What is the most dominant astrological sign?

In love, at work and even in friendship, some signs of the zodiac prove to have a stronger character than others. Of the twelve astrological signs, which is the most dominant?

Astrology allows us to lift the veil on the behavior of a person, on his personality and help us understand his reactions. Indeed, the sun sign of an individual added to his lunar ascendant sheds light on the genuine are very important indicators. A person’s date of birth gives information about their horoscope and on his way of life. Therefore, to determine which are the signs of the zodiac with the strongest character, we will look at the answers provided by the stars and the planets.

What does the dominant side of an astrological sign reveal?

When referring to the dominant side of a person, it can be interpreted in many ways. On a friendly or professional level, this can manifest itself in a desire to show off in a group. To want be the center of attention and always take the lead. This type of person are often born leaders ! Sexually and in love, it can also be people who like to have the upper hand over their partner. They like to dominate and turn out to be true passionate and seductive beings.

This character trait is not necessarily frowned upon, when it manifests itself without the desire to crush others. However, some natives of zodiac signs in particular are borderline dominant and controlling. Often they can become aggressive, stubbornoften unpredictable in the eyes of those around them.

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The ranking of the most dominant astro signs

The study of stars reveals the most dominant astrological signs of the zodiac, those with a very strong character, whether positive Where negative. Here is the ranking of the 12 zodiac signs starting with the most dominant.

1. Leo

If there is one zodiac sign that is dominant, but in a negative way, it is Leo. Indeed, under his false airs seducers, a native of the sign of Leo is often a formidable opponent. He does not tolerate contradiction and above all appreciates being the center of attention. Leo is also known to be one of the baddest signs of the zodiac, which is not surprising given his very strong, even overwhelming personality. Leos often have a lot of charismabut are also very clumsy and hurtful in their words.

2. Gemini

The natives of the sign of Gemini are often unpredictable people. They can go from one boundless kindness to one black anger for no apparent reason. Geminis are great calculators and apprehend situations according to the side that is most advantageous to them. Once they have an idea in mind, everyone must follow them. When this is not the case, they then reveal their ruthless side, manipulator and nasty.

3. Taurus

The natives of the astrological sign Taurus often seem harmless because of their calm. However, you have to be careful. Indeed, Taurus can be very dominant when they fail to achieve their goals. They often do no consideration for the moods of others and go ahead without asking too many questions. The strong character of Taurus is expressed by a stubborn and inflexible facing the achievement of his desires.

4. Aries

People born under the sign of Aries are known to be of great impulsiveness. With them, it’s all or nothing. They are born leaders and do not hesitate to take the lead to lead the group. However, their dominant side is more weighted insofar as it turns out to be positive for others. Indeed, the natives of Aries have a personality that encourages them to take care of others and protect them. They also have great communication skills and often manage to say difficult things with great elegance in their speaking.

5. Cancer

The natives of Cancer are passionate. Their dominant side is often out of love for those around them. They do not love to lose control and will therefore prove to be quite possessive and intrusive with their partner. In reality, Cancers are very sociable who take a great interest in the relationships they build, whatever they may be.

6. The Scorpio

The dominant character of Scorpio is revealed in his side authoritarian. He likes to give orders and does not admit that we do not comply. The natives of Scorpio are characters who are whole and who are endowed with a very critical mind. They are very empathic with those around them, but are also very imposing with others. When you spawn with a Scorpio, you’ll be dragged into their spiral and you’ll have no choice but to agree with whatever they say in order to have peace.

7. Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are often depicted as chameleons. They adapt according to the situation and remain calm as long as they are not provoked. However, when their dominant side is expressed, it is often by revenge. There, they turn out to be formidable. Indeed, Sagittarians have a side resentful which pushes them to mature their reactions for a long time before taking action. They will therefore surprise everyone, as no one expects to discover such a strong personality in them.


Capricorns are people who have a very strong character and often uncompromising. They have a very strong relationship to discipline. This explains why they are dominant with others, because they are so in control that they impose on those around them a certain level of perfection to be achieved. Capricorn natives like to be able to handle everything and not have any surprises. Thus, they foresee everything, worry that others will not follow them and do not hesitate to To get angry so that everyone goes straight.


The astro sign Libra is characterized by a rather erased personality. This does not mean that the natives of this sign lack character. In fact, they rather like stay in the shadows and not show off too much. They are the type to encourage without appearing to do so, but without also forcing others to follow them. Libras love their peace of mind and do not like to find themselves in situations that require too much energy from them.

10. The Virgin

In everyday life, those born under the sign Virgo are very demanding people. However, we cannot speak of a dominant character trait in them. Specifically, they don’t like bad surprises which makes them want to have control over all aspects of their lives. With a native of the Virgo sign, you have to be ready to receive reprimands when you are not on the same length with regard to your expectations.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are people often cerebral. They like to focus on themselves and take an interest in existential matters instead of trying to dominate others. Often, they can even disregard their surroundings to stay in their bubble. Aquarians are more the type to listen to the ideas of those close to them than to try to impose their own.

12.The Fish

No wonder Pisces is considered to be cutest zodiac sign. Indeed, they do not have an ounce of manipulation in them and turn out to be friends of great quality. They are empathetic and caring towards others. Pisces take things as they come and face it without fuss. They have quite a character calm and weighted allowing them to handle situations with a great maturity. Pisces are often so in their bubble that they don’t care what other people think or say.

As you will have noticed, the signs that are the most dominant are not necessarily fire signs. Those who are often likened to most complex personalities and unpredictable. What can explain this paradox is related first of all to the lunar ascendant of the astro sign, but also the environment. Indeed, the different life paths impact the personality, even if the latter is strongly influenced by the natal chart. Thus, some natives of Leo will be true dominantwhile in others, this character trait will not be so exacerbated.

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What is the most dominant astrological sign?

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