what does the year hold for each zodiac sign

2023 arrives and brings with it its predictions for each astrological sign. Find out what this new year has in store for you.

Love is part of everyday life and it is a subject that fascinates a large number of people. Each zodiac sign is more or less romantic (the most romantic being Taurus). Love is the center of attention for some zodiac signs while others prefer to think about their careers. This year 2023, some might want to make their love come true, others could make very interesting encounters… Still others will question everything to be able to realize if the situation suits them or not. We think in particular of Taurus who will be torn in two.

The year 2023 will also be divided into two because of Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, which will be in two different signs. During the first six months, she will be in Aries where she will especially favor the signs of air and fire and, from May 16, 2023, she will take place in Taurus and will highlight the signs of earth and water.

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Aries 2023 love horoscope

The Aries of the second decan have possibilities of finding love in 2023. They can transform their weakness into strength both in the sphere of love and in the professional sphere during the first days of April, thanks to the passage of Jupiter over Chiron.

Taurus 2023 love horoscope

The sign will operate an intense introspection until the month of May. Venus will be in Leo from the second half of the year (from July to October). Result: either they want to start a family, or they realize that something is not right in their relationship.

Gemini 2023 love horoscope

In 2023, the birth of loves in summer is favoured, especially between July and October. Before summer, Gemini can also meet people but flirtations rather than a serious relationship. If Gemini is already in a relationship, nothing to report in 2023 since it is in 2022 that the couple was put to the test. If it is still solid, it is for life.

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Cancer 2023 love horoscope

Cancer is deep in thought. Mercury, which is retrograde at the start of the year, invites them to think carefully about what they are looking for in the couple. Some doubts might arise in the summer when Venus retrogrades, but despite that, it’s a good year for love. Questioning is good for you.

Leo 2023 love horoscope

In 2023 love is at the center of this fire sign. In the first half of the year, Jupiter in Aries gives them the desire to move forward in all areas, including in the sentimental field. They will feel liberated even at the love level. They might want to get married, to formalize…

Virgo 2023 love horoscope

Virgo will clean up their relationships with others. She only keeps serious relationships. If she is sure of her relationship, she can get married or at least decide to formalize a union. Virgos of the first half of the sign could have a passionate relationship abroad or with someone from abroad.

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Libra 2023 love horoscope

She puts her couple at the center of her concerns until the summer: it is her priority. If she is not in a relationship, she can discover a hidden love or a friendship turns into love.

Scorpio 2023 love horoscope

Love, and in any case relationships, is a subject that has been bothering the natives of the first half of this sign for 3 years. Finally, from March, Scorpio can have a want to formalize a relationship. He may also find the courage to end a relationship in which he no longer feels comfortable.

Sagittarius 2023 love horoscope

In 2023, Sagittarius wants their family to grow, especially the Sagittarius of the first half of the sign. If Sagittarius is single, he can find love abroad especially in summer. Nevertheless, the retrograde of Venus (from July to September) can put obstacles in the relations. We remain vigilant!

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Capricorn 2023 love horoscope

Single Capricorns will want to find love, to build. During the second part of 2023, they will make interesting encounters. Capricorns of the first half of the sign may even want to concretize their love with a marriage or a child.

Love horoscope 2023 of Aquarius

Love is very important for this sign in 2023 because the urge to bring new loves to life could be strong. Between July and August, retrograde Venus allows Aquarius to understand what their already existing relationships are worth.

Pisces 2023 love horoscope

Mars in Cancer could indeed promote the birth of new loves or the consolidation of relationships. Then, in mid-May, Pisces can make very passionate encounters. There’s love in the air for this water sign!

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what does the year hold for each zodiac sign

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