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Published on December 22, 2022 at 2:14 p.m.

Christmas, New Year, good resolutions or family reunions. Nothing pleases these three astrological signs more. The proof, between December 22, 2022 and January 4, 2023, the sky makes them luckier than ever. Ranking with the forecasts of the astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié.

After a month of intense preparation, of rushing to the stores to collect Christmas gifts, of cocooning evenings at decorate the Christmas tree and days animated by kitsch playlists, but guaranteed 100% feel good, D-Day is finally here! Logs, candied chestnuts and citrus fruits await you for the famous reunion with family or friends. Are you more interested in the New Year, its sequins and party favors? Have you already started to dust off the party favors by putting the champagne in the fridge, this is also your moment. No doubt, the atmosphere is festive, but what about the stars? This is the answer that astrologer Jean-Yves Espié tries to clarify each week by sharing his forecasts. A twist on the side of the stars: between December 22 and January 4, three astrological signs risk being particularly blessed. Decryption.

Horoscope: the end of the year has many surprises in store for us

On Earth, the whole world is busy fine-tuning the final preparations to welcome 2023 in style. In the sky, on the other hand, the atmosphere is quite different. Jupiter is making a comeback in Aries. Jupiter is expansion. Aries is impulse, dynamism, desire. By forming an alliance, the two friends promise us great progress. The energy is revived, new projects are on the table. This is ideal for motivating us to make good resolutions. The field of possibilities opens up. Everything becomes possible. Do our wildest dreams have a chance to come true?

Butterfly minute, recalls the cluster of planets in Capricorn. It’s time to take stock, to slow down, if necessary to put things right, to close the files, and this, in order to be able to start a new year gently. An empty, calm and peaceful mind should help us better position ourselves for the coming months. What is the action plan? What do we want to take with us in 2023? What are the patterns that must remain in 2022, to be abandoned? It is time for reflection, more than action. The arrival of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from December 30, 2022 and until January 19, 2023. During the next few days, it is therefore a question of asking yourself, of taking time to rest better. That’s also the spirit of the end-of-year celebrations: being able to meet up with those you love to forget the pressure of everyday life!

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Horoscope: the year 2023 starts very well for this astrological sign

See people gather around a table, love each other and exchange. Here is the incipit of a novel that the Balance could read again and again. The sign of harmony, the goddess of the talking stick and social gatherings is in her element. The end-of-year celebrations are a real gift for her. This is the period when tensions ease, the moment when his loved ones (finally) manage to talk to each other openly. She creates a bubble of sweetness by even thwarting her uncle’s bad jokes. Result: “Melancholy will not be on the agenda because all the planetary ingredients are there to boost your daily life. For our astrologer, as for his entourage, there is no doubt that Libra will have an excellent end of the year.

The sky also seems to agree: “Certain messages, like that of Jupiter passing through your opposite sector, will invite you to come out of your restraint to express your feelings and desires more directly. It is therefore a liberating energy that seizes our fetish peacemaker. She reveals herself little by little by putting back at the center of all her interactions, her vital need to say what is on her heart. “Your moose will receive the warmest welcome. It’s handy for family gatherings, ongoing projects and relationships. In short, the beauty does not have to be afraid, everything that drives her can be shared and above all understood. A little extra: it should also help him close some painful chapters in his life. Enough to dive into the year 2023, with a serene mind and a relieved heart. Guaranteed relief.

Horoscope: here is the luckiest sign of the moment

Torn between the desire to breathe new life into his daily life and the cosmic energies calling him to order, the Lion evolves in a constant blur. Well, that was before. Here he is regaining his glory. The astrologer then confides: “And here we go again for joy and good humor! Why ? Because Jupiter is back in a Fire sign that only wants you well. Under the protection of the most expansive planet in the solar system, Leo shines its talents. He is generous, charismatic and has a lot of ideas, which announces the best for the future.

“A period of expansion is coming on all fronts. When the lucky planet is your obligate, you gain strength, warmth, and confidence. » Whether around a Christmas meal, during the New Year, in his work or in the evening, in his intimacy, everything that the Lion initiates is received with joy. We praise his merits, we listen to him and we approve of his strategies. “It is your qualities that make you successful. “What regain self-confidence to go further. In 2023, no doubt: the Lion can, if not he must, dare!

This star sign has mastered the art of the holidays better than anyone

While some astrological signs are worried about picking up Christmas gifts on December 24th in crowded and robbed stores (yes, we’re talking about you Aquarius friends), Virgin have peace of mind. For good reason, in November, the queens of the organization created their most beautiful Excel tables. Expenses, ideal gifts, retro-planning to buy everything or make everything on time, they arrive ready and satisfied on D-Day. “Have you thought of everything down to the smallest detail? Perfect, you will finally be able to relax and enjoy the end of the year,” announces Jean-Yves Espié. It’s time to relax. We anchor ourselves in the present moment to succeed in fully enjoying the reunion.

More so, the cluster of planets in Capricorn help Virgo to reveal themselves. We forget the wise Virgin to reconnect with the mad virgin. “Indeed, when the solar star, the planet of the mind and that of love form a benevolent trio from an accomplice sign, it means that in terms of insurance, communicative fluidity but also charm you are at the top. . More radiant than ever, the Virgin sees her power of seduction convince everyone. Whether it’s her relatives or not, everyone is convinced that the Virgin is worth gold. Something to reassure her and therefore boost her confidence. With such a dose of good vibes, needless to say, the transition from 2022 to 2023 is going smoothly. See you next year to see how she was able to take advantage of it?

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The year 2022 ends very well for these three astrological signs – Elle

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