Top 20 funniest tweets about astrology, science in PLS

Here we are ! We are officially in 2023 for almost 48 hours now. And while progress is multiplying in all fields and science is always showing itself to be more brilliant, some prefer to base their lives on theastrology. A choice like any other, some will say, except that we are tired of seeing people justify their bad mood or their rudeness by their astrological sign. So here is a top 20 of the tweet most funny on theastrologyand as much to tell you that she will take for her rank!


You want to go where with someone who talks to you about astrology you’re going to break your gl they’ll tell you it’s psq you’re cancer

March 14, 2021


You look smart then we learn you believe in astrology

December 29, 2020


those who don’t believe in astrology it shows your sign it sucks that’s why

July 23, 2020


Theory: people with blue hair who have she/her / ACAB / communist / astrology etc etc in bio and who say shit h24 think they’re right because they only follow stupid people like them, so they encourage each other and convinces each other that they are right

July 29, 2021


Hey who invented astrology I’m going to fuck him he harms my daily life he has matrixed too many girls I say I’m Gemini it has the same effect as if I said I was on the right

January 14, 2020


Because science has never managed to prove the non-existence of God, on the other hand in my underpants in my room I managed to prove the non-existence of astrology. My closer magazine had described to me a day full of love and money I had neither

July 13, 2020


Mdrrr I dreamed that I met Leonardo Dicaprio. I asked him his astrological sign and he said “I’m DiCapricorn” I laughed so hard it woke me up

April 16, 2018


people who believe in astrology their prophet c buzz lightning

April 9, 2021


“I too firmly believe that astrology is a science”

March 2, 2021


The girls who fail guys pcq their astrological sign are not compatible MDRRRRR, you will kill me one day

May 28, 2019


the rule is: if you look at the astro sign of the other in the tweets of astrology it’s not stung

October 21, 2019


I’m pissed off by people who associate your gestures with your astrological sign, “you did that psq you’re a Capricorn” asy shut the fuck up lol

January 9, 2021


Ptdrrrr well obviously astrology and crystals are red flag, why not pray to the teletubbies or the winxes while we’re at it

August 20, 2021


The girls who believe in astrology c of the galleys you can be the perfect guy if you are not ascending scorpion v8 biturbo c death

August 10, 2022


Me: astrology is bullshit!!!
My horoscope: you are tired

September 15, 2022


If you had to delete an astrological sign which one would it be and why Gemini?

May 20, 2020


We were supposed to talk about astrology and then it ended in a rap planet freestyle and a phone prank, yes everything is normal

June 10, 2019


I love pharmacies where HOMEOPATHY is written huge on the facade it’s mystical to me like why don’t you add ASTROLOGY and POWER OF FRIENDSHIP and MAGIC KISS

December 19, 2022


You go see a girl to take advantage, learn to get to know her around a good restaurant and she starts talking to you about Astrology, telling you “Ah, are you a Sagittarius? I don’t think we’re going to get along..” well, fuck your mother, you dirty whore, you’re playing Madame Irma here.

October 6, 2020


People matrixed by astrology are to be avoided, end of tweet.

April 28, 2021

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Top 20 funniest tweets about astrology, science in PLS

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