What is my cat’s astro sign when we don’t know its date of birth?

It’s not just humans whose personality aspects can be defined through astrology! Cats are housed in the same boat.

For some, cats would be as sensitive to the movements of the stars as their human masters. However, we do not always have the exact date of birth of his cat to determine the sign, but some clues can put us on the waysuch as what attracted you to him, his behavior, his temperament or even his appetite ! Here’s how to successfully guess the astral dominant of your cat, or even its sign!

Your cat is sunny

With a charisma to die for, he poses his radiant beauty on the world while seeming to ignore it.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it : his insolent beauty, he captivated you, even if ugly cats do not exist.
  • The way to get home : he planted himself in front of you and waited for you to approach.
  • His temper : confident and demonstrative.
  • His appetite : capricious, with luxurious tastes.
  • Your chat with others : whatever he does, he is always performing.

Then your pet is probably of the Leo sign Where Ram.

Your cat is a Saturnian

He is careful, tenacious. Time works for him. He is a routine and a homebody.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it : his side “to retype”
  • The way to get home : it has revolved around you and/or your home for a long time, gradually letting itself be tamed.
  • His temper : wary and distant
  • At table : once the rules are established, he hates changes in kibble (or anything else, for that matter.)
  • Your chat with others : he is always suspicious, a priori.

Without a doubt, he is a native of the sign Capricorn.

Your cat is mercurian

Curious, clever, he understands like a quarter turn, as if you were speaking the same language. Very responsive, he stands out as a natural member of the family.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: his spontaneity: he immediately made contact.
  • The way to get home: meowing for interest.
  • His temperament: talkative and participative.
  • At table : he is a renowned “guzzler”.
  • Your chat with others: he spontaneously cuts a small flap.

Your cat can then claim of the Virgin Where Gemini.

Your cat is Venusian

He is very affectionate, he is a pot of glue or a great sensualist who constantly needs tactile contact. Not necessarily sharing…

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: its irresistible charm.
  • The way to get home: “paw circles” in the calves plus a few convincing looks.
  • His temperament: clingy and narcissistic.
  • At table : delicate and gourmet.
  • Your chat with others: always begging for attention and caresses.

There is a good chance that your tomcat either Libra Where Bull.

Your cat is lunar

He is constantly “perched”, literally and figuratively. Lost in his dreams or deep in the attic. If cats are heavy sleepers, he is a huge log cutter with a legendary melancholy.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: his look lost in the wide world.
  • The way to get home: tortuous, unexpected.
  • His temperament: distant and contemplative.
  • At table : it depends on the days, it depends on the menu and the rest. Lunatic of the bowl.
  • Your chat with others: he sometimes wakes up in front of an audience.

His solar astrological sign can only be the cancer.

Your cat is Martian

He is very independent and goes to war. He rubs up against anything that moves and does not shy away from confrontation.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: he spontaneously stuck to you or dug his head under your clothing.
  • The way to get home: it popped up without warning.
  • His temperament: nervous and feisty.
  • At table : he engulfs. He is also a good thief, quick to work.
  • Your chat with others: he passes at full speed or arches his back when approached.

Your cat probably belongs to the natives Aries Where of Scorpio.

Your cat is Uranian

He is reckless, always on the lookout for new experiences from which he does not necessarily emerge victorious.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: you had never seen a cat like that. Extremely original.
  • The way to get home: in a question mark.
  • His temperament: original, distant, contemplative.
  • At table : he likes unfeline things. He is also ingenious, he opens doors and helps himself.
  • Your chat with others: he puts them to work throwing toys. And don’t let them go.

The profile of your cat finds many similarities with that of the natives of Aquarius.

Your cat is neptunian

He’s a mystic, he always seems to float. Not by its beauty (like solar), but by its spirit. It has a small upper side.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: at first sight, you knew you were made for each other.
  • The way to get home: because he decided and chose you.
  • His temperament: mobile and understanding.
  • At table : his tastes change all the time.
  • Your chat with others: he stands at a distance and observes.

If your four-legged friend has all of these characteristics, it’s a safe bet that he is Pisces.

Your cat is Jupiterian

Very playfuljovial, he is also a never satiated “guzzler” whose line must be watched.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: you liked his haughty side.
  • The way to get home: from anywhere. But by the royal way, quite simply…
  • His temperament: confident and demonstrative.
  • At table : it is an expansive glutton.
  • Your chat with others: he will do everything to be noticed and interested in him.

With these personality traits, your cat is likely a Leo or a Sagittarius.

Your cat is plutonian

It came “by chance” into your life at a special time, like a beneficial, soothing and mysterious gift. You have the impression that he is judging you and that he comes from the world of the invisible.

  • What first attracted you when you saw it: you did not intend to adopt an animalbut you left with him.
  • The way to get home: he came from elsewhere, from the world of the invisible.
  • His temperament: independent and mysterious.
  • At table : it is difficult, very difficult.
  • Your chat with others: watching them from his strategic point, he seems to pass through the beings.

This is a Scorpio you are dealing with!

Astrological sign dates

As a reminder, here are the dates of each member of the zodiac :

  • Ram : March 21 to April 20
  • Bull : April 21 to May 20
  • Gemini: May 21 to June 21
  • Cancer : June 22 to July 22
  • Lion : July 23 to August 22
  • Virgin : August 23 to September 22
  • Balance : September 23 to October 22
  • Scorpio: October 23 to November 21
  • Sagittarius: November 22 to December 20
  • Capricorn: December 21 to January 19
  • Aquarius: January 20 to February 18
  • Fish: February 19 to March 20

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What is my cat’s astro sign when we don’t know its date of birth?

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