These three astrological signs will live a dream year 2023

At the end of the year, we have our eyes fixed on 2023. While we never really know what the future holds, some will turn to astrology to find some clues and elements to guide them.

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Towards the end of the year, from December 29 to January 18, Mercury enters a retrograde phase. Fortunately, it shouldn’t disrupt our daily lives too much. On the contrary, some will know from the beginning of January a year of all possibilities. For three signs in particular, two air signs and one water sign, the year 2023 will be marked by manifestations of luck.

Find out for which natives of the zodiac the stars will be particularly well aligned.

Big changes for Aquarius

From January 21 to February 18

The coming year could be one of upheaval for the natives of this sign. Aquarians will have decisions to make regarding their career, the realization of a dream, the start of a project, who knows? For 2023, Aquarians must make important decisions, sometimes dizzying, but beneficial in the long term. Major steps are unfolding before you, for example a move, a change of field of study, to turn the page on what stuck you in 2022. Dare to try things that can move you forward. Open your arms to change and it will reward you well in this year rich in emotions.

Golden opportunities for Libras

From September 23 to October 22

From the beginning of 2023, be attentive to what gets in your way. It will be positive. However, Libras, you have some homework to do before the end of the year to spread your wings in 2023. By January, take the time to establish goals to achieve and the steps to get there. These goals will help you look forward and move forward over the months. Have your dreams in mind and pursue them. For Libras too, money will be abundant, put it aside to enjoy your future achievements without financial worries. Opportunities for Libra natives might as well be personal. You have a growing confidence, go for it!

Cancerians stepping out of their comfort zone

From June 21 to July 22

For this water sign, 2023 will be a wave to get your momentum on. Cancers, you are advised to dive into your creativity. Your opportunity to act will be wide open and you will flourish in new projects or, again, you will have a new way of seeing things. Your path will be strewn with small and big accomplishments during the year. Your accomplishments could be on a personal level, such as closing a chapter on old demons or with an important encounter, or on a professional level, with a raise, a new position, or school involvement that will fill you with pride.


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These three astrological signs will live a dream year 2023

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