweats, digestive or sleep disorders, dry mouth, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, etc.) Shy people experience real suffering on a daily basis.

Ranking of the shyest astrological signs

Whether during a presentation in the context of a professional activityin front of a person we are in love with, shyness reveals itself differently. Science attributes to this character origins more linked to the environment and education than to genetics. More surprisingly, if genes are not really involved in the development of a person’s shy character, on the other hand birth has a lot to do with it. Indeed, depending on the position of the stars at the time of birth, your astrological sign will make you a shy person… or not. Discover the ranking of the most shy signs of the zodiac.

Pisces is the shyest astrological sign of the zodiac

1. The Fish

When it comes to public appearances or being around people, this sign certainly doesn’t feel like a fish in water. Indeed, the natives of the astrological sign Pisces are beings who like to go unnoticed. They are discreet and do not like to be confronted with the outside world. If Pisces is considered to be the kinder sign of the zodiac, on the other hand, we cannot say that he is very sociable. Certainly, he shows a great deal of empathy and kindness towards othersbut, Pisces feels much more at ease in his bubble. When in the presence of strangers, Pisces will be introverted, not very talkative and will try as much as possible keep out of the limelight.

2. Taurus

Taurus are individuals who do not like to see the eyes fixed on them by nature. They value their anonymity and feel great when left in their world. Dreamers and often loving to reflect on existential questionsthe natives of the sign of Taurus prefer to enjoy the luxury of go unnoticed. However, even being of a rather calm temperament, Taurus are go-getters in love. When they have set their sights on a prey, they will do everything in their power to conquer the person who haunts their thoughts. So they won’t be at all shy about the seduction and the art of capsizing hearts.

3. Cancer

It is well known that the natives of the sign of Cancer are of big shy. This very particular character in them is above all linked to the fact that they suffer from a great lack of self-confidence. In most Cancers, speak in front of an audience or being in the spotlight is a real ordeal. People born under the sign of Cancer pay a lot of attention to what people think of them. Therefore, in order to avoid being ridiculed or seen as incompetent, they will prefer withdraw and this wall in silence when they are in public. They also have a great need to feel loved and have a almost paranoid fear of abandonment. This explains the fact that they are ready to do anything to be indispensable to those around them.

4. Aquarius

The natives of the sign Aquarius have need to feel safe to be perfectly comfortable. Thus, they like to evolve among their close entourage, which guarantees them serenity. As soon as he finds himself with strangers, the person of the astrological sign of Aquarius loses his bearings. People who don’t know him will tend to take his shyness for granted. contempt or the condescension. He is nothing. In fact, Aquarius uses this mechanism to protect themselves and avoid finding themselves at the center of attention.

5. The Scorpio

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are naturally caring people with those around them and formidable with their adversaries. It is for these reasons that the Scorpion comes at the top of the ranking of baddest star signs of the zodiac. However, this qualifier of villain is not expressed at all in everyday life, for no reason. Indeed, everyday Scorpio is more of a good companion with which you will have a good time. However, when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, the Scorpion is on their guard and becomes introvert. The natives of this sign do not like at all be with strangersthey feel insecure and will become shy and withdrawn.

6. Libra

If Libra is considered to be the best zodiac sign, it is mainly because they avoid conflict like the plague. In addition, the natives of this astrological sign have a tendency to appear withdrawn in a group and to prefer put others first. You can’t really say that they are shy, but they are quite reserved when they meet people they don’t know. Otherwise, when they are in an environment that is familiar to them, it is almost impossible to retain a native of the sign Libra who becomes a real piece of work.

7. The Virgin

Those born under the sign of Virgo are people who love control everything. They don’t like surprises or the unexpected at all. People born under this zodiac sign will feel comfortable and relaxed only in surroundings that are familiar to them. When a native of the Virgo sign is forced to meet strangers, he will be permanently tense, mistrustful and on his guard. It is at this moment that his great shyness will express itself, but however, the Virgo will not lose its means. Above all, he will remain silent and observe what is happening around him in order to better understand the people who are in his presence.

8. Sagittarius

Usually, Sagittarians have a lot of insecurities. Besides, this explains why they are often watching their backs and being wary of the people around them. In reality, Sagittarius always feels like they’re not acting in the most appropriate way. His shyness is therefore more linked to a self esteem who is weak than to a real fear of evolving in society. This situation makes Sagittarius always thinking about how not to look ridiculous and perform well in the eyes of others. In society, surrounded by people he knows, the native of the Sagittarius sign is perfectly in his element. He is comfortable and his timidity seems like a distant memory.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns are people who like to shine and be theobject of all attention. The natives of this astrological sign are not shy for a penny. Quite the contrary! Capricorn likes to be pay attention and all eyes are on him. This is the kind of person who will purposely arrive late for an appointment for the simple pleasure of being noticed. This character trait can have a positive aspect, for example in the professional or romantic context. Indeed, it expresses a great self-confidence. However, this can sometimes be a disadvantage, because by putting themselves too forward, Capricorn can obliterate the other personalities around them.

10. Aries

It is not at all surprising to find Aries at the bottom of the ranking of the shyest astro signs. Indeed, by being designated as the mentally strongest zodiac sign of the zodiac, Aries is a person who has absolutely not shy. The natives of this sign fear above all routine in their lives. They will therefore do everything to meet challenges and make the most of their great communication skills for to meet new people. The natives of the Aries sign often have great self-confidence and without crushing others, they will manage to shine in society. They are very often beings with such an attractive personality that they leave no one indifferent.

11. Gemini

As a good air sign, Gemini are absolutely not afraid of shine in society. They particularly enjoy being in the spotlight. Indeed, the natives of the sign of Gemini are naturally exuberant and bon vivants. They like to meet new people and become very familiar with their new knowledge. Besides, this very sociable temperament sometimes pushes them to do too much when they are in the presence of other people.

12. The Lion

In last place we find the most timid astrological signs of the zodiac, Leo. The natives of this sign have a imposing character, borderline crushing. This explains why Leo is designated as the most dominant star sign among the twelve signs of the zodiac. Indeed, due to their very strong character, their foolproof confidence and a good dose of ego, the natives of this sign are not necessarily very good companions. When weaker personalities find themselves in the presence of a native of the sign of Leo, there is a good chance that they will be completely crushed. The Leo is therefore certainly not by nature a shy being.

Bonus Video: Hypnosis session – Overcoming shyness

You may have recognized yourself in the personality of your zodiac sign…or not. In which case, whether or not you are shy depends on several other factors. Your education, the situations you have experienced in your life, your experiences, your surroundings, all of this can contribute to change your personality. However, being shy is not an end in itself. There are several solutions that allow get out of your comfort zone and free yourself from your shyness.

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What is the shyest zodiac sign?

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