The Sturgeon Full Moon: Which Astro Signs Are Affected?

At the heart of summer, a new Full Moon should punctuate our month of August. On August 12, 2022, the Moon will be located in the Aquarius sign. This positioning has an influence on each sign of the Zodiac in astrology. Discover those who are directly impacted by this Full Moon.

The Full Sturgeon Moon of August 12, 2022

This Full Moon has a surprising nickname. As a reminder, the sturgeon is a freshwater fish that has long been caught. It was in August that it was most easily captured and it is for this reason that ancient peoples nicknamed this star: “The Full Moon of the sturgeon”.

A Full Moon is a time when the sun and the moon clash in the sky. This way, the Moon looks much bigger and brighter in the sky. In astrology, this event which takes place once a month is of great importance. From an energetic point of view, the Sun and the Moon are considered to be in “conflict”. What is hidden and what is shown collide. A Full Moon is like a climax: a particularly important moment during which you have to make the right choices.

In which sign is the Full Moon of August 12, 2022?

The energy of a Full Moon is influenced by the astrological sign in which she is. The latter “tints” the star with its colors and specificities. Depending on the location, a Full Moon can be lived well or on the contrary can be difficult to live.

This month, the Moon is positioned in the sign of Aquarius. It asks us to project ourselves and reflect on the future. It’s a great time to be optimistic and put plans in place for the future. Confidence and serenity can be there if this Full Moon is well lived.

The lucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Aquarius

Certain astrological signs will be able to benefit from all the advantages of this Full Moon:

  • The career of Aries at the top : This astrological sign should have great professional opportunities, now is the time to seize them. He is charming and easy to trust. Aries therefore has all the cards in hand to make decisions that will have a good influence on their future.

  • Gemini energy : Communication at the top, unfailing dynamism and motivation to set new goals… The sign of Gemini is a ball of energy and optimism! That’s good, this positive state of mind will accompany it as secrets may well be revealed and trials overcome.

  • Libra safe : Luck, intuition and energy are there for the sign of Libra. In other words, it’s the jackpot! Good news could brighten the day of Libra. To feel good, she has every interest in putting priority on her family or her home. Feeling of safety and softness are on the program.

The unlucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Aquarius

Other astrological signs will on the contrary risk having a bad experience of the passage of this Full Moon:

  • Leo Financial Spending : Impulsive reactions and impatience are likely to serve this astrological sign. The sign of Leo is very likely to show instability, especially in terms of its finances. So be careful to stay reasonable and not do anything with your bank account.

  • Aquarius no longer supports constraints : This astrological sign has the feeling of suffocation. He feels limited and can no longer bear his daily life or those around him. The hypocrisy of some people catches his eye and all he seeks are healthy friendships and people he can count on.

  • Fatigue for Taurus : He who overflows with energy on vacation risks experiencing a drop in energy. Jagged dynamism and fatigue could be the cause of a drop in morale. Don’t panic: you just have to take it easy for a few days to regain optimism and joie de vivre.

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The Sturgeon Full Moon: Which Astro Signs Are Affected?

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