The last full moon of the year will bring its share of tensions for these three astrological signs

With the month of December off to a good start, it’s time to take stock. The last full moon of the year 2022, which will take place on December 7, will not fail to remind us of this. The next few hours will be under high tension. Certain astrological signs will be more affected than others during this powerful lunation.

The December full moon is nicknamed “cold full moondue to the days getting shorter, the lack of light and the onset of the first cold winter weather. But it’s not just these arid conditions that will muddy the waters.

This year, the December full moon will unfold during a retrograde of Mars, the planet of combativeness, ambition and action. However, since October 30, obstacles have hindered our projects, undermined our motivation and caused greater mental fatigue.

This retrograde now adds up to a full moon in Gemini, a mutable sign known for its need to communicate and its thirst for knowledge. Suddenly, the urge to make others talk and to dig (sometimes where it shouldn’t be) to find solutions will be felt. This can cause discussions which, if the words are poorly chosen, will turn sour.

The December full moon will cause more tension for these 3 zodiac signs:


It is known, the full moons are an opportunity to take stock of the last month. Gemini, who is tired of ruminating, will want to seek answers to their (sometimes existential) questions. As Geminis feel particularly bewildered these days, they will want to see things more clearly. They will be tempted to search, ask questions, provoke conversations. They might be opening a Pandora’s box! To avoid any argument or misunderstanding, it is best to think carefully before taking actions, which could prove irreversible. Gemini would also benefit from choosing humor to lighten up conversations.


Particularly sensitive to the energy of the moment, Cancerians could experience great inner tensions. The natives of this astrological sign will have to be careful not to let their thoughts consume them. Being constantly in your head and ruminating on the past can become heavy to bear. Rather than withdrawing into themselves, Cancer would benefit from taking advantage of the energy of Gemini to reach out to others and thus share their resentments and questions. Another way to free yourself from these internal tensions is to indulge in journaling.

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If Mars retrograde affects all the astrological signs, it’s nothing for Capricorns, who have been accumulating many frustrations since the end of October. For some time now, this earth sign has struggled to understand itself. Usually go-getters and organized, Capricons lack motivation and suffer from mental fatigue. They will have to exercise a little patience, because the Sun will turn in their favor in a few days. Until then, Capricorns should take this period more lightly or even take a little vacation.

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The last full moon of the year will bring its share of tensions for these three astrological signs

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