What is the rarest astrological sign?

You will surely have noticed in your entourage that some people are of the same astrological sign. Conversely, other signs of the zodiac are not very common. What is the rarest astrological sign?

Is the fact that in your company you always find the same astrological signs due to your personality and the type of people you attract or does it have nothing to do? Indeed, one could say to oneself that one feels more at ease with certain people rather than with others, which implies their qualities and their defaults. But what if we told you that in reality, it is just an astrological phenomenon? Chance ? Coincidence? Logical reason? It is interesting to look at what could explain why you have a lot of Virgos, Libras or even Leos among the people you associate with. Find out what is the least common zodiac sign of the zodiac.

What is meant by the rarest astrological sign?

When we talk about astrological sign the rarest of the zodiac, we actually refer to the signs that we find the least in the population. Indeed, it often happens that several people share the same astrological sign. Moreover, some signs remain very rare and often we do not know anyone in our entourage who is one of these signs.

The fact that one astrological sign is rarer than another can be explained in several ways. However, it should be noted that according to statisticsdepending on the era, rarest signs are not the same. Thus, according to theINSEE, in France, the rarest signs before 1914 and its war were Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. After the first World War and the phenomenon of baby boom, Aries, Pisces and Taurus were more often found. Thereafter, we find approximately the same signs until the beginning of the 90s.

What can explain that an astro sign is rare?

Love or Providence? Who is to blame when you realize that some zodiac signs are more recurrent than others? We would tend to refer to the date of conception to know what really would explain this phenomenon. And there, we are not disappointed. Indeed, when we look at the astrological signs that come up most often, we realize that nine months earlier, an “event” may have favored the birth… This is the case for September natives, like Virgos. The conception period of Virgos coincides with the Christmas time and of end of the year. This is also the case for people who were born during the month of November… The parallel is made with the Valentine’s Day.

rarest sign of the zodiac

We could cite several situations, but what must be remembered is that the date of conception has a lot to do with the number of births. On the other hand, one can also explain the rarity of an astrological sign by the fact that its season is the shortest of the zodiac. This is also the case with regard to the capricorn sign.

The classification of the astro signs from the rarest to the most common

Certain times of the year are rich in birthdays. You will undoubtedly have noticed it if you pay attention. According to very serious studies which have looked at the recurrence of births at one period rather than another, it is between December 23 and 25 then between the January 31 and 3 births are least attended.

Capricorn is the rarest sign of the zodiac.

In winter, therefore, births are more spaced out. As you will have understood, this makes natives of the sign of Capricorn the people with the rarest astrological sign of the zodiac. Check out the rankings below. twelve signs of the zodiacfrom rarest to most common.

1. Capricorn

Capricorn definitely has all the qualities that make him an exceptional being. Indeed, it is referred to as the sign astrological smartest of the zodiac, but in addition it comes first in the ranking of the rarest astro signs. One of the greatest qualities of Capricorns is that they are trustworthy people. We can entrust everything to them, rely on them and make confidants of them, we will never be disappointed. Moreover, this is a quality that the other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, also share. It is perhaps for this reason that the stars come together so rarely to favor the birth of Capricorn ! Who knows ?

2. Sagittarius

Apparently, the rarest signs of the zodiac are the ones that accumulate the most qualities. To the credit of Sagittarius, it can be noted that they are usually very empathic, sincere and generous. They do not count when they love and show a very pronounced probity and honesty. However, with the natives of the sign of Sagittarius, pride is often a problem and they are people who do not mince their words, even if it means being hurtful. Also, don’t expect excuses from a Sagittarius.

3. Aquarius

The natives of the Aquarius sign are very often people who live in their own universe. They tend to be big dreamers and see the world through the prism of their innocence. This sends them the image of cold people or without affect. Far from there ! People whose astrological sign is Aquarius are, on the contrary, very attentive to everything around them. They have exceptional intellectual and thinking skills. However, although they spend most of their time thinking, Aquarius often tends to make hasty decisions.

