The Most Heinous Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

It turns out that where you are on this spectrum can be linked to your astrological sign. Read on for the opinions of professional astrologers on the most obnoxious zodiac signs, from the most irritating to the most hateful.

6 – Libra

Yes, Libra is the sign of Libra, known for their diplomacy and desire to make everyone happy. But they are also ruled by Venus,” the planet of beauty and lust“, according to Rachel Clare, and “can be really arrogant and obnoxious at their worst moments. »

Libra only cares about Libra and will clearly reject anyone else in the room if they feel like they’re outperforming them, especially when it comes to looks“, explains Lisa Barretta. Rachel Clare agrees on their vanity, and says Libras can be ” obsessed with their appearance and social status“.

So while this sign avoids conflict at all costs, it can also avoid your casual pizza night where people aren’t on their 31s and drinking champagne.

5 – Virgo

Zodiac perfectionists wouldn’t be considered obnoxious if they kept their Type A behaviors to themselves. But they are ” fussy, critical [et] complain compulsively“, notes Lisa Barretta.

Not only do they set incredibly high standards for themselves, but they expect the same from those around them.“, explains Tara Bennet. ” They never forgive your mistakes and will point them out over and over again“.

Are you five minutes late for dinner because of traffic? A Virgo friend will not be happy. Did you mess up your Virgo partner’s sock drawer? Expect a full sermon.

4 – Rams

There will be no mistake when this sign comes. ” Strong, proud and daring, the energetic personality of Aries is known to dominate the room more often than not.“, notes Rachel Clare.

It may be harmless if they’re in a jolly mood, but if their fiery side comes out, they ” will not hesitate to express their thoughts and feelings“, explains Charlotte Kirsten.

Do you rub shoulders with your Aries colleague by making a mistake on a project? He will be quick to throw you under the bus in front of the boss. ” What makes them hateful is that they are always right and don’t stop fighting until they prove it.“, explains Frances Yahia.

3 – Cancer

As the most emotional zodiac sign, Cancer is likely to cry when it lands on this list — and that’s exactly the kind of obnoxious behavior that astrologers are pointing to. ” Cancers can be extremely dramatic and want everyone to know exactly how they feel.“, explains Rachel Clare.

And they tend to use their sensitivity to get what they want. “They’re perfect caregivers, which makes it hard to get mad at them, but that’s how they manipulate,” says Charlotte Kirsten.

Maybe you got mad at the Cancer in your life because they made a nasty (and, most likely, passive-aggressive) comment. He will sob and cling to you so much that you will then have to apologize to him.

2 – Leo

When it comes to ego, no sign has a bigger one than Leo. ” Ruled by the luminary Sun, Leos know exactly what it takes to be the center of attention.“, explains Charlotte Kirsten. ” Although they often believe they bring life to the party and are sure to rally the troops, they don’t realize that they can come across as arrogant, selfish, and a tad obnoxious. »

When they’re not in the limelight, or if they have to share it, ” you can expect the sign to do the most extravagant stunts just to catch the eye and cause drama“, notes Rachel Clare. Don’t expect him to take over the DJ booth at a party or destroy your presentation in the boardroom.

And don’t expect to get much attention from this Leo either. ” The Leo won’t stop talking about what’s going on in his life and will turn a deaf ear when it’s someone else’s turn to take center stage.“, adds Lisa Barretta.

1 – Capricorn

You might be surprised to see Capricorn in the top spot. After all, they’re the hardest-working zodiac sign, and they’re known to be extremely pragmatic and fatherly.

However, as Charlotte Kirsten explains, ” by trying to do everything by the rules, they lose their sense of flexibility and their ability to enjoy life. Going with the flow is an incredibly foreign concept to this sea goat“. Imagine your Capricorn partner skipping your birthday dinner to finish something at the office. Or you throw a surprise birthday party for your Capricorn best friend, but he has to leave earlier than expected.

They want to reach the top of the corporate ladder so badly that they look down on those they consider less ambitious. ” Their strong spurts of perfectionism and inflated expectations of themselves and loved ones sometimes make them unbearable“, adds Charlotte Kirsten. Rachel Clare describes Capricorns as elitist, while Bennet says they’ll have no qualms about flaunting their accomplishments.

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The Most Heinous Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

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