This is what your Christmas tree looks like according to your zodiac sign

The Christmas tree is a tradition followed by many families. Does the way this one is decorated depend on your Zodiac sign? According to astrologer Inbaal Honigman, interviewed by Tapi, a British brand of rugs and carpets, we can in any case spot trends in people of the same sign.

Aries Christmas tree

The sign of Aries likes efficiency. So his Christmas tree is foldable, if possible with the decorations already fixed on it. These are bright, and often red because it is a sign of fire.

The Taurus Christmas tree

Taurus is traditional and sentimental. His Christmas tree is in the classic colors of this holiday, red and green. Christmas elves, an angel at the top of the tree, candles, socks hanging from the fireplace… No detail is overlooked.

The Gemini Christmas tree

Gemini love to party, so they go all out on string lights and glitter decorations. Their favorite colors for Christmas? The blue and the red. At the top of the tree, it’s not an angel but a star.

The Cancer Christmas tree

Cancerians like to be around their loved ones, so their decorations should be practical and unbreakable. Their Christmas tree is extra large to fit all the gifts under it, with a mix of old and new decorations in green and red tones. They favor a cozy atmosphere, embellished with numerous family photos.

The Lion Christmas Tree

Leos like to make a good impression. Their Christmas decorations are therefore trendy and elegant, installed inside but also outside the house. The tree is decorated with a star at the top, and on its branches there are light garlands and original Christmas balls. Their favorite Christmas colors are green and gold.

The Virgin’s Christmas tree

With their practical spirit, the Virgo sign likes to have a clean and organized home. He therefore opts for festive but minimalist decorations, and colors such as green and gold, but also neutral and natural tones.

The Libra Christmas tree

Libras love style and elegance. Their tree must be at the forefront of the trend, and there is certainly no excess of decorations. These are elegant and preferably diffuse a warm light. Don’t be surprised to find pearl-coloured decorations in them!

The Scorpion Christmas tree

Scorpios like a little different Christmas decoration, for example in a slightly gothic or vintage style. Their Christmas tree is black, with Christmas balls and gothic and vintage decorations. Nothing is too flashy, but they add candles to warm up the atmosphere. Their colors for the holidays? The black and the red.

Sagittarius Christmas tree

A free spirit who likes to have fun, Sagittarius wants color! Her tree is decorated with a mixture of decorations of all styles, probably bought during her travels. He also adds photos of the places discovered, and scented candles that remind him of these places.

Capricorn Christmas tree

Capricorns like to have a luxurious-looking Christmas tree. The Christmas balls have been imagined by creators and come to decorate the most beautiful tree they could find. Silver and gold are preferred.

The Aquarius Christmas tree

Creative, Aquarius likes to have a unique, handmade, nature-inspired, ethical and local decoration. Their Christmas tree is therefore strangely pleasant, and the decoration is rather in black and gold tones.

Pisces Christmas tree

Pisces would rather have fun than pay attention to appearances. They want to please everyone, so everyone can put the decorations they want in the tree (moreover very large to accommodate all the gifts), to which we add many light garlands, if possible colored. The colors of Pisces at Christmas? The white and the blue.

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This is what your Christmas tree looks like according to your zodiac sign

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