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Are you a fan of astrology and you don’t know your Egyptian sign? Ah the shame lol, I’m pointing the finger at you. In truth I understand you, until two days ago, we did not know the existence of this kind of astrological signs. L’chinese astro, we were still in focus, but then the Egyptian, we knew as much as the capital of Botswana (it’s Gaborone, by the way). Fortunately, we looked into the matter to give you all the keys, not from our heart, but to understand everything with Egyptian signs. I hope you’re not Anubis, otherwise you’re a little confused.

1. Amon-Ra (from January 8 to 21 and from February 1 to 11)

Basically you are: Capricorn or Aquarius.

Who is Amon-Re: Its name means “The hidden” (Amon) and “The sun” (Rê) and is therefore the fusion between the two gods Amon and Rê. He is a divine king, a sun god, certainly the greatest Egyptian god. He would have fertilized the cosmos with his seed and united Egypt.

Your qualities: You are a generous and benevolent person, you shine around you (I’m too dazzled), you have a real ease in society where you give advice full of wisdom and you never give up (tema les biceps ).

Your flaws: People are sometimes afraid of you because you manage to reveal the true face of people (a bit creepy). You live things in excess because you are always too much and you are quite impatient and impulsive. Otherwise, others have a little trouble understanding your humor (sorry).

2. Anubis (May 9-27 and June 29-July 13)

Basically you are: Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer.

Who is Anubis: Funeral god, protector of embalmers and master of necropolises, he is represented with a jackal’s head (because he dead that lol) in reference to scavengers who live at night.

Your qualities: You show a lot of courage, logic and rigor. You don’t like being in the spotlight at all, which is why you sneak a lot (hide and seek is your favorite game). You inspire confidence and you like to be entrusted with responsibilities and to follow traditions.

Your flaws: You are quite pessimistic, fatalistic and hard on yourself, while you have great ambitions (perhaps a little too much, calm down). Your strong sensitivity sometimes disturbs you and you try to fight against your little inner demons which make you a little unstable.

3. Bastet (July 14-28, September 23-27 and October 3-17)

Basically you are: Cancer, Leo or Libra.

Who is Bastet: Protective goddess of women, children and the home, goddess of joy represented with a cat’s head.

Your qualities: Protecting others is important to you, you show a lot of generosity (like you cook good pasta for everyone) and gentleness. You have good adaptability and you have a certain charisma (class) that makes you mysterious in the eyes of others.

Your flaws: You’re a pretty anxious person because you know we’re all going to die one day. You also tend to put yourself in the background too much (so hop, hop, hop, we’re going to take care of ourselves).

4. Geb (February 12-29 and August 20-31)

Basically you are: Aquarius, Pisces, Leo or Virgo.

Who is Geb: God of memory, earth, plants and minerals, he is one of the four elements to have formed the world. The earthquakes would be linked to his bursts of laughter (just that). He is the brother and husband of Nut, the goddess of the sky.

Your qualities: You are a generous person and you like to protect nature (small flowers, trees, all that). You have a sense of organization and like concrete things. People easily trust you and take you as a confidant because you are endearing, sensitive and gentle, and you hate authority.

Your flaws: You take promises very seriously and you can get really angry if someone betrays their word (promise, we’ll be careful). You also tend to deal with other people’s problems to escape your own suffering (yes, you’re burnt).

5. Horus (April 20 to May 8 and August 12 to 19)

Basically you are: Aries, Taurus or Leo.

Who is Horus: God of the sky and protective god of the pharaohs, he is represented with a falcon’s head. He is the son of Osiris and Isis and avenges the assassination of his father by his uncle Seth by killing him in turn.

Your qualities: Your sensitive side makes you a good person (in the sense of goodness, not taste), with a high sense of justice attached to your values. You are a righteous person who advocates merit and you are not afraid to invest yourself in struggles. Your quick-wittedness means that you often need movement (you’re a big fan of tecktonik).

Your flaws: It would not be bad if you listened to the advice of others because you still show a lack of flexibility in your judgments and your way of acting. Stay modest too, it would be nice. You are also someone who is impatient and naive, which often makes you dissatisfied.

6. Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, and December 19-31)

Basically you are: Pisces, Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Who is Isis: Protective goddess of children and women, goddess of magic, funerary goddess. She is the wife and sister of Osiris, whom she resurrected twice, and the mother of Anubis and Horus.

