These 3 astro signs are very lucky in January 2023

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The month of January promises to be radiant for certain astrological signs which will be very lucky at the start of the year.

This beginning of the year is full of surprises for most astrological signs. Indeed, this new year begins with a Pluto-Venus conjunction. Result: there will be intense positive moments but also ruptures. Mercury, Mars and Uranus are retrograde until the middle of the month. When they become direct, it will give each sign a good dose of dynamism. They will want to rebuild.

It goes very well with this month of January since it marks the beginning ofa new Year, a new chapter, new opportunities. It’s the month when everything starts again and where we want to set up possible new resolutions. Thinking about your mental health, changing jobs, getting married… All these projects motivate the signs of the zodiac. But some will be luckier than others in January. That doesn’t mean unlucky signs in January are going to have a bad 2023, but this month won’t be the most enjoyable for them. For the three luckiest signs in januaryit’s time to enjoy and make plans.

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January’s 3 luckiest star signs

Specifically the Aries of Mars. He is very ambitious and always tries to push his limits. “For some, this could be the beginning of a journey towards spiritual and philosophical goals, capable to raise consciousness and knowledge, says our astrologer Annalisa Angelucci. The return of the direct movement of Mars, Mercury and Uranus in mid-January can unblock situations. It may be that people from the past arise to bring good news, but also that multiple professional opportunities open to you. Aries can also have the chance to find love in January !

This beginning of the year is exciting. You can learn very good news. From the end of the first week of January, the Full moon in Cancer, allows you to reap results and get answers on topics that are important to you. When Mars becomes direct again (mid-January), it helps you improve your relationships with others and it does you the greatest good.

The beginning of the year is very intense for you and you feel good thanks to the Venus-Pluto duo. Your position in relation to others has changed and you will realize it. New friendships are born and bring you happiness while others end for your greater good. With the resumption of the direct movement of Mars, after January 12, you organize your schedule better and you will feel a renewed energy.

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These 3 astro signs are very lucky in January 2023

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