These 3 astrological signs take the longest to fall in love… arm yourself with patience!

In love, no one is equal. And astrological signs are no exception. Thus, some are very lucky in the field and seem to spend their life as a couple, while others undergo an undesirable celibacy. Do these people share the same zodiac sign? It must be said that certain character traits determined by each person’s astrological sign may or may not help life together. A life full of compromises and not obvious everyday. So inevitably, the most independent astrological signs and not wishing to compromise for anyone often have more difficulty finding a story that lasts. And then there are also those who struggle with feelings.

Indeed, some astrological signs are real artichoke hearts. And in this category, two signs are vying for the top step of the podium. These are Aries and the sign Pisces. Do you have a friend who keeps falling in love every week? Check that the latter is not a native of one of these two signs. If Aries jumps with feet together and head forward into love, Pisces, in love with love, can experience love at first sight every week. Conversely, some astrological signs take much longer to have feelings. Who are they ?

Three long signs to relax

They are much less willing to fall in love because their emotions are more buried than their Aries and Pisces comrades. While Cancer and Taurus can also have a blue flower side, Capricorn needs a lot more time to fall in love with someone. Discreet and introverted, he is not the one who will shout his love from the rooftops like Aries! The natives of this sign are often known for their cold temperament. But don’t be fooled by appearances because behind this armor hides a most sensitive being. Among the famous natives of this sign, we find in particular Kate Middleton, Vanessa Paradis, Nathalie Pechalat or even Omar Sy. A demanding partner, Capricorn will approach the relationship with caution and serenity and will therefore take more time to reveal their feelings. Aquarius tends to run away from feelings. If he feels something for a person, he quickly takes to his heels in order to protect himself. So not easy to make them fall in love. Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, Marilou Berry and Benjamin Biolay are all natives of this Air sign. Finally, the native of Virgo, always very organized, is also so in love. The latter may analyze absolutely everything and therefore take some time before deciding to take the plunge. Among the famous Virgins, we note Prince Harry, Beyoncé, Lou Doillon or Blake Lively.

Let us remember, however, that nothing is so determined. Your ability to fall under the spell of someone else fortunately does not only depend on the stars, but also on your very personal journey and your encounters. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, the rest of the birth chart must also be taken into account, because your ascendant, your moon and other houses are also important.

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These 3 astrological signs take the longest to fall in love… arm yourself with patience!

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