What is the nicest zodiac sign?

If you believe in astrology, you know that each of the 12 zodiac signs is different. Indeed, several factors influence the character of the latter. We’ll tell you which one is the cutest.

Easygoing, empathetic, reckless, incredibly honest, altruistic or true demon, depending on whether you are native to this or that astrological sign, your temperament will be really different. How you behave in society depends on your birth. The stars, the planets, but also the elements play an important role in the development of your personality. As a result, we often find the same character traits in natives of the same astrological sign. If you want to know more about what your behavior hides, you have to look at the zodiac influences. In this article, we will introduce you to the ranking of nicest zodiac signs.

How do the elements affect our character?

The 12 signs of the zodiac each correspond to one of the four elements. Earth, fire, air and water have, according to astrology, an impact that gives the different sun signs their particularity. Thus, the different astro signs are distributed as follows:

fire signs

They are three in number. It’s about Ramof Lion and Sagittarius. For the natives of this sign, independence is an inalienable principle. They are very protective and have an aversion to injustice. Fire signs are also known for their impulsiveness and uncompromising honesty.

Water signs

the Cancerthe Scorpio and the Fish are the signs from water. Water signs are known to be very sensitive and attentive to others. The natives of these astro signs are often people who are open to others and very empathetic. They have great intuition and feel things with a lot of instinct compared to other zodiac signs. This explains their flair for business and their often superior spiritual abilities.

earth signs

It’s about Bullfrom Virgin and Capricorn. The natives of the earth signs are often very pragmatic people. They are more in action than in grand theories. They are people you can count on and who are very attached to their values.

Air signs

The Geminithe Balance and the Aquarius are the three air signs. These astrological signs put freedom above all else. They are very good at communicating, but have a tendency towards idealism which is not very realistic.

However, there may be some subtleties that remain. Indeed, the birth chart can be different, especially with regard to the lunar ascendant which can also alter a person’s temperament.

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Ranking the zodiac signs from nicest to meanest

As stated previously, the character of a native of an astrological sign can be different according to his influences. However, when looking at the behavior of the different signs of the zodiac with regard to the kindnessthe classification is often the same.


Pisces is considered the nicest sign of the zodiac. He truly acts as a water sign by being very gentle and sensitive. The native of Pisces is a person endowed with a great empathy, even bordering on naivety. He is very loyal in friendship and love and does not hesitate to donate his shirt to help others. This is what makes them the friendliest astrological sign in the zodiac.

The Virgin

The natives of this astrological sign are characterized by their great generosity. They are very considerate and prove to be of great help when those around them find themselves in difficulty. However, Virgos are not exuberant beings and tend to act in the shadows. They have no patience, however, with people who seem to want take advantage of their kindness.


This sign is one of the most constant of all the zodiac. The native of Aquarius is a person who has no no taste for conflict situations. He likes calm and despite his great kindness does not like having his empathy abused. He is able to come out of his hinges and prove to be formidable when he notices that he is being disrespected.


Sagittarians are usually people with a great ability to control. It is very difficult to shake them because, for them, calm is a principle of life. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t hold a grudge in their hearts. However, Sagittarians are often very direct and do not hesitate to use hurtful words to say what they think.


If you were to have a friend for life, it would have to be a Libra. The natives of this sign are very loyal and are ready to do anything to help people who need it. It is not for nothing that they arrive in first place in the ranking of the best astrological signs of the zodiac. However, they are also known to be soupy and go from a jovial state to a great susceptibility.


The natives of this sign have no nothing patient. They rush first and then think. With them, courage becomes recklessness andimpulsiveness is a double-edged sword. Aries are known to be spontaneous, but also very generous. They give all or nothing, with them there is no half measure.

The Twins

The native of the sign of Gemini is a somewhat ambivalent personality. Indeed, he is the type to put himself forward to assert his skills and his assets. Geminis are great seducers and are equipped with a often oversized ego. However, when the charm does not operate in others or they do not feel valued enough, they can become very mean and virulent in their words.

The bull

The natives of the sign of Taurus are people who are extremely benevolent towards others. They are very often of a Olympian calm and it is difficult to shake them. However, Taurus has a very strong character and it is dangerous to try to step on their toes. They tend to be very resentfulwhich does not however prevent them from being listens to others and to provide selfless assistance when requested.


Capricorns are beings who are not easy to live with. They tend to be very unpleasant and dry in their words. In reality, they are so attached to their principles and their rules that they do not admit that others do not respect them. Among the friendliest signs of the zodiac, it is therefore not surprising that Capricorns are found towards the end of classification.

The Scorpion

Scorpios are known to be beings passionate. They invest themselves entirely in everything they undertake and admit no contradiction. Thus, they can easily find themselves in conflict with others and have no brakes to get what they want. When it comes to their kindness, Scorpio natives are quick to to serve, but paradoxically appreciate being indebted to them. Otherwise, they equate it toingratitude and become unpleasant.

The cancer

The native of the astrological sign of Cancer is a character with whom one should not don’t play a double game. Indeed, he is crippled by humanist principle and could die for his friends. However, he returns blow after blow and lets nothing pass. When he feels that he has been wronged, he does not hesitate to do justice to himself and don’t take any gloves to point it out. They’re definitely not the friendliest star sign in the zodiac.


The last sign in the ranking of the friendliest zodiac signs, Leo is not really “nasty”. In reality, he is more of a type of person who likes to show off. He appreciates that others see him as a Saviour and like to shine. As a result, he is often ostentatious and likes to have the upper hand over those around him. Everything he does, he claims and when he does not feel appreciated, he tends to become very disagreeable.

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What is the nicest zodiac sign?

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