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So, I know, you’re going to say to me “But how can you mix astrology and history, pff really it’s nonsense, ah really uh, great Topito, what is this nonsense??? “. But listen, if we can mix astrological signs and animals and astrological signs and pokemon, is that we can clearly see that the stars and planets have spoken to us in recent decades. So that’s what they told us through telling examples. The people below are the muses of their astro signs, and if you’re not happy, invest your PEL in the search for a time machine.

1. Aries

Style : Leonardo DeVinci. Aries is a dynamic person, who goes to the end of his ideas and acts with passion, like Leonardo da Vinci who gave himself body and soul in 349 different fields when he had no training. Typical example of Aries’ optimism.

Not stylish at all: Catherine de Medici. Aries is a dynamic person, who goes to the end of his ideas and acts with passion like Catherine de Medici when he had to kill someone who did something not great in his eyes. Let’s not forget, moreover, that Aries likes to be right…

2. Taurus

Style : Elizabeth II. Oh Taurus! A very stable and persevering sign (like the interminable reign of the queen in the end) who can be very loyal to those close to them. And don’t tell me it’s nonsense. The Meghan and Harry gate speaks for itself!

Not stylish at all: Adolf Hitler. Did you say stubborn and persistent? It’s funny, it corresponds quite well to our famous dictator who ordered genocide. Well, for stability, we’ll go back. But when it comes to Taurus’ “Can throw a nasty tantrum anytime” aspect, we’re right in it. And what about his resentful side…

3. Gemini

Style : Marilyn Monroe. Popular and very sociable, Marylin has everything of the typical Gemini, because this rather intelligent sign knows how to adapt easily to different situations and quickly understands how to turn it to its advantage. Read Marylin Monroe’s bio and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.

Not stylish at all: Muammar Gaddafi. Sociable and generous enough to finance the campaigns of foreign leaders, Kadhafi is also a good Gemini. I’m not going to repeat Libyan political history for you, but in terms of manipulation, the guy knew a lot about it.

4. Cancer

Style : Nelson Mandela. Among the different qualities that can be attributed to this good old Nelson, there is in particular the great empathy and unlimited generosity towards others, which are the main traits of Cancer. Afterwards, you do what you want with it, but there are unmistakable signs.

Not stylish at all: Henry VIII. History says that you shouldn’t disappoint Cancer and apparently that was very true for this brave Henri. Yes, because among evidence that Henry VIII was a poisonous man, we learn that this little gentleman divorced one of his wives because she could not have children and another because he did not find her beautiful enough. But you see, that’s because he lives too much in his dreams and idealizes everything, typical of Cancer.

5. Leo

Style : Neil Armstrong. Ah well, that’s classic Leo, wanting to draw attention to himself and be the first to do what no one has done yet. We forgive him because he is generous in spite of everything, but all the same… It’s fine to be so determined, but you have to leave a little for others too.

Not stylish at all: Napoleon Bonaparte. You obviously have to be a Lion to want to be emperor of a maxi territory like that of Napoleon in the old way, and to want to be the one who reforms all the institutions because “it’s better as I said”. I don’t make the rules.

6. Virgo

Style : Mother Teresa. Virgo is a kind sign, which obviously explains why Mother Teresa was born under this sign. But the Virgin is also someone with feet on the ground (yes, it’s funny for a nun), very attached to her values ​​and who inspires confidence. 100% Mother Teresa.

Not stylish at all: Caligula. I’m not going to lie to you, for the kindness, Caligula, it wasn’t really that. However, we can clearly say that this emperor was of the sign Virgo when we see how well he had thought about the beginning of his reign (very sympathetic), before putting it upside down to all those who trusted him. And as a perfectionist, he obviously did not fail to assassinate and exile all those who had helped him, down to the last one.

7. Libra

Style : John Lennon. Just with the song Conceived, we can see that John Lennon is a Libra (the astro sign, not the poucave) all the way to his toes. Yes friends, because Libra has a very strong sense of justice and hates conflict. She is also pacifist and optimistic, and knows how to gather people around her. All John Lennon what.

Not stylish at all: Margaret Thatcher. I’m not going to lie to you, I really don’t understand why Thatcher is a Libra. She is neither benevolent, indecisive, pacifist, nor liked by people. Don’t take this the wrong way Margaret, but I think there’s a ball in your birth certificate…

8. Scorpio

Style : Marie Curie. One of the main traits of Scorpio is that they are resourceful and it can be clearly said that this is the case of the incredible Marie Curie who, in a scientific world dominated by men, knew how to make revolutionary discoveries. Did I tell you that Scorpios don’t let themselves be stepped on?

Not stylish at all: Charles Manson. Charles Manson didn’t allow himself to be walked on either, in particular because he had all those who caused him harm eliminated. A little radical bug. Yes, because they are like that Scorpios, they hide their emotions behind a cold appearance and a shitty character. Afterwards, it’s good when it’s just an appearance, isn’t it Charles?

9. Sagittarius

Style : Walt Disney. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign that loves its freedom and has a very pronounced childish side. So are we surprised that Walt Disney, indebted inventor of Mickey Mouse and company, is Sagittarius? Not at all, that’s it.

Not stylish at all: Nero. Ah well, on the immaturity side, we had reached a stratospheric level, so much so that historians wonder about his possible madness. We can at least grant him optimism: he nevertheless fought all his life against the political conspiracies that constantly targeted him. But when we tell you that Sagittarians can be unpredictable and impatient, we’re not kidding.

10. Capricorn

Style : Martin Luther King. Who says Capricorn says strong ambitions, high sense of duty and sacrifices to achieve their ends. Do you see the connection with Martin Luther King? Hint, he was still assassinated for having fought all his life against racial segregation and discrimination. Coincidence? I do not believe.

Not stylish at all: Al Capone. Even if thanks to him, we have the expiry date on milk bottles, we would have done well without his excessive ambitions and all that resulted from it (alcohol trafficking, murders and other fun things). As for the high sense of duty, it wouldn’t have been gross if it had been geared towards, I don’t know, banning footbaths at the pool rather than organized crime, but hey, we’re not going to rewrite history.

11. Aquarius

Style : Mozart. Aquarians are completely perched, like Mozart in his time. They are misunderstood, independent and somewhat rebellious geniuses. I’m not going to paint you a picture, but Mozart is the most Aquarius on this planet, that’s all.

Not stylish at all: Mary Tudor. She too was well perched Marie Tudor. Her rebellious side had certainly gotten into her head a bit because she was a little too inclined to blast everything that came to hand to show that she was independent. Sorry Aquarius, I understand if you want to switch signs after that.

12. Pisces

Style : Victor Hugo. Tortured writer, lost in his imagination every three minutes and overflowing with kindness… Victor Hugo was definitely a Pisces. Not the most optimistic to be around, certainly, but a Pisces nonetheless.

Not stylish at all: Francisco Pizarro. We don’t know if Francisco Pizarro was tortured or just a big asshole (but we have a small idea), the fact remains that he did a huge blow to the Incas he colonized (already not cool) . When he captured Emperor Atahualpa by surprise, he promised to release him for a bundle of gold, EXCEPT once the gold was received, he executed the emperor without mercy. Totally unworthy of Pisces, no, but where are we??

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Top 12 Zodiac Signs of Historical Figures | Topito

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