These people are the ones who dream the most of marriage, according to astrology

Love is synonymous with commitment. When we love, we feel that the person who is the object of our devotion is the most important thing in the world. In this sense, the wedding stands for eternal union. But is it true? Do the stars have an influence on our desire to get married and form a family? The answers here!

Marriage is an important institution in all cultures around the world. Thanks to the union of two human beings, humanity has long made sure to preserve wealth, improve its social status or even create favorable political alliances. Until well into the 20th century, arranged marriages were commonplace and no one disputed the usefulness of marrying a good match.

But in our time, arranged marriages are no longer commonplace, at least in the West. Nowadays, the freedom to choose gives us the opportunity to say yes to the person we choose to accompany us in marriage. This peculiarity has made marriage a choice, and that is why many people do not take this path in their lives.

Astro: Which zodiac signs are looking for marriage at all costs?

If getting married today has become optional, many are those who rdream yet to walk down the aisle to make a pact of eternal love.
These people are beings romantic, since they believe in love to the point of promising to spend the rest of their life with one person, in any circumstance. But this kind of very idealistic desire is characteristic of a particular planetary aspect.

Two astrological signs, each for different reasons, believe in the virtues of married life. The values ​​of an eternal promise, which they wish to realize in time, are often important to them. Do you want to know them?

The bull

This earth sign and ruled by Venus is an incurable romantic. The element that defines it gives him a need for stability that only marriage can provide. Unlike Libra, the other sign governed by the planet of love, which belongs to the air element and is more volatile, Taurus are faithful and bet on eternal love without hesitation.


This sign, which would seem to be cold and distant, but they believe in marriage as hard as iron. It doesn’t seem logical, but it is, because they are often people with conservative values. For them, institutions are the foundation of societies and they will not hesitate to adhere to be in agreement with what they believe in. Furthermore, Saturntheir ruling planetgives them rock-solid stability, so the prospect of loving someone forever doesn’t scare them away.

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Venus represents love and Saturn represents commitment, responsibility and discipline. When the two come together in your birth chart, it indicates a romantic partnership. To know a person’s predispositions to marriage, it is also important to see what is happening in their 7th house of the zodiac. This house is the area that indicates both romantic relationships and business partnerships!

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These people are the ones who dream the most of marriage, according to astrology

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