What are the most feisty zodiac signs?

Do you have a rebellious personality? Are you the type to see red at the slightest opportunity and raise your fists? Do you know that your astrological sign can have an impact on this feisty character?

Some zodiac signs have a Pig character, but do not necessarily like to come into conflict. Others, on the other hand, are hot-blooded and never miss an opportunity to show that they dominate the situation, whatever the cost. For the latter, it is out of the question to let events overtake them, even if it means having to fight. Small uppercut or big hook, if violence never solves the problems, for the most feisty signsa good caning session has no equal. Discover in this article, the ranking of the most brawling astrological signs of the zodiac.

What do we mean when we talk about “fighting” astrological signs?

When we say of a person that he is a brawler, we tend to immediately think of exchange of blows. And this is true. These are often provocative people who will try anything to create stories. These people feel perfectly at ease in conflict situations. However, beyond the fact of never running away from conflicts and even rather enjoying them, a feisty person can hide another character.

Indeed, it can also be about this ability that some people have to not let go. Whatever the difficulties they encounter in their lives, they manage to face and confront all the vagaries of their daily lives. Thus, being a brawler can mean both being quick to show what you’re all about, but also how determined and resilient you can be.

Leo is the fiercest astrological sign of the zodiac.

The ranking of the most brawling signs of the zodiac

Usually fire signs are known to be the most brawling of the zodiac. As their birth indicates, all the stars were united so that these signs, three in number, were at the center of all the dramas. However, if they win the prize for the most “aggressive” personalities, other earth, water and air signs still slip into the rankings and hold them high.

1 – The Lion

It is not surprising that the natives of the sign of Leo find themselves in the first place of the most brawling signs of the zodiac. Indeed, being the most dominant star sign among the twelve astrological signs, Leo likes to impose itself. It is a sign that has horror of authority or to be dominated. His life boils down to imposing his charisma and strong character on others and he does not allow anyone to resist him. When a situation does not please him, the Leo does not procrastinate and will directly retaliate, even if it means come to blows. His impulsiveness combined with his hot blood often confusing. The adversaries of a native of the sign of Leo fear his reactions, often excessive and aggressive in a conflict situation.

2 – Aries

People born under the sign of Aries have as their battle horse a impulsiveness that we no longer present. They are go-getters, rebellious, determined and do not often admit that we stand up to them. Inasmuch as fire sign self-respecting and designated as the least stingy astrological sign, but that of mentally strongest sign Aries is a supporter of “Get what I want at all costs”. With them, there is no routine, only surprises and above all, decisions made on a whim. Frankly, the natives of Aries do not take gloves to say when something does not please them. The feisty character of Aries is often expressed by his determination, his courage at the limit of temeritybut also because he does not hesitate to use his fists when the situation requires it.

3 – Sagittarius

Beings born under the sign of Sagittarius have no no patience for controversy. Even more impulsive than Aries, the natives of this sign do not hesitate to face their adversaries, even if it means celebrating someone. In a good sign of fire, Sagittarius is stormy and sometimes vindictive in his remarks. He hates lose face and he shows a great irritability when this is the case. Moreover, with Sagittarius, failure is experienced as a tragedy, in all situations. It’s certainly not the type to let things go. Above all, do not take the risk of provoking a Sagittarius at the risk of burn the wings if he responds.

4 – Capricorn

With the natives of the sign of Capricorn, the explosion is never far away. Indeed, the natives of this astro sign have a strong temper and know how to be respected. Belligerent and stubborn, Capricorns are on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to make vent their anger and let off steam. People born under the sign of Capricorn are driven by Mars. They therefore have in them a great part of anger which only asks to hatch. If you provoke a Capricorn, expect suffer his wrath. It won’t be a pretty sight.

5 – Cancer

The natives of the sign of Cancer have the reputation of being dangerous people. They are said to be almost mentally unbalanced, so surprising are their reactions. A Cancer does not have an easy character and it does not matter to him whether those around him like it or not. What is certain is that a native of Cancer will never allow himself to be stepped on. It does not matter who is in front of him. Jealous by nature, often irritable and very nervous, Cancer can explode and commit the most horrible acts, under the influence of anger. You must therefore be careful not to annoy him or else you will take it for your rank.

