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If you’ve ever wondered why your friend is always the life of the party or why your uncle can make everyone laugh at dinner, it’s time to examine their signs. When we are born, this could determine the likelihood of us taking the mic at karaoke or entertaining others with our hilarious stories. Read on to find out what professional astrologers consider the funniest zodiac signs, from pleasant extroverts to rambunctious partiers. You can even use these recommendations to compile your next guest list.

Aquarians are often in their own little world. But once they let you in, you’ll be hooked on their quirky and eccentric spirit. “Aquarius embodies a very fluid energy, and anyone who witnesses it can’t help but be drawn in,” says Charlotte Kirsten founder of the Typiquement Topique astrology blog.

This free-spirited sign isn’t one to go out on the town often, but when they do, they’re ready for anything. “The adventurous water carrier represents all-night revelers, those who won’t stop until the sun peeks over the horizon,” says Kirsten. And if you’re looking to deviate from your normal nightlife, you’ll want to do so with an Aquarius in tow. Writer and astrologer victoria thomas says these hip signs love to “crawl through pubs and dance to obscure new-punk bands until dawn.”

5) Aries

Aries, with their wild and outgoing personality, brings a healthy dose of comedy to social settings. According to Kirsten, Aries are “known for their clumsy, light-hearted nature” and their ability to bring a little light-hearted levity to difficult situations. They love to tell stories and can turn any event, even an after-work happy hour, into a real party.

However, know that this often equates to an Aries constantly wanting to be in the spotlight. Thomas calls the Ram a “selfish and stubborn leader.” But as long as you let the Aries in your life decide what to do and where to go, they’ll stay in good spirits.

4) Scorpios

Scorpios are notoriously intense about everything, but that can be a good thing when it comes to partying. “Anything a Scorpio interests you, you can be sure they do with enthusiasm, passion, and intensity, which makes them super fun to be around,” says Kirsten.

Expect this water sign to pave the way for the next event, where they’ll tell scintillating stories with their “sparkling wits and lightning-quick wits,” according to Thomas. She also notes that their lack of inhibition means they’ll be “first on the dance floor.” But keep in mind that if you start a dance contest, Scorpio will make sure he wins.

3) Lions

Leos, the party animals of the zodiac, are constantly on the hunt for being the center of attention. “Ruled by the bright sun, Leos are incredibly outgoing and unafraid to offer new experiences,” says Kirsten. They are perfect for a wedding, as they will somehow find themselves dancing the night away with the bride and groom.

Even in more intimate settings, Leos have a “warm, friendly, infectious energy,” Kirsten notes. They appreciate the contact with their good friends and will do everything possible to lift your mood if you are feeling down.

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2) Sagittarians

Do you want a skydiving partner or a traveling companion? “The fun-loving, travel-loving zodiac sign, Sagittarius knows how to say ‘yes’ to adventure and excitement,” says Kirsten. “Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of exploration, the fiery archer is always on the move in search of the next big thing that will make his life more interesting and enjoyable.” They often surround themselves with a large team of equally welcoming friends whom they invite to participate in their wild antics.

If you’re able to keep up with them, Sagittarians will take any boring or negative frame and “find the escape route to the next thing or make a big match out of it,” according to the Purpose Vibes astrologer. Ansley Echols. This can be especially welcome if you are in a situation that makes you feel bad. Echols says Sagittarians are “naturally funny, so anything can become a joke,” but they’re also able to “go with the flow.”

1) Gemini

These flirtatious social butterflies are always up for a good time. “Quirky and filled with childlike curiosity, Gemini thrives on having fun in all social settings,” says Kirsten. They have a busy schedule and friends clamor to hang out with them because they’re so jolly.

Due to Gemini’s duality, they easily fit into any social setting and aren’t afraid to strike up conversations with new people. “Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini prides itself on its ability to connect with people and turn the most mundane conversation into something witty and memorable,” according to Kirsten.

The only problem you might have is locating your Gemini friend. This same zest for life means they get bored easily and, in turn, are notoriously unreliable. But put them in a room and you won’t stop laughing.

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The funniest zodiac signs, according to astrologers – NM-Maritime

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