These astrological signs fall in love in the blink of an eye… and two in particular!

The stars sometimes say a lot. And they can also tell a lot about each other’s behavior in love. Thus, we can find out which astrological signs are the luckiest in love, and unfortunately also the unlucky. It’s also an opportunity to find out which sign yours will match best and of course the most incompatible signs with each other. But it’s also a good way to find out which astrological signs are capable of falling in love in the blink of an eye. Some are indeed difficult to seduce and do not easily throw themselves into a new romance, while others, on the contrary, meet love at first sight at every street corner.

No one is equal in the face of love, and this can also be seen on the astrological level. If you look more closely at your loved ones, some couple more easily than others. And if the latter were in fact very faithful to their astrological sign, Aquarius or these indomitable Scorpio and Sagittarius? When, on the contrary, your Pisces, Cancer and Taurus friends have much less difficulty in finding shoes that suit them. If these were simply behaviors more compatible with a life as a couple… We let you take the test in your circle of friends.

Two signs compete for the step of the podium

And you might soon discover that your friend who falls in love every week is actually an Aries native. Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and action, Aries has no trouble taking the first step in love, the go-getter that he is. No question of playing shy, he jumps with his feet together and his head forward in love. He obtains the palm of the speed to declare his flame, within the signs of the zodiac. If he likes you or falls in love with you, chances are you’ll find out very quickly. And if he’s attracted to you, he’ll be sure to let you know by constantly teasing you, trying to make you laugh, and asking you to go out with him as much as possible. Others are less impatient than Aries but just as quick to snap at someone. Celine Dion, Guillaume Canet and Kristen Stewart, natives of the sign, are they aware of this trait of their personality? Among the fastest and most expressive astrological signs in terms of feelings, Pisces arrives on the first step of the podium, which they share with our Aries friends. Famous natives of this sign include Rihanna, Millie Bobby Brown, Stromae and Jessica Biel. Cancer and Taurus follow them closely. Others, on the contrary, are slower or more indecipherable, like Aquarius, Capricorn or Virgo.

Let us remember, however, that nothing is so determined. Your ability to fall under the spell of someone else fortunately does not only depend on the stars, but also on your very personal journey and your encounters. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, the rest of the birth chart must also be taken into account, because your ascendant, your moon and other houses are also important.

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These astrological signs fall in love in the blink of an eye… and two in particular!

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