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Published on January 02, 2023 at 12:12 p.m.

Libra never has one word higher than the other. Truly ? We know certain astrological signs that could quickly explain the opposite to you. Here is his list of the worst enemies of the zodiac.

Even the most diplomatic of the zodiac signs sometimes has trouble getting along with everyone. Does Libra have certain flaws that seem impossible to forgive? As in romantic relationships, the one who is nicknamed the beauty of the zodiac or “the justice” has her little preferences as to the people who will come to animate her court. A simple story of friendly compatibility which can then give rise to some astral crises. Tensions, annoyances, misunderstandings. Find out which astrological signs subscribe to the newsletter of the haters of the Balance without pressure.

What is the power of Libra in friendship?

Libra is one of those people who don’t have too much difficulty meeting others. Sociable and good-natured, she is like her guiding planet Venus: a lover of beauty, harmony and good understanding. In a group, she is the one who will ask without embarrassment “that everyone take a moment to realize how important this friendship is”. She creates talking groups forcing almost everyone to give each other compliments. In short, she is attentive, gentle and loving. His best weapon is none other than communication, a power inherited from his element : the air. Libra is one of those who see a part of good in everyone. So it’s hard to imagine such a person not getting along with someone. “Your friend Libra will tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need it. Even if it is the eleventh time that she reassures you or that she compliments you”, we explained to you in a previous article. But, because there is always room for nuance, the beauty also has its small share of faults. Some find her hypocritical, lying, almost manipulative. She will simply answer you that she omits certain points for the common good, not wishing to offend anyone. An excuse to sleep standing up? Whether you believe it or not is up to you…

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What annoys Libras?

This is one of the most persistent prejudices about Libras: they can’t make decisions. Myth or fact, if we’re not here to rekindle old debates (though…) try pressing her while she’s still weighing the pros and cons and you’ll see a whole different face. Worse still, Libra will take this as an affront. Where have the good manners gone? She abhors rudeness, closed-mindedness, or the constant need to want to take control. Like their friends, Aquarius and Gemini, the other Air signs, Libra is very attached to their space of freedom. Stay on your positions, refuse the debate and you will see that the sweet and friendly Libra will quickly turn into a dragon. If she’s more of a run away from conflict by doing everything possible to avoid it, once the cup is full, it will not hesitate to explode. She contains her emotions, she shows patience, until the fateful moment of letting her resentment spill out. Beware of the person who will incur the wrath of Libra. The beautiful handles the art of the verb and can also be piercing. She will touch where it hurts while punctuating her sentences with smiles. Grace above all!

Which sign does Libra hate?

Although they are found on everything related to the artistic sense, the Pisces and Libra sometimes have a hard time understanding each other. He is in the act, rather silent, he gives up with difficulty. A way of preserving their tranquility which does not always please Libra, who has a singular need to always talk about what is on her heart. The two signs therefore do not have quite the same mode of operation. The result is things left unsaid and questions left in suspense. On the other hand, you will never see these two arguing for the only good reason that neither one, nor the other, knows how to do it. We are faced here with the two signs that avoid conflict the most. An alliance to avoid so as not to enter a black hole made of vagueness and doubts.

It is also difficult for Libra to manage to agree with the Ram. In perfect opposite signs, the two think, live and react in opposite ways. Aries is the one who is considered selfish, always in action, he is the type to make instinctive decisions without ever thinking. Libra, she likes to weigh the pros and cons. Rather cerebral, she preaches universal love and peace in the world. Result: Libra could quickly feel destabilized by Aries’ lack of consideration. Too frank of the collar, too directive. He will be appalled by Libra’s constant need to “think too much”, not to dare enough. Between the two, the agreement seems complex. She might see the presence of Aries as an oppressive force. He will see the Libra as someone who tries to always want to do too well, but who does not go fast enough for him. He thinks with “I”, she with “We”. Between the two, where is the happy medium?

Why shouldn’t you believe everything you read about zodiac signs?

Astrology is not an exact science. It is not a science, moreover a field that can be described as art: that of interpreting the positioning and influence of the planets on us. Inevitably, everything that is announced concerning the astrological signs is therefore to be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since these theories are based solely on the astrological sign or sun sign. This represents only a very small part of your personality since the ascendant, the position of Mercury, your moon sign or the position of Mars at the time of your birth can underline or diminish certain traits that are given to your astrological sign. No, not all Libras are hesitant. No, they are not automatically fleeing conflict. It’s important to remember that you’re not just a Libra. Hence the importance of knowing your sky chart or horoscope in its entirety. As a result, if you are a native of this sign and have an Aries BFF, wait a bit before turning your nose up. Understand that there are certainly other commonalities that explain such a friendship. That’s why you shouldn’t always believe what you read. The magic of life sometimes gives birth to things that cannot be explained. Take advantage of these freebies.

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What is Libra’s worst enemy? – She

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