This is why you are still single according to your astrological sign!

If you started the year 2022 single and this love status has not left you either in 2021 (or at least a part of it), this may have a direct relationship with the stars… So find out the reason why you are still single according to your astrological sign!

Aries: If you’re single, it’s simply because you chain love stories that lead to nothing and end as quickly as they began! A word of advice, if you finally want to get in a relationship with the good or the good, do not rush and get to know the person in front of you before putting the cart before the horse!

Taurus: Learn to see life on the bright side if you want to get out of celibacy in 2022. Indeed, your pessimistic behavior can make you miss out on beautiful encounters… And it would be silly to miss out on the love of your live like this!

Virgo: This astrological sign is probably the most meticulous of all the signs of the zodiac… In his life, everything is precisely arranged and compartmentalized to the millimeter, which is why Virgo generally thinks that he has no time. to devote to a love affair!

Capricorn: If Capricorn tends to take forever to settle down, it’s because this native is literally in search of perfection! This astrological sign has many criteria that are sometimes impossible to bring together in one and the same person… In short, Capricorn asks for the impossible!

Leo: Of all the natives, this astrological sign is probably the one with the biggest ego… So, no question of getting together with anyone, this astrological sign is looking for someone that he will be able to admire at least as much as he admires himself… And it’s not won!

Scorpio: Water sign par excellence, Scorpio is empathetic and above all very sensitive! However, this native gives off quite the opposite when you meet him for the first time! Cold, mysterious, withdrawn, this astrological sign tends to seem inaccessible. Result, the Scorpion is not often approached despite his magnetic charm!

Sagittarius: Reputed to be the Don Juan of the zodiac, Sagittarius is a great charmer who likes to seduce and please… But unfortunately, this “smooth talker” side has the gift of scaring! Betrayed by its reputation, this Fire sign can therefore struggle to find the shoe that suits it!

Pisces: If Pisces is a very intuitive astrological sign that tends to trust its first intuition… Paradoxically, this native has the gift of not noticing when someone likes him! Without realizing it, you sometimes “friendzone” people who had a crush on you!

Aquarius: If some astrological signs like life together and hate loneliness… This is absolutely not the case with Aquarius! If this astrological sign would like to find the man or the woman of his life and start a family, however, he is in no hurry because he likes his solitude!

Cancer: Barely returned from a romantic date, Cancer already imagines their future wedding outfit… This astrological sign tends to get carried away with a yes or a no and waste time on people who are not worth it.

Gemini: Considered the worst of all the zodiac signs, Gemini suffers from a ton of prejudice! Manipulative, hypocritical, liar… This Air sign is not spared! Therefore, some people avoid it altogether…

Libra: Due to a lack of confidence, the sign of Libra almost never takes the first step… Moreover, when the person she covets approaches him, this astrological sign tends to withdraw into himself- same ! The reason ? This native tends to push everyone away to avoid being disappointed later…


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This is why you are still single according to your astrological sign!

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