4. Aries

The natives of the Aries zodiac sign are known to be people impulsive and brave, bordering on recklessness. They are fearless and very often seek to meet all kinds of challenges. As a true sign of fire, Aries is a being with strong temper that it is difficult to follow as it works at a hundred miles an hour. Besides, Aries are also known to be the mentally strongest zodiac sign among the 12 signs of the zodiac.

5. The Fish

People born under the sign of Pisces are extremely sensitive and listening to the emotions of those around them. It is one of the characteristics of the water signs and which makes the natives of this sign the one considered as the weakest of the zodiac, because often being too empathetic. Pisces is also a person who often lacks confidence Sadly. She therefore expects those around her to be constantly reassured about her abilities.

6. Taurus

All Taurus love action. They are therefore not into long speeches, but rather prefer to demonstrate pragmatism. It is therefore not surprising that they come first in the ranking of signs astrological the meanest of the zodiac. Indeed, Taurus does not like surprises and like to plan everything to best manage all situations. If you have Taureans around you, they are probably the people you should turn to for save money. They are also known to be very faithfulwhether in love or in friendship.

7. Gemini

If you are looking for someone sociable and perfectly at ease in any situation, you should meet a Gemini. They are very intelligent people who like to shine in society and who, like all the other air signs, have an innate gift for communication. Gemini is a person who likes to involve those around him in new adventures. He hates routine and often exaggerates.

8. Cancer

The astrological sign Cancer is one of the signs that is still quite rare. He is one of the water signs and he rather likes discretion. Very protective of those around him, Cancer is very sensitive to the comfort of his loved ones. He hates conflicts and arguments, but does not hesitate to take a stand in defense of the people around him. Although it is quite rare to meet people born under the sign of Cancer, when you meet them, you will appreciate their presence in your life.

9. The Lion

Like all other fire signs, the Leo is a being impulsive, but often with unfailing honesty. However, Leos are also characters who are constantly seeking recognition from those around them. It actually hides a lack of confidence in them that they are reluctant to display in broad daylight. They are common knowledge considered to be the most dominant sign of the zodiac and which suffers no contradiction. They like to lead and be in a leadership position. However, this does not mean that they fulfill this mission in the best way.

10. Libra

What characterizes people born under the sign of Libra is the justice. People born under this zodiac sign have dreams that are often utopian because they are so idealistic. Very charming, generous and dedicated, Libras like to see the best in each individual. The natives of this sign often tend to position themselves as mediator and try to resolve all conflicts.

11. The Scorpio

Scorpios are beings that you absolutely must have around you. Indeed, they are very attentive to others and full of empathy. Capricorn is capable of the best and the worst. Indeed, he will not hesitate to sacrifice himself if he is convinced that the cause is legitimate. The kindness of Scorpios is innate and unreserved towards the people they love. Paradoxically, Scorpio is considered the sign baddest astro of the zodiacfor he has no pity for those whom he sees as enemies.

12. The Virgin

People of the zodiac sign Virgo are mysterious. They are not exuberant for a penny, but on the other hand, they always respond when you need them. Virgos tend to be quite rigid in day-to-day life. For the natives of this sign, everything must be calculated, organized, methodically prepared. They have horror of unexpected situations and when they do, they find it hard to know how to react. Terribly honest and discreet, people born under the sign of Virgo tend to be abused by others because of their passivity. This is a big mistake, because their reaction can be very violent when they think that we are trying to trick them.

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If you have actually noticed that in your close entourage the same astro signs come back, know that there are also other explanations related to theastrology. Indeed, it may be due to the fact that you shared the same element from birth (water, fire, earth, air). You can also be confronted with the magnetism of signs. Indeed, some of them are complementary. This means that you will tend to feel attracted to the natives of one astrological sign rather than another.

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What is the rarest astrological sign?

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