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Published on December 27, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Like Tina Arena, these four star signs want to “go higher.” Are you one of the great ambitious women of the zodiac? We know it.

Within the celestial vault, certain astrological signs are clearly more ambitious than others. You do not find yourself in this top, and yet it is one of your main characteristics? We strongly advise you to take a look (or two) at your horoscope to discover your middle of the sky : i.e. the astrological domain of the career. We can already hear Aquarians protesting that not all ambitions are necessarily related to work. To which the four astrological signs mentioned below will respond “hush”.

Aries: the taste of the challenge

Since it begins the zodiac cycle, the sign of the Ram symbolizes in astrology the spirit of initiative, the need to clear unknown lands, the desire to do battle and get what you want, at all costs. Tough in business, Aries know how to do it in the field of work, as long as they are given enough autonomy and responsibility. Truth be told, they excel in entrepreneurship and their ambition finds expression when she is her own boss. Aries knows what she wants and, like the animal that embodies her, is not afraid to break down doors to get it. Motivated by the fight to lead more than the reward, the natives of Aries are not satisfied for very long with the work accomplished and are always in search of the next objective. Even the one after. What interests them is strategy and risk, which is why they put their guts into their careers. Their mantra? “There is no fatigue whatsoever! »

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Taurus: quiet strength

Are you surprised to find the debonair zodiac ox in this top? It’s normal. Most astrological memes depict the Bull as a homebody and supporter of the least effort. There is certainly no smoke without fire: if tomorrow, work was prohibited, it is certainly not Taurus who will protest. But we are wrong about the account of the first of the Earth signs. Taurus, like the ox pulling the plow in the fields, is indeed one of the most industrious signs. His thing? Set modest and achievable goals to progress slowly but surely. So no, Taurus ambition is not always visible to the naked eye, but it is there. After all, you have to finance their love of beautiful bedding and their future home with a greenhouse vegetable garden. Make no mistake about it, the ambition of Taurus is to enjoy the fruits of their labor day by day. “Little by little, the bird makes its nest” is definitely a Taurus expression.

Sagittarius: always further

The cosmic centaurs never want to stop, and that goes for their professional lives too. Why stop when you can go to infinity and beyond? Yes, we do not necessarily think of qualifying the Sagittarius ambitious, due to their excessive and jovial temperament, but they are nevertheless good. At work as elsewhere, Sagittarians are curious, enthusiastic and never turn down a challenge. Perfect blend of Aries’ desire to prove themselves and Capricorn’s methodical will, the centaur sign needs to set goals. Big goals. Achievable or not, that is not his point: the cosmic archer needs to see far. Know that your Sagittarius colleague has failed in his vocation as a counter philosopher and will quote you his own Skyblog at the coffee machine: “You must always aim for the moon, in case of failure, you fall into the stars. »

Capricorn: climbing the ladder

To tell you the truth, we were hesitant to name this article as follows: “Which are the most ambitious astrological signs and why the Capricorn Yes, he is at the bottom of this list because it is in the order of appearance in the zodiac, but Capricorn is of course at the top of all the most ambitious signs. In fact, Capricorn aspires to be at the very top, in all areas of their life… But particularly in their careers. The astrological explanation is simple: Capricorn is linked to Saturn, star of duty and responsibility. In addition, the 10th sign of the zodiac is associated with the 10th astrological house, that of work. Inevitably, this gives the sign of Capricorn a little “eternal employee of the month” side. Their temperament is halfway between that of a studious Ravenclaw and that of an ambitious Slytherin: Capricorns rely on their work to elevate themselves. They have a taste for effort, consistency and responsibility. The purpose of their ambition? Financial security, of course, but also personal fulfillment. Like Rihanna, Capricorns sing: “Work work work work work. “Is it useful to specify that the Midheaven of the singer is in the constellation of Capricorn?

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What are the most ambitious zodiac signs? – She

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