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After explaining to you how to handle an argument well according to your zodiac sign and the signs you DO NOT want to go on vacation withwe now invite you to discover those with which you do not want to get angry.

If some astrological signs have an innate sense of communication, sharing and exchange, even when they are angry, others, on the other hand, are not at all capable of taking a single step towards the other in the event of conflict and turn against the slightest annoyance.

The exchange becomes in this case difficult, laborious and we would almost regret not having walked more on eggshells at the start, just to avoid this infernal whirlwind of conflict which never seems to stop. To avoid this type of very unpleasant experience (or to help you understand why a conflict takes on such mind-blowing proportions), immediately discover the astrological signs that it is better to avoid at all costs to irritate.

the Scorpion

Generally described as a astrological sign with great charisma, Scorpio Seeks power above all else and is ready to do anything to obtain it. He does not hesitate for that to take the ascendancy on the other as soon as he has the opportunity and the Conflicts don’t scare him. He also has a great sensitivity, which he hides very well under his thick shell, which makes him very difficult to understand, extremely complex and ultra sensitive.

We usually do not immediately realize that we have hurt or angered him because he is used to completely internalizing his emotions and feelings. But at the slightest open argument, it’s over for you: his diehard side will push him to never let go, and he will easily dominate the conflict by turning the conversation to his advantage thanks to his great repartee.

He won’t hesitate for a second to be very mean and to poke right where it hurts if he’s injured. Vengeance is an integral part of his modus operandi, and he will always return blow for blow rather than bending or taking a step towards the other (since for him that amounts to allowing himself to be trampled and dominated, which is above of his strength).


If the Scorpio is definitely THE zodiac sign you don’t want to annoy because you are likely to quickly regret it given the proportions that it will take then and the consequences that you will have to manage because of these disproportionate reactions, two others astro signs are also to be avoided in case of Conflicts. the Ram is indeed known to make decisions on a whim and act in a brutal way.

As one might suspect, it acts no differently in the event of conflictand even tends to see red until rushing headlong into a dispute without being able to stop afterwards. Fortunately, unlike the Scorpio, his anger falls as quickly as it rose and he always regrets his words when they go beyond his thoughts. It is in these moments of calm conducive to apologies that it is easiest to talk to him and to manage conflict constructively.

The bull

The sign of Bull is finally very down to earth and generally dislikes not argue over details. On the other hand, he is extremely stubborn and does not know how to stop once he is angry. He is above all very resentful, which will push him never to come back to the other in case of disagreement. Better to think twice before provoking a difficult discussion or one that could get out of hand. conflict.

To help you better manage conflicts when they arise, find out now how to handle an argument well according to your zodiac sign and the zodiac signs you DON’T want to go on vacation with.

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The 3 zodiac signs you should avoid annoying at all costs | So Busy Girls

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