The horoscope for Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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You have nothing to fear, the situation is favorable to you, even if it obliges you to fit in, to be a little more responsible and sometimes strict than usual with your loved ones. Let’s say you think it’s good to follow the instructions given to you and you don’t want to be the only one with the right attitude.


Even if it requires you to take it upon yourself, you must adapt to the changes that are asked of you. You may experience them as a constraint, but ingenious as you are, it will not remain a burden for you for long. You will quickly have a solution to regain your usual comfort and balance.


You may gain height, as I advised you yesterday, nothing is simple at the moment, especially for the 3rd decan. It may be that you become aware of a state of dependence vis-à-vis a loved one, or that you find that he (or her) has a hold on you. You feel like you’re going to have to get rid of it one way or another.


If you have something to fix or have something fixed, if you want to be forgiven for a little exaggerated behavior, it’s a good day. Certainly, your pride may suffer a little, but you will find tomorrow that you have more peace of mind. Besides, you will have spent a better night than the previous ones.


Your relationships with others, and with the outside world in general, will be less pleasant than yesterday. It must be said that the restrictive side of the situation is accentuated today, you will feel it more and this can activate the revolt that lies dormant in you. Or who is already very active, for some natives of the 2nd decan. It will pass, don’t be too impatient.


You may still have some anxiety today, but now is the time to react and look for a way to stop being so anxious, especially in the field of work, whatever your activity. . In fact, you’re still afraid of doing wrong and that’s accentuated these days. There is bound to be a technique you can adopt that will help you relax.


Also in Aquarius, the Moon allies with Mars and gives you even more strength in your desire for recognition in your work, or in your daily activities. You need it right now because you have given a lot of yourself and your energy, nice compliments will be welcome and will give you confidence.


The Saturn-Uranus dissonance that marks this week is activated by the Moon’s move into Aquarius. If you are feeling anxious, there is nothing better than deep breathing to relax you. If you have the Internet, look at what is said about the 4-7-8 method (inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7 counts, and exhale slowly, for 8 counts).


It is always a complicated situation for those who receive dissonance from Mars and Neptune. You want to run away from your spouse, or someone in the family, unless it’s the opposite and you feel like you’re being let go. However, it depends on your theme… (3rd decan). 1st decan you still have baraka and it is likely to last.


Issues regarding money, or the country’s economy are still at the forefront on Wednesday. But you might think that you are imagining situations that may not arise. That said, with the dissonance between Saturn and Uranus being accurate, you might not be wrong in your predictions. But it seems that solutions are emerging.


Something else is happening in your sign today: the Moon is activating the Saturn/Uranus dissonance, which you know is the restrictive kind. But it also represents a kind of quarrel between the “ancients and the moderns”, the conservatives and the liberals… Do you feel your freedom is hampered? Now might be a good time to break free from your chains.


It seems that you need to recharge your batteries, so it is advisable for you to keep your distance from others, this will be the best way to relax. And if you manage to clear your head, it will be even better. Take care of yourself, chase away any pessimistic idea, even if the current situation does not lead to optimism. There is always a patch of blue sky somewhere.

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The horoscope for Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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