Vedic astrology: what is your sign in Indian astrology?

There are different types of astrology in the world. In the West, we generally use traditional or humanistic astrology. But in other corners of the globe, there are types of astrology which are directly linked to the cultures who inhabit them.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology comes from India and is linked to the deities and sacred entities that make up their religious pantheon. In this country, astrology occupies a very important place in people’s lives. Weddings, funerals and other events are scheduled according to the stars and their influence.

According to this discipline, Karma and inner lives are visible in the birth chart! The houses of the Indian horoscope are not the same as those of Western astrology, and the characteristics of each sign are also different! Here we present your Vedic astrological sign, so that you can discover the characteristics it has!

Horoscope: discover your Vedic astrological sign

Mesha Sankrant (04/14 to 05/13)

Also known as, Mesha Sankramana or Hindu Solar New Year, is the first day of the year of the solar cycle, i.e. the solar new year of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. People born under the sign of Mesha are enterprising, determined and dynamic. Their ruling planet is Mars. In love, they are passionate and do not give up easily. They can be stubborn and somewhat haughty if they feel offended.

Vrishabha – (14/05 to 13/06)

People born under the sign of Vrishabha are gentle people, quiet and caring. Their goal in life is to build solid and lasting foundations. In love, they are hard to please and have trouble finding their other half. But once they find love, they are loyal and loving.

Mithuna (06/14 to 07/14)

People born under the sign of Mithuna are quick-witted, smart and mischievous. They are nervous and tend to speed up in stressful situations. Indecision is one of their characteristic traits, and in love they prefer relationships in which they can feel free.

Karkataka (07/15 to 08/15)

The natives of Karkataka are extremely sensitive people. These pure-hearted beings know how to help their loved ones when they need it. Their sense of family and belonging is very strong and they are often excellent administrators of the household. Their dominant star is the Moon, which makes them dreamy and romantic people.

Shimha (from 08/16 to 09/15)

This sign is a warrior by nature. His mission in life is to fight for what he desires and his will is unwavering. Ruled by the Sun, they tend to overflow with energy and zest for life. In love, they like to be the ones who lead the dance and fall in love easilyt.

Kanya (from 09/16 to 10/15)

People born under the sign of Kanya are very polite, enthusiastic and friendly. They love art and beauty and seek balance above all else in this world. One of their greatest skills is their ability to speak convincingly. Ruled by Mercury, they know a lot about strategy and politics. In love, they are serious and seek stability.

Thula (10/16 to 11/14)

The natives of the sign of Thula are stubborn, independent and like to do what pleases them. Their ruling planet is Venus, which gives them a very charismatic and friendly side. They are people who know how to guide people and who have a revolutionary spirit. In love, they are very passionate and seductive.

Vrishkha (15/11 to 14/12)

Vrishkha’s sign is discreet and humble. With a reserved but courageous nature, they will be the first to risk themselves for a cause they believe to be just. Of a super demanding nature, they never leave anything to chance. Their ruling planet is Mars, which makes them very competitive in love.

Dhanus (12/15 to 01/14)

People born under the sign of Dhanus are full of life and joy. Great adventurers, their passion is to travel and learn about new cultures. They are very talkative, sometimes they can exchange just for the pleasure of talking. In love, they are romantic and seek someone to follow them in their crazy adventures.

Makara (15/01 to 12/02)

This sign, ruled by Saturn, is practical, serious and can be a little rigid at times. Very sure of themselves and very ambitious, their priority in life is work and social position. In love, they know how to conquer and their way of loving is serious and lasting.

Kumba (13/02 to 12/03)

Of an independent and eccentric nature, the natives of Khumba know how to bring joy to those who share their daily life. They have dreams greatness and their imagination is often very active! In love, they are often looking for a person they imagined, but it is difficult for them to detach themselves from their projections in reality.

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Mena (13/03 to 13/04)

People born under the sign of Mena are emotional and loyal. They like to get lost in their imagination and dream of idyllic situations. In love, they are very demonstrative and can be a bit dependent. When they feel hurt, they may become defensive.

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Vedic astrology: what is your sign in Indian astrology?

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