The horoscope for Saturday October 1, 2022

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You too will be sensitive to the dissonance between Mars and Neptune because you will not know whether or not to believe what you are told or what you read. You will doubt the veracity of certain information and you will not be wrong. Because they will inevitably be deformed, Neptune not being really follower of the truth or the reality.


You shouldn’t be too sensitive to the situation, except maybe once again on the side of money, or the goods you own. Beware of possible thefts, or even scams. That said, the Mars/Neptune dissonance in question is going to be felt by everyone and it is possible that a national or international event will disturb you.


You are one of those who will have trouble with the disagreement between Mars and Neptune. Don’t decide anything, take no initiative until October 15th. Anyway, what you do or decide will be very difficult to achieve, with Neptune you never see the end of things. However, it can also concern your community, or the whole collective.


The situation being what it is, we will not be surprised to see you worry, given that you are overflowing with imagination and that with you the worst can happen. It probably won’t happen, the aspects of Mars and Neptune can be very misleading… But they make the imagination work and you won’t escape it.


As far as you are concerned, the Mars/Neptune dissonance is difficult to interpret. It can, possibly, cause pessimism, especially with regard to the energies. Not yours, but electricity for example can be a real problem, or gasoline. Either way, the background will give you food for thought and be filled with doubts about the future.


If the situation acts on a personal level, you will not be very sure of what you want to achieve, or how you should proceed. Don’t decide anything yet. Either way, you wouldn’t be happy with what you decided! Better to wait for the situation to change, the aspect ending around October 15th.


Mars has entered Neptune’s zone of influence and there is likely to be unrest around you, national/international events that will be worrying. However, and this is for everyone, beware of your imagination and especially the desire of some to make you swallow totally invented stories.


Your ruling planet, Mars, has entered the 3rd decan of Gemini and forms a destabilizing dissonance with Neptune. You will be out of shape for a few days. However, this aspect can weaken you as much as weaken your will and your spirit of decision. Don’t be surprised if you are uncertain.


Mars and Neptune look at each other like earthenware dogs, and if you are from the 3rd decan, you will feel that you are the victim of the ill will or even the wickedness of some people. That said, you will not be responsible for the situation, but it is how you experience it that will be your responsibility. Try not to see yourself as a victim.


A dissonance between Mars and Neptune has set in, don’t be surprised if order turns into disorder and what was square is no longer square. For now. This configuration, which will last at least until the 15th is synonymous with big mess, but not necessarily for you. It could be at your job, on the street, or anywhere else in the world.


The dissonance of which we speak between Mars and Neptune has little resonance in your zodiac, except that you will idealize a situation, or a person too much. And when I say “idealize”, it’s in the sense that you have ideas and that you can make mistakes, see things from an angle that is not the right one.


The disagreement between Mars and Neptune which will last until the 15th will not be easy for your 3rd decan. You will feel overwhelmed by uncontrollable emotions. Unless the water overflows, or someone moves in when you don’t want them. If you live in a big city, demonstrations could disturb you.

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The horoscope for Saturday October 1, 2022

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