6 – The Scorpio

Arriving in sixth place in the ranking of most feisty zodiac signs, Scorpios prove that it is not necessarily because one is mean that one seeks conflict. Indeed, although they take first place on the podium of the baddest zodiac signsthe natives of Scorpio have a horror of problems. They like to stay in their corner and watch others get their hair done. However, they have a resentful character and they never forget an affront. What makes them come out of their hinges is when they are attacked directly and above all unfairly. They also tend to retaliate violently when they feel that we are trying to take advantage of their effaced character at times to get on their heads.

7 – Taurus

Taurus are often determined people. They do not accept to stand idly by when they are in difficulty. Whatever the situation, they will do everything to get out of it, even if it means blowing heads, in the literal sense of the term. An angry Taurus goes See red and push the horns forward to smash everything in its path. It’s out of the question with them to let things take a turn that is not to their advantage. They have hard heads and explosive reactions. The natives of this sign will not hesitate to make use of the violence if it can guarantee them that they will achieve their goals.

8 – The Virgin

Those born under the sign of Virgo are best known for being big grudge. They can prepare their revenge for years and waiting for the right moment to strike. More often than not, they tend to be particularly intractable with those they consider to be their enemies. Moreover, in the category of criminals most apt to kill without being caught, the Virgins arrive in a good position. People born under this sign are so secretive and discreet that we do not see their reactions coming. They often explode without warning and their anger can make you tremble.

9 – The Fish

Hard, hard to be respected when one is considered to be the nicest sign of the zodiac. The natives of Pisces have a calm, composed and very benevolent temperament. This is also how they manage to deceive their world by appearing for people without charisma. It is not so. Even if Pisces are very patient and tend to temper things in case of conflict, we must beware of their anger which can be terrible. Their aggressive reactions occur most often when it is people around them who are attacked. When the Pisces is pushed to the limit, he will not hesitate to rebel and show that he should not to lack respect.

10 – Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius are known to be of great manipulators. Whether in the positive side of the term or from a more negative point of view, they know how to work perfectly to get out of the most inextricable situations. This often demonstrates a very great determination and a strong temper. However, when he feels cornered, Aquarius will not hesitate to get his claws out. He can be formidable with his opponents and use violence to get out of it. Aquarius, however, never acts impulsively. The native of this sign will rather premeditate his act to strike hard and leave no chance to the person who has aroused his anger.

11 – Gemini

Those born under the sign of Gemini have a ambivalence. They can just as easily be detached from everything as turn out to be real drama queen. In fact, they have a temperament that pushes them to be finicky in order to do accept their point of view. When they feel that their ideas are not unanimously accepted, Gemini can become verbally aggressive and it can go further. They are often seen as stubborn people who have strong ideas. With a native of the sign of Gemini, the controversy is lost in advance, because it will exhaust you. In fact, it seems that Gemini likes conflict situations just because it flatters their ego and let it amuse them.

12 – Libra

By being designated as the best astrological sign of the zodiacthe natives of the sign of Libra have nothing angry people… Well almost ! They have a strong acquaintance with justice. Libras and can’t stand to see people they care about in trouble. The natives of this astro sign are not the people who make the best use of their donation in communication. They often express themselves awkwardly, which can shock those around them and create conflicts. Wanting to defend their unorthodox ideasit is very likely to see a Libra metamorphose and become very aggressive.

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If you had any doubts about your sometimes volcanic temperament and wondering why you had such a hard time letting go of slights, you are now enlightened. Be aware, however, that a person’s character, although strongly influenced by position of the stars at birth also depends on several other factors. Thus, the environment in which one evolves, the course of life, education or dating can influence behavior.

It is also worth noting that among the greatest criminals in historythe sign that occurs most often is that of Gemini. We then find that of Sagittariusof the Virgin and Fish. This gives you an idea of ​​the people around you whom you should be wary of in the future.

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What are the most feisty zodiac signs?

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