The horoscope for Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Aspects of the day can have repercussions in two areas. That of emotions, which you will sometimes feel excessively, or that of money where there will also be excess, overspending for example. This should only concern the 3rd decan unless you have another planet (there are 10 with the Sun) which is linked to the conjuncture of this Thursday.


You will have the feeling, 3rd decan especially, that your money is swallowed up in expenses that you do not control. That said, the economic situation of the country can have repercussions on your personal savings, especially on those of the 3rd decan. But you can all hear echoes of it, with today’s Full Moon focused on money.


2nd and 3rd decan, the full Moon watching you, you will not be able to hide your nervousness in the face of a situation that is going a little in all directions. If it’s personal, it’s on the side of emotions, feelings that something will play out and you’re all disturbed by it. But it can also be on the money side, certain mandatory expenses that unbalance your budget.


The Full Moon emphasizes areas related to work and fitness. Maybe you are wondering if your job is not too hard and if it is good for your health to work in these conditions? You also wonder about the possibility of seeing the doctor and asking him to stop work because you are exhausted. Apparently, too much is being asked of you…


Even in dissonance with Mars, today’s Full Moon is favorable to you because it boosts changes, especially those that you have been refusing so far! You can only reflect, under this situation, on the need to adapt to novelty, especially 2nd decan. Yes, it can be vexing and force you to question your worth…


It’s not the best full moon of the year for you! She is angry, or rather you are angry if you are from the 2nd decan. It’s nothing new, but let’s say that the full moon is very bright and strongly emphasizes the reasons for your anger, that of a parent, a child or your boss… In any case of someone who is important to you.


A priori, the full moon is positive for your 2nd decan, but since it is in dissonance with Mars, you never know. There is conflict in the air, not for you, but you may witness it and possibly want to do your bit to work things out. This is not advisable for you, let those who are tormented solve their problem. You are not part of it (the problem).


Today’s Full Moon looks at your 2nd decan and as it is in dissonance with Mars, one of your ruling planets, you may be forced to act, to make a decision under pressure, while you would have preferred to have more time… Moreover, the 3rd decan could have some strong emotions, but not unpleasant ones.


The Moon and Venus, in your sign, get angry with Jupiter. You will have to beware of a tendency to want more: love, money, listening… Nothing will stop you in your need to feel pleasure and to have what you want. to have (3rd decan). 2nd decan, the full Moon is right in dissonance with Mars, there is a good chance that a conflict will continue to disturb you.


You risk being disturbed for a few hours by a full Moon which causes dispersion, which will therefore prevent you from concentrating on what you are doing; your work, probably! However, on a personal level, some may wonder about the feelings they have for a colleague, or for a person they meet regularly.


3rd decan, the full Moon turns out to be a good aspect with you, especially if you are part of Saturnian Aquarius, much more reserved than the others. Too much even: the situation tells you to let go a little, to let yourself go, despite the presence of Saturn who plays the moralizer and whispers to you that you have no right to be light, otherwise you will feel guilty.


3rd decan you could be very touched, very moved by someone in the family or by your spouse. He or she may not be doing very well, and you are there for him/her. It’s in your DNA, you need to feel useful, to devote yourself to those you love. On the other hand, with the full moon, the 2nd decan will feel anger or see an old conflict reappear.

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The horoscope for Thursday, December 8, 2022

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