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Always on the sand or already at your desk? Find out what the week of August 5-11, 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign.

This week, the star sign is Taurus, like Laetitia Casta. you have the courage to get rid of everything that encumbers you. Is your man a Taurus? He conceives his happiness in comfort and stability. If you are able to plan for the long term and make life good for him, he will settle down with you with his eyes closed.

Aries weekly horoscope (03/21 – 04/21)

In good order

Take the time to reflect. Your projects are interesting, but the way you intend to carry them out is messy. As you need funds to finance them, rework your file. It would be a shame to have the idea taken from you by better prepared people.

The astro coach: ask for help, people are there for that.

Taurus weekly horoscope (04/22 – 05/21)

New Horizons

Liberated, delivered, you leave the past behind. You break ties with a person who kept you emotionally dependent. You sell a property that stuck you financially. This need for security that constrained your choices is jumping.

The astro coach: orient yourself towards sophrology in order to relax.

Gemini weekly horoscope (05/22 – 06/21)

It’s solid

It’s nice to live hand to mouth, but you realize it’s not going far. To move forward, we must define a guideline. The coming back to school forces you to position yourself on long-term projects. Stability, commitment, duration, the future is based on these three pillars.

The astro coach: connect to who you are and to your emotions.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (06/22 – 07/22)

Zero constraint

Sleep in, eat lunch when it’s ready. Everyone does what they please with respect for others. A wind of freedom is blowing over these holidays. At work too, you have a cool life. Your favorite activity? Drink pots on the terrace with colleagues at the end of the day.

The astro coach: close your eyes and savor the moments of tranquility.

Leo’s weekly horoscope (07/23-08/22)

The middle

It’s never good to bottle up your feelings, but it’s not better to attack others. No one is responsible for your mood swings, no one has to pay for it. Before tackling angry subjects, ask yourself first about the reasons for your anger.

The astro coach: do not trigger situations that could escape you.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (08/23 – 09/22)

Size support

Dreaming your life is good. Living it is better. You realize the projects you had imagined. A partner or your lover has your back. Single, a man you only considered as a friend turns out to be as exciting as he is passionate. To be continued…

The astro coach: others believe in you, trust them.

Libra Weekly Horoscope (09/23 – 10/22)

The big jump

You can’t help but weigh the pros and cons, except the tempo picks up. And for good reason, a professional project directs your life towards an unexpected region or sector. We are waiting for your response as soon as possible. The prospect of starting something else elsewhere is tempting.

The astro coach: don’t let fear decide for you.

Scorpio’s weekly horoscope (10/23 – 11/22)

All is said

You have a duty of sincerity towards your lover. This man, with his qualities, his faults, brings you much more than you want to say. In a surge of love, you declare to him how you feel. These sweet revelations soothe you both.

The astro coach: continue on this path with a child.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (11/23 – 12/21)

Chronic dissatisfaction

When it’s not your lover who gets on your nerves, it’s the weather that upsets you. Blaming the whole earth is the trick you have found to avoid a necessary questioning. Why this anger? A time of reflection is necessary to find the cause.

The astro coach: go for a walk alone to meditate.

Capricorn’s weekly horoscope (12/22 – 01/20)

After the rain, the sun

Your old world is behind you. The hardships and the realizations that have resulted have made you make decisions that are sometimes difficult, but always beneficial. You are proud of the work accomplished. Make way for well-being, happiness will quickly follow.

The astro coach: relatives are there, thank them for their support.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (01/21 – 02/19)

Recall the order

Even under the sun, you have holiday homework. You must keep your commitments, assume your responsibilities. If you forget, your lover, the children remind you of promises that may have been made in the air, but which have not fallen on deaf ears.

The astro coach: play the game instead of making your bad head.

Pisces weekly horoscope (02/20 – 03/20)

Shared wrongs

Your lover has the tact not to focus on your faults, thank you for doing the same. It’s too easy to criticize and put on airs when you allow yourself a trivial remark. You’re not perfect, that’s okay. The others are not, which is just as normal.

The astro coach: who do you blame? Ask yourself the question.

Caroline Moisan, astrologer

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The horoscope for the week of August 5 to 11, 2022: the future smiles on this astrological sign – X Gossip

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