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In the zodiac, each astrological sign has its qualities and its small defects. Whether Lion is often presented as the king of the zodiac, the warm and dynamic character also tends to exhaust his court. For good reason, he likes to shine, sing and receive compliments. Nice, when it comes to partying at his side. More complex when it comes to having more serious discussions. On a daily basis, if he has hooked atoms with certain signs of the zodiac, with others it seems more complicated. Too complex, Leo? Here is his list of worst enemies according to astrology to help you better understand the character. Yes, it’s a question of friendly compatibility. Yes, everything can be questioned. But, yes, prevention is better than cure!

Who is Leo’s best friend?

Because it’s not just Lorie who has the right to have her best friend, Leo has little favorites in the zodiac. He would then tend to get along very well with Sagittarius. The two Fire signs share the same passion for life. Optimism, laughter and curiosity, with them, a day is never the same. They make the four hundred blows, chain the festivities and the surprising activities. Both like to surprise. Result: it is sometimes difficult to follow them.

Same observation with Gemini and Aquarius. Both of these Air signs have an almost immediate connection to Leo. For good reason, everyone has the same vision of life. They want glitter, fun and always seeing the glass half full. The mind is what connects them. It is not uncommon then to see these cosmic BFFs organize philosophical debates between two dance competitions. Yes, that’s also what it is to set the mood! Aquarius or Gemini will appreciate the comforting presence of Leo. They admire his qualities, highlight his know-how, value his ambition. Conversely, Leo is the type to motivate Gemini or Aquarius. These two friends have ideas, Leo shows them the way to help them achieve them. Magical pairs therefore, which risk propelling them further!

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How to piss off a Leo?

Roars! Leo may be warm, but he is also the king of the cosmos. Try challenging his decisions or questioning his authority and you’ll see the big cat start to roar as he bares his claws. Yes, the Lion is an animal that needs to shine and be recognized at its true value (or at least the one it considers to be fair). Do you overthink it? Hardly… He likes to be the first and could give body and soul to defend his title of “the brightest and most solar sign of the zodiac”. Whether it’s during a game of Monopoly or in a stadium, to annoy a Leo the best solution is still to beat him. A simple technique for scare away the lion.

Which sign does Leo hate?

When the Leo has an idea in mind, it is difficult to make him change his mind. For good reason, Leo is a fixed sign. In astrology, this means that it is installed in the heart of summer. If he is radiant, he is also a bit stubborn. In other words, when it does not go in his direction, he can sometimes lose his patience. This is the case for example with Pisces. If the two signs have a creative fiber, their way of life has nothing to do. the Pisces is in gentleness, in tranquility and in calm. The Lion is in the action, in the force of the impulse, in the joy of the present moment. The two signs therefore do not speak the same language. One is the introverted type, the other needs his royal court to get ahead. Leo is a bright sun sign, Pisces is in its bubble, buried in the depths of the oceans. Pisces is sensitive, emotional, intuitive. The Leo finds it difficult to indulge. In short, Leo risks upsetting the world of Pisces, upsetting its balance. Pisces might feel misunderstood, Leo will have trouble following Pisces subtexts. Too quiet, too mysterious for him. Do not panic. If we do not foresee a clash, this friendship can, on the other hand, generate frustration and that is not good.

Another sign with which the agreement could be complicated: Taurus. This earth sign is known to be pragmatic. It’s the voice of wisdom, it seems, and “common sense” might be the nickname a shaman bestowed upon it in the cradle. Except that here, the Leo could very quickly feel cornered by the Taurus. He who tends to give in to excess will quickly be calmed down by Taurus. “That’s not reasonable…” “Are you sure you’ve assessed all the risks?” So many questions that tire the Leo in search of glory and approval. Conversely, Leo’s pace of life often looks too intense for Taurus. Leo is the sign of aperitifs that turn into effervescence until dawn. Taurus prefers TV shows and warm evenings that don’t end too late (because you have to be in good shape tomorrow!). In short, combining the two seems complex. Even worse, both signs are as stubborn as each other. Whether it’s choosing the theme for a fancy dress party or the menu for their homemade brunch this Sunday, the two find it difficult to find common ground and neither is ready to take a step towards the other. Astral clash guaranteed!

Why shouldn’t you believe everything you read about friendship compatibilities?

Myth or reality, the compatibilities between the astrological signs are often a matter of debate. For good reason, what if you are Leo and your lifelong BFF is Taurus? Conversely, we would understand that you doubt the veracity of our information if your sworn enemy is a Leo and you are Aquarius. Except that here, astrology is not an exact science for the simple and good reason that it is not a science. The theories established around love compatibilities or friendly are therefore to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, there are many criteria to add to the equation.

First, you are not just your astrological sign (or sun sign). This is only a small part of your personality, which is why it is important to know your map of the sky (or horoscope) as a whole. Ascendant, moon sign or even the position of Mercury – planet of communication – at the time of your birth will refine the character traits of your sign. A Leo doesn’t necessarily need to shine… Then, you have to leave room for the magic of life. A poetic way of saying that depending on the environment in which we evolve, the entourage we have or the encounters that punctuate our daily lives, everything can change completely. If you’re Leo and your best friend is Pisces, please don’t text her away right away! Instead, host a brunch to tell her how precious your differences are.

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What is Leo’s worst enemy? – She

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