The horoscope for Friday, May 20, 2022

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Jupiter, in your sign, is friends with Mercury and with the Moon today. You may be upheld if you disagreed with someone and requested mediation. In the absence of your personal chart, 1st decan, the sky seems favorable to positive responses, authorizations.


Uranus is activated until Sunday. This planet is that of change, of gaining independence and it circulates in your 2nd decan, in perfect conjunction with the natives of May 6th. There can be a tinge of revolt with Uranus, against the established order or against decisions that seem to lack common sense.


Good news, the Moon in Aquarius will give you a pleasant feeling of freedom, not to do the same things as on other days, especially 1st decan. Especially since it is in tune with Jupiter and you certainly have one or more projects in mind, such as doing something with friends tonight.


For you too, Uranus will stand out today or tomorrow, 1st and 2nd decan. 1st decan to surprise you financially, a return to school that you weren’t expecting, for example, 2nd decan to encourage you to persevere with the project that is yours and which is linked to your current need to free yourself from constraints.


Venus begins a good aspect with your 3rd decan, who is very worried at the moment, but thanks to Venus you will have one or more compensations. Either because you will be offered help and you should not refuse it, or because you yourself will be more positive and will see the situation in a different light.


The Moon activates the good aspect that Uranus sends to the 2nd decan, you know it, we often talk about it and it invites you to have one or more new experiences. You find yourself capable of more strength and determination than you previously thought and suddenly the image you have of yourself is changing for the better.


Your ego will be flattered today, either because you will be complimented on your achievements, even on your physique, or because you will be proud of your creations or even of one of your children. For today, this only concerns the 1st decan, who can also see a project of association, partnership, progress.


Everything will seem to you to be a constraint, whatever your decan, you will even have the impression that we are on purpose to burden you because it is Friday. The Sun enters Gemini tomorrow which is a crisis sector for you (little ones) which means that you will have to find a solution so as not to be angry.


If you were born in November, the situation is excellent for this weekend. A small trip, perhaps unforeseen, is announced unless you receive a visit, a phone call, just as unexpected. 3rd decan, hold on, Mars is finishing its dissonance, you will be less stressed after Tuesday.


The influx of Uranus is felt these days and indicates, for the 2nd decan, that you adapt better to situations, that you are more open to others. But maybe it’s also because you have professional satisfactions, you feel recognized, appreciated in what you do and that makes you feel secure.


The 1st decan is still celebrating today, especially since the Moon passes through your home forming a good aspect with Mercury and Jupiter; you should have good news these days, even if you can’t concretize them, put them into practice immediately, it opens up beautiful horizons for you.


It is not excluded, if you are of the 1st decan, that you receive money, either from your family, or from a job that you did some time ago and which had not been paid to you. . And again, it’s not sure that you have it in your hands, it’s probably a sum that is coming in some time.

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The horoscope for Friday, May 20, 2022

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