The horoscope for Friday July 8, 2022

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Moon and Mars oppose each other in your financial sectors which also represent what belongs to you, your “properties” and acquisitions. Would you consider selling a property, even if it’s something minor? Unless you haven’t been paid and you have to claim a sum that you are owed: 1st decan today.


At home, in your 1st decan, Mars opposes the Moon this morning and you are likely to start the day angry. If this is your case, the best thing to do would be to spend this energy in a strong physical activity. But I’m afraid you’re “ruminating” on the problem… Try not to antagonize someone close to you.


3rd decan, your situation is about to improve, if this is not already the case. Be that as it may, as of today, Venus is in good shape with Saturn and depending on the problem that is yours, family or professional, you will be able to see that a balance has been established. However, be careful, it is still fragile.


Barely arrived in Scorpio at 7:16 a.m., the Moon opposes Mars and the two stars being in harmony with you, you have good morning fishing; maybe to work, to play sports, in any case to act, to make decisions, or to get rid of your tasks quickly. Born around 6/30, you will be told disrespectful things.


Do you have a job to finish, something to wrap up? The situation lends itself to it but it will cost you a lot of energy because you can’t say that you really want to get started. This especially concerns the natives of July. Tell yourself that once your “duty” is done, you will be happy with yourself.


Plan stimulating contacts and exchanges, you will feel in tune with your interlocutors and you will be able to say what you think, even if you are still a little afraid of their judgment. However, your desire to express your opinions will be stronger than your fear of displeasing or being criticized (1st decan essentially).


The Moon/Mars opposition is in financial sectors of your zodiac, you may have a bill to pay and you are doing it backwards. For some reason, you may feel like you’re being ripped off. But since you are obligated to pay, do it quickly and move on.


In your 1st decan, the Moon opposes your ruling planet, Mars. It seems that you will not be in agreement with yourself, or with someone close to you… For a few hours this morning, you will feel vulnerable, you will have the impression that everything and everyone is attacking you; but that will soon pass.


Is it you who will put yourself on the sidelines, or will you feel that you are being ignored, that you are transparent? Instead of fighting this feeling, accept it and examine it closely. Isn’t this a repetition of what happened in your childhood or adolescence? You may have a realization.


Even more than yesterday, you receive very positive and constructive energies if you are from the very beginning of the sign (born between December 22 and 26). It’s time to make a decision, you can be sure you won’t regret it. But stay in good standing with the administration, in view of the next return of Jupiter, at the end of September, October.


Passing through Scorpio, the Moon opposes Mars and if you are from the 1st decan it is not an easy start to the day. You will hurt somewhere, or it’s your morale that will be at half mast. Maybe because you’ll be tired from your work, or you’ve simply not slept well. Be careful not to hurt yourself.


Plan a good day, you can unplug and some might even pack up for vacation. In any case, you will be very active in preparing something pleasant, especially for the 1st decan. But everything is also going well for the 2nd decan (born around March 9), who is changing direction.

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The horoscope for Friday July 8, 2022

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