The horoscope for Wednesday August 10, 2022

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Venus finally separates from its opposition to Pluto, but it won’t be truly free of it until tomorrow, when it enters Leo. So, even today, those of the 3rd decan born after April 14 can feel suffering, probably linked to a love affair… But it could also be of a physical nature.


2nd decan, it’s your turn to receive the positive influx of Mercury. Admittedly, they are quick and sometimes correspond to a simple discussion, like an explanation with a loved one, but nothing aggressive. Moreover, most often, it is you who asks the other to account, a report, the details you need.


Mercury, your ruling planet, enters the 2nd decan of Virgo, next to your 2nd decan. You may be moving to visit someone in the family, or that person may be spending the day with you. You will be concerned, each member of the decan in turn, by August 18th.


Venus still opposes Pluto (last day), but Mars forms a good aspect with you, so things will take a different turn starting today. It looks like you won’t let it go (3rd decan), maybe you’ll have to ask for help, but this help will apparently be very effective and very restorative for your ego.


“The case” Mars is not over: after Neptune, now it aligns with Pluto. A good aspect that can be useful for repairing damage, your ego, objects, a relationship… It can be played on a small level as well as on a large level. And it can also be your will, or happen naturally.


3rd decan, you have effective weapons, and sometimes unknown to you, to defend yourself against human stupidity; superbly ignoring those who want to get you out of your hinges, for example. However, the aspect of the day has a very restorative nature and you will use this strength to try to settle a conflict.


Pluto being in dissonance with you (for a long time) its current good aspect with Mars can help you better manage and even take advantage of a situation that until then was not easy to live with (at times only). It turns out that some of your anxieties could turn into positive and constructive energy.


The aspect of the day, between Mars and Pluto is a double-edged sword. Either you will use these energies to patch things up with someone (3rd decan especially), to rebuild a relationship that hangs by a thread, or on the contrary you will suffer these energies and remain powerless in the face of what the other wants from you. impose.


2nd decan, Mercury begins its crossing of the zenith of your zodiac. Your loved ones and especially your relationships with them will be in the foreground. You may be picking on a parent, or you may have to be tough with your kids because you feel like they’re messing with the holidays.


I return to Mars, in good aspect with you and with Pluto now (until next Tuesday). 3rd decan, Pluto is with you and receiving the energies of Mars will give him even more strength to carry out the work that you are doing: either on yourself or to achieve a goal of great importance.


Venus approaches Leo and if you were born in January, some must already feel its pleasant influx. They can put you in a very friendly environment, surrounded by caring friends or the one you love. But we’ll talk about it again, because it can also be about embarking on a new professional adventure.


Mercury now opposes your 2nd decan, but for a good cause! It will indeed form a good aspect with Uranus by the end of the week. You will therefore have unexpected news or an unplanned visit, unless you get an appointment on which you will base a lot of hope. With a good chance it works.

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The horoscope for Wednesday August 10, 2022

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