The most complex and capricious zodiac sign, according to astrologers

And then there are the people who deal with all of these things, often unable to understand their own emotions with any degree of certainty. It turns out that astrology can help predict who these people are. Read on for astrologers’ opinions on the most complex zodiac signs, from the most capricious to the most perplexing.

6 – Leo

Leo’s complexity stems from the fact that it aims to represent both confidence and power, but doesn’t quite have the emotional chops to back it up.

This fire sign likes to be the center of attention, is very dramatic and proud, and always wants to rule.“, explains Linda Berry, astrologer of Spiritual Discovery. ” They have large, strong egos and hold strong opinions, not appreciating or even allowing input from others. »

However, it is sometimes difficult for them to maintain the masquerade. ” Added to these complex emotional traits, they can be immature and throw tantrums or even resort to malicious actions.“, explains Linda Berry. Expect flamboyant demands for attention and emotional meltdowns, sometimes within the same hour.

5 – Gemini

Signified by the twins, the duality of Gemini makes them inherently complex. First, there is their indecision. They may make plans with you and then cancel at the last minute. And while their versatility is relatively harmless, other behaviors are more troubling.

Their personality is known to be adaptable and intelligent, which gives them the ability to lie without breaking a sweat.“, explains Linda Berry. ” It is the most superficial and superficial sign of the zodiac, which allows them to improvise and be a totally different or two-faced person. »

With a Gemini, you never know exactly what you’re going to get — and you’ll constantly wonder if you’ll be up against the right or wrong twin on any given day.

4 – Aries

First sign of the zodiac, Aries is often in a hurry and always wants to be the leader. ” As a competitive fire sign, they have strong emotional aggression to succeed and conquer.“, explains Linda Berry. ” Like the mythological ram, which is their glyph symbol, they rarely give up on anything they do, especially when it involves a position of power. »

Unfortunately, this means that they sometimes lower themselves if they think it will get them ahead. ” This trait alone makes them unpredictable to the people around them, both in their careers and in their personal lives.“, adds Linda Berry. ” Their complex nature drives them to extreme ambition and they enjoy being in the spotlight.“. Expect them to be your number one support – until they decide they’d rather beat you to the finish line.

3 – Fish

Pisces is last on the zodiac wheel, and for this reason, their personality includes traits from all the other signs. ” Their main feature is that they can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes and show that they understand a person’s feelings and actions.“, explains Alice Alta, resident astrologer of the Futurio application.

However, it is their vivid imaginations that make them really complex for outsiders. For example, a person with the sign of Pisces may imagine that they are in a relationship with someone when they have only ever flirted with this person.

Representatives of this sign should develop sober thinking“advises Alta. ” They should realize that they can spend years in their fantasy world – which certainly makes their life brighter – but when it’s time to get serious, it’s much better to see things for what they really are. If they don’t, they will end up confusing themselves and confusing those around them.

2 – Cancer

A Cancer’s feelings are sometimes compared to a deep well: ” If something falls in there, it can be almost impossible to find it.“, said Alta.

People represented by this sign have intense, often conflicting emotions. ” Because of this, absolutely absurd situations can arise“, explains Alta. ” For example, anyone can tell a Cancer man that he seems to be in love with a woman, but he can deny it with all his might, even though he knows deep down that it’s true. His emotions just need more time to come into consciousness. “It is only after years that he will be able to realize that he was really in love with this woman.

Of all the signs, Cancers have a particular interest in opening up and talking about their feelings with their friends or family; this will help them overcome their emotions.

1 – Scorpio

If you’re close to a Scorpio, then you probably won’t dispute the fact that they’re one of the most complex signs in the zodiac.

Known for their ” scorpion sting“They have the strength and perseverance to meet any challenge that comes their way, and in their quest to achieve their goals,” they like to keep secrets and spread gossip that will serve their cause“, explains Berry. ” This trait, along with their secretive nature, makes people around them unable to predict their next move. »

But Scorpios are often as unpredictable to themselves as they are to others. ” They have difficulty understanding themselves through the depths of their hidden emotions, which causes destructive tendencies in their own lives as well as those around them.“, explains Berry. ” This tumultuous energy also evokes “many below the surface” levels of transformation, allowing them to quickly heal wounds and emotional trauma. »

They can tolerate and inflict great pain, making them an anomaly compared to the more upright signs. In other words, their complexity knows no bounds.

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The most complex and capricious zodiac sign, according to astrologers

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