What is the most jealous zodiac sign?

Passionate lover on the verge of obsession or just fearful of losing your loved one? Astrology would obviously be one of the explanations for the jealousy of certain people. Indeed, the stars would have a more or less important influence on this feeling which is inseparable from love, whether we like it or not.

For some jealousy is at thelove what oxygen is to life. For others, it is a poison that undoubtedly puts the couple in danger. What if we told you that your astrological sign could explain these surges of possessiveness that take hold of you and sometimes push you to have disproportionate reactions when you think you are losing control of your romantic relationship? Whether you’re just a little wary or you’re a jealous confirmed on the verge of tyranny, the Zodiac signs have an explanation for your possessiveness. Discover in this article where you are on the graduated scale of jealousy in love.

What is jealousy?

It is important to know what jealousy is to fully understand it. Indeed, it can easily be confused with theurge, which is not exactly the same. A jealous person is most often animated by the best feelings, at least in the beginning of the relationship. She is sincerely in love and expects the same or even more intense feelings from her partner in return. It is often the fear of losing the other, to no longer be loved which creates jealousy. It can manifest itself in all types of relationships whether romantic, friendly or fraternal.

What can lead to feeling jealous for the first time in love is when we realize that our partner does not have the same feelingsthat it is in high demand or that there are history of infidelity. On the other hand, it sometimes happens that a person makes films and becomes paranoid without any reason to justify his jealousy. In this case, jealousy can become unhealthy and induce irrational reactionsborderline, dangerous.

Love and jealousy: is it really compatible?

jealousy in the couple

Jealousy is not a disease, it cannot be diagnosed. On the other hand, when there are signs ofaggressiveness in the case of the jealous one must be wary. Indeed, a jealous person can quickly twist and become violent, involving misconduct. In love relationshipjealousy can be a love sign. However, the boundary between passion and destruction of this romantic relationship is tenuous. Pathological jealousy in a couple leads to pain, recurring disputesof the suffering and can lead to violence physical and moral.

Love breeds jealousy, but jealousy kills love.

This pattern is often found in toxic relationships where, one of the partners, by lack of , fear of abandonment, fear of being cheated or by reminiscence of past wounds will behave tyrannically. So, even if jealousy and love go together, it’s not necessarily a good combination if jealousy becomes unhealthy.

The ranking of the astrological signs from the most jealous to the least jealous

Now that you know what to expect when it comes to jealousy in a relationship, you are certainly wondering what can make the difference from one person to another. Why some will be sickly jealouswhile others will absolutely not be prone to this type of feeling and instead choose to trust to their partner.

Scorpio is the most jealous astrological sign of the zodiac.

Apparently it has everything to do with your birth and the position of the stars at this moment. Discover the ranking of the twelve zodiac signs of the more or less jealous.

1. Scorpio

First in the ranking of the most jealous zodiac signs, we find without surprise the Scorpion. Astrology says that people born under this sign are often the meanest. Indeed, they are attributed a difficult and stubborn character. Scorpios have no pity for those they consider to be their enemies and do not accept being stepped on. So these are people who find it difficult to do totally trust to others and who will react very violently in the event of a lie or deception. At the same time, being very jealous, Scorpios are also people who hate routine and who like to experience new sensations. They will therefore be more inclined to cheat on their spousewhile not accepting to be deceived in turn.

2. Leo

It is not surprising to find the natives of the sign of Leo in second place in this ranking. Indeed, this star sign is known to be the most feisty of the zodiac. in real fire sign, the Leo is a person who does not let himself count. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he tends to get into anger. The natives of Leo are very authoritarian, without being mean however. They are of a nature faithful in love and when they are deceived, they find it difficult to trust again. This explains why they are jealous and very suspicious of their partner. Indeed, despite theinsurance and the confidence they can show, they are often insecure and try to deceive them.

3. Aries

The natives of the signs Aries are impulsive people and who often act first before thinking. They are very lively, spontaneous, energetic and sometimes show aggression when things don’t go their way. Aries, however, is the sign that shows the most strong mindedwhich allows him to overcome many difficult situations. Very passionate and faithful in love, Aries can become very jealous when in love. However, most of the time, he tends to make movies and imagine infidelities from his partner when he is not.

