The most present zodiac signs at the FIFA World Cup

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As the World Cup is about to begin, we take a look at the astrological signs most present in the tournament among the players

On the 836 athletes selected in the 32 national teams, 95 were born between January 20 and February 19. From 12 signsthe one with the fewest representatives in the competition is the Balancewith only 53 players registered for the World Cup.

Discover the ranking of the most present signs among the players of the World Cup:

1 – Aquarius ♒

There are 95 athletesof which Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymarboth born on the same day, February 5. In sports, Aquarians are known for wanting to be different, for bending the rules and coming up with new tactics and ideas. We couldn’t be closer to the Portuguese and the Brazilians.

2 – Pisces ♓️

The sign is represented by 85 players in this World Cup. One of the representatives is the Luso-Brazilian defender Pepe, born on February 26 and participating in his fourth World Cup. Pisces are more sensitive and generally prefer calm sports. This is absolutely not the case for the defender.

3 – Gemini ♊️

There are 81 athletes born between the end of May and the beginning of June. One of the best-known Brazilian supporters is the Uruguayan Arrascaeta, who is making history with Flamengo. Geminis are known for their sociability. In squads, they are considered the most relaxed and playful.

4 – Aries ♈️

The World Cup matters 74 athletes of the sign of Ram. Two stars who will take part in the competition in Qatar are Bayern Munich teammates: Germany’s Neuer and Senegal’s Mané. According to astrology, Aries are extremely competitive and can be difficult to get along with in team sports.

5 – The Virgin ♍️

On a par with the Aryans, they are 74 in the World Cup. The two stars of the sign in this World Cup are the Croatian Luka Modric, voted best player in the world in 2018, and the German champion in 2014, Thomas Müller. Virgos are organized and in competitions they are marked by a taste for fair play.

6 – Capricorn ♑

Capricorns come next, with 63 players in the World Cup. One of the stars of the sign is the already famous Belgian striker Eden Hazard, who was born on January 7. Capricornians are considered cool in sports, those athletes who don’t get carried away with the emotion of competition.

7 – The Scorpion ♏

There are 68 athletes of this sign in Qatar. Alvaro Morata, centre-forward of the Spanish national team, born on October 23, is a representative. In the world of sports, the sign of Scorpio is known for its determination, but at the same time for a certain emotional instability. This could be a problem during the World Cup.

8 – Cancer ♋️

Cancers won’t even be many at the World Cup, with 63 players. But they are very well represented. Only the Argentinian Messi would be enough to justify this sentence. But they still have De Bruyne from Belgium and Vini Jr from Brazil. IThey regret their defeats too much and that’s why they give everything to win.

9 – Taurus ♉️

The World Cup will count 61 bullfighting players. Chief among them is probably strong as a bull, Belgian centre-forward Romelu Lukaku, who was born on May 13. They are not known for their competitive spirit, but in team sports they can be important as they are very good in groups.

10 – Sagittarius ♐️

We have reached the three signs with the fewest players in the World Cup. Sagittarius will only have 55 players, two of which form the attack of France, one of the favorite teams for the title: Mbappé and Benzema. Sagittarians are considered optimistic and quick-witted people, which helps a lot in modern football.

11 – The Lion ♌️

Lions will only be 54 litersduring this World Cup. And you can expect them to score a lot of goals, if you can count on Polish top scorer Lewandowski and England’s Harry Kane. Leoninos are considered born protagonists. In team sports, they tend to be the goal seekers, the points seekers.

12 – Libra ♎️

The 53 players Libyans present in Qatar will form the smallest group in the Cup. Among them, Brazil’s starting goalkeeper, Alisson, was born on October 2. Athletes of this sign are usually leaders in team sports, being diplomatic and calming. If they have any doubts, leave them in the locker room.

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The most present zodiac signs at the FIFA World Cup

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