The most intuitive zodiac sign, according to astrologers

Intuition is something we all have and feel, but some zodiac signs are more sensitive to different energies than others. Read on to discover the most intuitive zodiac signs, whether they’re seemingly insightful or seriously psychic.

6 – Scorpio

Scorpios are known for their ability to overprocess information and are true experts at overthinking. As a result, they are also very intuitive.

Scorpios can be a little paranoid and can sense when others think negatively about them.“, explains Stina Garbis. ” They tend to be very self-aware and worried about what other people think, and can pick up bad vibes in a room quickly and easily. »

Scorpios can feel uncomfortable energy and can sense when something bad may be happening to themselves or a friend. But it’s not all negative, they’re great people to go to if you ever need advice on someone you’re dating or a job you’re considering taking.

5 – Libra

Libras have an incredibly soothing and calm energy. When the world is in shambles, this is the sign that keeps calm. They are also wonderful friends to have because they have your best interests at heart.

Libras, with their temperate nature, seem to have a knack for finding the best solution to a problem, intuitively sensing the deepest needs and desires of others regarding particular outcomes.“, explains Stina Garbis. ” Libras have a knack for understanding and handling the situation as tactfully as possible. »

It’s safe to say that if you’re ever at a crossroads in life, you can trust a Libra to use their intuition and give you honest and open guidance.

4 – Leo

Leos are stubborn individuals who march to the beat of their own drum. This sign, which is ruled by the sun, is hypersensitive to the energies of others, and can therefore be incredibly charismatic, kind and intuitive.

Leos are very creative and outgoing and have the ability to read the room.“, explains Stina Garbis. ” They tend to know what to say and how to make people laugh at exactly the right time. Their intuitive nature gives them a natural comedic genius, too. »

3 – Aquarius

Aquarians constantly think about tomorrow, instead of the present moment. This gives them the rare ability to be more in tune with the future, and is therefore one of the most intuitive signs.
Aquarians have a knack for fixing almost anything, and they seem to have a natural intuitive nature.“, says Stina Garbis. ” They can be trendsetters and always ahead of the curve to know what’s to come.“.

Ruled by Uranus, this air sign is also incredibly proactive and loves to offer their loved ones support and optimism when it comes to their future. This sign uses their own intuition for the good of others, due to their unwavering kindness.

2 – Cancers

Cancers are known to be emotional, a trait that comes in handy when they have to trust their instincts. Their healing and empathetic nature gives this sign tuned and intelligent instincts.

Cancers are extremely intuitive and tend to know exactly what’s wrong. They are natural healers and they seem to see inside a person’s body or mind what the deeper problem is.“, says Stina Garbis. ” They are very understanding and empathetic, and make excellent caregivers. »

Although Cancerians have great intuition, Sidhharth Kaarma warns that they may not be able to balance it as well as others. ” As they connect to people in an empathetic way, Cancers must find a balance between their emotions and their intuition.“, he says.

While, of course, everyone wants to have intuition, it’s important, especially for Cancers, to be able to tell facts from feelings. While it’s important to have intuition, it’s not necessary in all situations.

1 – Fish

The Pisces sign is the most intuitive zodiac sign due to their intense emotion and sensitivity towards others, especially the people they love.

Their watery nature, and their sensitivity to the feelings of others allows them to completely understand a person’s being.“, explains Stina Garbis. ” They can guess what you’re thinking, what song is playing in your head, or even know what you ate at your last meal. They know when you’re in pain, when you’re hungry, and when you need attention.. »

Pisces are the best mediums and are also excellent friends who understand you.

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The most intuitive zodiac sign, according to astrologers

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