Your qualities: Solidarity and unity are values ​​that you love more than kebabs. You like to see the beautiful and people like your presence for your generosity but also the calm and serenity that you bring. You are a determined person who hates manipulation and who favors love in all cases (can we marry you?).

Your flaws: As you see the misfortune of others a lot, you tend to feel lonely and lock yourself in your solitude to feel better. Also beware of people who want to take advantage of your kindness (we don’t let anyone walk all over you)!

7. The Nile (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, and November 18-26)

Basically you are: Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Who is The Nile: God of the river also called Hâpy, represented by an androgynous character (with masculine and feminine characteristics).

Your qualities: You are a very tolerant, tender person, who likes to establish peace (bouh conflicts). Your pragmatic side does not prevent your creativity and your magnetism captivates all your audience when you tell stories (except when it’s that of the penguin who breathes through his buttocks).

Your flaws: Your hypersensitivity makes you really impressionable. You are also a passionate person who can quickly become excessive through impulsiveness.

8. Mout (January 22-31 and September 8-22)

Basically you are: Aquarius or Virgo.

Who is Mut: Her first name means “The mother” because she gave birth to the moon god Khonsu and represents maternal values. She watches over men and is represented by a vulture.

Your qualities: Humanist, you are very attentive to others and you could do anything for those you love (like eating a ham rind paté). You hate wasting your time and you prefer to go straight to the point. Your sensitivity means that you also have a somewhat artistic side.

Your flaws: You are a very melancholic person who dwells on the past and finds it difficult to enjoy the present. People find it difficult to identify you because you are very shy and withdrawn, and show a lot of fragility. You also feel very guilty for sometimes feeling a little on the fringes of others.

9. Osiris (March 1-10 and November 27-December 18)

Basically you are: Pisces or Sagittarius.

Who is Osiris: King of the Beyond, God of vegetation, he is represented as mummified in reference to his two resurrections by his sister and wife Isis, after having been killed twice by his brother Seth.

Your qualities: You have a very fiery character but that doesn’t stop you from being very generous and wanting to share all your knowledge with others (like the ideal cooking time for spaghetti). You are very creative and your intuition and wisdom help you make decisions when in doubt.

Your flaws: You are often in conflict with yourself even when it is necessary to act because your fragility and your sensitivity come up against your ardor (not easy easy). This makes you a bit unstable and you often put off making a decision. You also have to learn to protect yourself (with condoms but not only) because some people don’t want you that well (don’t ask me, I don’t know them though).

10. Sekhmet (July 29 to August 11 and October 30 to November 7)

Basically you are: Leo or Scorpio.

Who is Sekhmet: Warrior goddess represented with the head of a lioness, she is the daughter of the sun god Re.

Your qualities: You are very attached to morality and know how to make yourself respected. You like to lead and shine in society (shine bright like a diamond), and you have a very good sense of observation.

Your flaws: You often lack indulgence because you act coldly and are sometimes ruthless with those around you. You are also often dissatisfied because of your pride, pride and high self-esteem.

11. Seth (May 28 to June 18 and September 28 to October 2)

Basically you are: Gemini or Libra.

Who is Seth: God of the desert and god of chaos, confusion, disturbances, he is represented by an aardvark. He killed his brother Osiris twice and is the protector of the sun god Ra.

Your qualities: A perfectionist, you always need to do well and you are not afraid to go far to achieve your goals. You don’t dwell on remorse and prefer to move on by focusing on the beautiful things. You aspire to great freedom (like the statue, mdrr).

Your flaws: You are very demanding of yourself, you expect everything from yourself and nothing from others, which means that you are rarely satisfied. You also have a tendency to cut corners if you bother around you to achieve your goal.

12. Thoth (April 1-19 and November 8-17)

Basically you are: Aries or Scorpio.

Who is Thoth: Lunar god of Khemenu, god of wisdom, god of writing and scribe of the gods of unlimited knowledge, he is represented with the head of an ibis.

Your qualities: Your enthusiasm is infectious. You like to move forward and embark on big projects, regardless of the risk. You have a lot of courage and like to go beyond your limits because you hate laziness (not very nice for the lazy though). Despite everything, you are a very modest person who above all likes truth and authenticity.

Your flaws: You too often try to control your sensitivity and your emotions. You are very indecisive because you ask yourself a lot of questions and focus on details.

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Top 12 Egyptian Zodiac Signs and What They Mean About You | Topito

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