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Published on December 14, 2022 at 10:10 a.m.


Are you one of those for whom there are no small savings or the “overdraft is in your head” team? Tell us when you were born, we will answer you.

You’re the type to say, if you can’t save, it’s the fault of your zodiac sign ? Imagine that you may be right to blame the stars. As there are more generous astrological signs or more faithful than others, some have the easier expense. For you, we have listed the astrological signs according to the speed at which they heat up (or not) their bank card.

1. Taurus

We admit everything, the most spendthrift sign of this top has the particularity of being able to also be very stingy. Do you know those very messy people who hate clutter? Taurus are very spendthrift while hating to spend money. This is why they are absolutely addicted to sales, reductions, private sales but also second-hand purchases. Be or have ? Taurus has chosen its side.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ biggest problem? Not only does she not know how to stop, but she doesn’t even want to. The Sagittarius is an assumed compulsive buyer and no, she has no intention of taking herself in hand. Its motto ? ” We only have one life ! Spread the word, Sagittarians have a knack for turning their worst flaws into a lifestyle.

3. Leo

The beast of the zodiac is definitely the one that comes closest to the magpie: she loves everything that shines. “Luxury” is her middle name, the Leo does not hide it, she has a little problem of addiction to (very) beautiful things. Astrological signs of the Sun, Leo tends to justify each purchase with “yes, but I’m worth it”.

4. Libra

His problem ? She likes to be fashionable. Decoration, clothing, jewelry… Libra is the sign of Venus par excellence. The planet of love is also that of sweet earthly possessions. So, inevitably, Libra is among the most materialistic astrological signs. Bonuses Balance : she can’t choose between two books? She takes both.

5. Pisces

Like their fellow Sagittariuses, Pisces have the unfortunate tendency of never stopping. And it is not their planet of choice, Neptune, that will help them on this path. The star of vagueness and dreams is not the best placed to help Pisces to make the right choices, when it comes to spending. So it’s fatal, Pisces are drowning in purchases.

6. Aries

In life as in the shops, Aries are quick, impulsive, irrational. They’re quick and impulsive: don’t you dare get between them and that pair of boots. Aries is an expert in purchases made on a whim (or several). His anthem? ” I regret nothing. »

7. Gemini

The sign of the twins is extremely smart, nevertheless it is not the most organized. Gemini and their attention span, to say the least, are not the best equipped to resist the call of yet another board game. Their weakness? They scatter. Don’t take them to a stationery store.

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8. Cancer

Cancers have a very honorable way of managing money. As long as they are fine. If they have had a bad day, the ultra-sensitive of the zodiac will give in to the sirens of emotional purchase, the comfort object. Even if it’s dachshund print tea towels.

9. Aquarius

Since they don’t like to do anything like everyone else, Aquarius has their own view of money. Fill his fridge? We’ll see that later. Buy yet another funny instrument to make songs inspired by the worst political speeches? That can’t wait.

10. Scorpio

This Water sign is particularly concerned about its safety. Everything is good for feeling safe, especially free from want. Scorpio has a reputation for being suspicious, even the most paranoid of the zodiac, and she deserves this title. So yes, she keeps her tickets in her mattress.

11. Virgo

More reasonable than them, we die. The natives of Virgin love what is useful, essential. But by dint of making only necessary purchases, she almost forgets that she will not take her money to the grave.

12. Capricorn

If they could buy nothing, they would be delighted. Capricorns have both a terrible fear of lacking something and the inability to recognize that they have the right to want something without it being a need. So inevitably, with them, it’s all about the economy.

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We’ve ranked the zodiac signs from the most spendthrift to the most stingy – Elle

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