The horoscope for Thursday, December 1, 2022

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With the Moon in Pisces, it is in your interest not to get involved in other people’s stories and to remain reserved if there are controversies around you. Mercury (speech) is in exact dissonance with Neptune, and what you say will seem devoid of common sense. You will even wonder if your interlocutors or certain commentators are not followers of the conspiracy theory.


Friendship and mutual aid will be in your state of mind today, you would like to rescue someone, or even several people, but apparently your energy will be spent in vain because you will not get the results. what you hope to get. We must tell you that, perhaps, there are limits to respect, even if they do not seem to have been set. It’s up to you to feel them.


You are one of the signs that are not in tune with the situation, so do not trust anyone today and question everything you are told or heard. Mercury, your master is in dissonance with the devious Neptune and it is very possible that you will be told stories. We will have to disentangle the true from the false!


You seem to be filled with good feelings, inclined towards benevolence and the desire to get along well with everyone. But alas, the others are not in the same state of mind and you will be amazed by the reaction of some to the current context. Wait until the end of the week, things should calm down from Sunday or Monday.


You would like to be able to believe in certain promises made to you, especially 3rd decan, but you are advised to doubt it. In any case if it is money, compensation for example. In addition, you would like to change things, you feel that it is necessary, but you do not have the possibility for the moment. In 2023…


No, it’s not the best day of your week, try not to get too excited, to stay zen, even if others or life provoke you. There are currently six planets in dual signs, and it looks like you’re at a loss for where to turn. That is to say, forming an opinion based on real facts is difficult for you these days (3rd decan especially).


Even today, your weather is not very high pressure! Let the storm pass, there’s only that to do and things will be back to normal by the end of the week. Well, a part anyway. In any case, you don’t have any big dissonance, and what can impact you is linked to the strength of your sensitivity. It may need to be channeled.


Even today, you are in good spirits, ready to do anything to stay calm and not get upset. Only the outside world, the others are not at all on the same wavelength as you. You are in generosity, the desire to share, but you are dealing with a context or with people who do not have the same values ​​of loyalty and generosity as you.


Nothing is simple, everything gets complicated, this Thursday is not your best day, but brace yourself and tomorrow will be another day. Make the effort yes, you are capable of it, you are brave, sometimes hotheads, but there it will not help you, as long as Mars is retrograde and Mercury and Venus are in dissonance with Neptune. Everything is in danger of going wrong.


You are called to give your opinion on the current situation, or to think very hard about this situation. It does not concern you directly, but it nevertheless has an impact because it occupies your thoughts; and even a little too much, according to you. You have the impression that you are invaded by images, ideas, and that you should sort them out, but it turns out to be quite complicated to put in order!


You are among the signs for which the situation is positive! Admittedly, there are situations around you that are a little surprising, sometimes anxiety-provoking, but it is up to you to have confidence in yourself, and in your destiny. In a pinch, if you are one of those who receive a visit from Saturn (born around February 8), you could have something to complain about, and again: the page has been turned.


The Moon is always with you, but it only forms aspects that force you to experience contradictory feelings and that make you doubt yourself, others, which leave you perplexed. It may be due to the general context, to decisions made that you find insufficient, or even not justified. Be patient, the sky will clear up soon (2nd decan especially).

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The horoscope for Thursday, December 1, 2022

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