4. Cancer

Cancers are people very often hypersensitive. They live permanently with the fear of losing the person they love. The natives of this sign have thirst for love and passion. They need their partner to constantly reassure and value them. the lack of confidence in them pushes them to be often suspicious on the lookout for the slightest sign of infidelity. It is this lack of self-confidence that they project onto their partner and that makes them jealous people in love.

5. Gemini

Gemini is a very intelligent and sociable person. They are playful in nature and can be very libertines the edges. They don’t mind that their partner is not exclusive to them, as long as they are not very much in love and smitten with their spouse. Paradoxically, Gemini can’t stand being hovered around what they think is their “property”. Because of this, he is very often jealous and his fits of jealousy can be as abrupt as violent.

6. Taurus

People born under the sign of Taurus are very possessive in nature. However, they show control and observe for a long time before letting their jealousy burst. Taurus has a lot of trouble trusting others, even in love. In good earth signhe is very pragmatic and goes looking for evidence of spouse’s infidelity. When he finds them, his reaction can be frightening. Taurus feels the need to control your partner. He wants the latter to be his body and soul. However, when he feels that the feelings are no longer as intense, his jealousy will give way to renunciation and he will resign himself.

7. Sagittarius

In love, as in everyday life, Sagittarius is a being who cares a lot about the image people have of him. He hates lose face. It is therefore absolutely not possible for them to pass for cuckolds. Sagittarius will therefore be on their guard when their partner gives them reasons to be wary. If his doubts are confirmed, he will become unrecognizable. His anger and jealousy can make you fear the worst when he is really in love with his partner.

8. Capricorn

Astrology designates Capricorn as the rarest zodiac sign, but also most clever. Is this why he manages better than many other signs to manage the signs of jealousy? Indeed, the natives of this sign can show a lot of maturity when it comes to engaging in a romantic relationship. They are not at all controlling and agree to leave a lot of freedom to their partner. On the other hand, when they see that we are trying to play them, their reaction is enough to make people tremble.

9. The Fish

By being considered the sign it weakest of the zodiac, the Pisces is a being who finds it difficult to feel comfortable in a situation that is unknown to him. People born under this sign are often afraid to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy being around people they know. Pisces are also great shy which explains why they are reluctant to Conflicts. This makes them people who are not jealous more often than not. Although they may experience this feeling of losing their loved one, Pisces will rarely become possessive Where violent because they are jealous. They will prefer to resign themselves rather than enter into a conflictual situation.

10. Libra

Libra is equated with best astrological sign of the zodiac. The reason ? The natives of this sign are very thoughtful and balanced people. They tend not to get bogged down in complicated relationships or conflict situations. Therefore, Libra, who loves justice and freedom above all else, is not a sign that is subject to jealousy. Quite the contrary, its natural kindness and his generosity allow him to take a lot of perspective on things. A person whose astro sign is Libra will therefore not easily be carried away by an outburst of jealousy with their partner.

11. The Virgin

The natives of the virginal sign are gentle and reserved people, but be careful not to push them to the limit. They will not try to find out if their partner is faithful or not, but if they have doubts, they can become formidable. Usually, the Virgo is often equated with a person who has nothing to do with what surrounds him. However, beware of this misleading impression. In reality, they are very observant and don’t forget anything that happens. This is also what means that very quickly, they can detect manipulative people, liars or narcissistic perverts in their surroundings.

12. Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius often have their heads in the clouds. Very dreamy, at the limit, utopian, they do not make “dramas” when they are engaged in a romantic relationship. However, Aquarians are very angry and can easily get carried away. They may be deeply in love with their life partner, but at no time will they show suspicion or of doubt as to his fidelity, as long as they have no evidence manifestos. Even in this case, an Aquarius, who is still a very intelligent person, will prefer behave haughtily and not letting jealousy rule his behavior.

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What is the most jealous zodiac sign?

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