The 25 best ideas for a tattoo related to astrology

A tattoo related to astrology is the sign of a deep acceptance of oneself, of one’s faults and qualities combined together.

Here are 25 tattoo ideas for zodiac lovers.

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Why choose a zodiac sign as a tattoo?

Whether you believe in the horoscope or not, you can’t deny that you mysteriously match the personality traits described by your astrological sign, also known as the zodiac sign.

Behind each astro sign is a rich symbolism, which can give rise to a tattoo of great beauty.Bullpisces, capricorn, libra, aries: each sign is full of complex meaning and powerful imagery, which inspires tattoo art a lot

A tattoo inspired by his astrological sign helps to accept himself with the faults and qualities inherent in his sign. But still, it sometimes makes it possible to be better understood by others, who can understand a person through the prism of their astrological sign or at least the perception of themselves that results from it. Once the sign is tattooed on the body, there is hardly any need to explain it to be understood!

You will find in this article 25 tattoo ideas for all the signs of the zodiac. Perhaps you do not yet know all the aspects of your sign and then hesitate to make a tattoo in its image. You will find the symbolism associated with each sign in this article, for all the tattoo ideas that will be offered.

25 ideas for a tattoo related to astrology, signs and their constellation

Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio… Whatever your sign, you will undoubtedly find inspiration in this list of ideas and models, if you are looking for a new tattoo related to the zodiac. And if you are still hesitating to forever anchor your belonging to a sign on your skin, you can also opt for an ephemeral tattoo. Indeed, a temporary tattoo allows you to test several ideas at low cost, to possibly print it permanently later.

Tattoos for the sign of Aries

The impetuosity and radicality of the Aries is perhaps somewhat attenuated by your ascendant. In this case, you can opt for a discreet tattoo full of nuances, like the color drawing below. The woman who chose it for tattoo seems to be related to the Aquarius sign as well as the Aries sign, as the small symbolic waves of Aquarius suggest. Aries turns his head away to look at them, as if to acknowledge Aquarius’ open-mindedness and independence.

Aries ascendant aquarius zodiac tattoo/Pinterest

If you want to represent purely the sign of the ram, a tattoo like the one presented below could inspire you. In fact, the representation of the constellation and the symbol specific to the ram signify in a clear and minimalist way the belonging to this sign, with lines endowed with a simple beauty.

Aries sign constellation tattoo / Source: Pinterest

Aries sign constellation tattoo / Source: Pinterest

tattoos for the sign of the bull

The planet that rules the sign of Taurus is the moon, together with Venus. The tattoo below is a good synthesis of the Taurus sign, all in simplicity. Indeed, the horns of the bull are surrounded by the moon and the star of Venus, in a fine and luminous design.

But the bull is also a beautiful animal to represent. Thus, on the hand of the tattooed woman below, the bull’s head drawn in symmetry signifies the link of the person with the sign of the bull. You can opt for a tattoo of simple beauty, with geometric lines, referring to the rational and down-to-earth side that bulls have in common.

Tattoos for the sign of Gemini

The duality of Gemini is represented by the symbol of two pillars connected from top to bottom. This symbol synthesizes the constellation and its meaning, that of two twin souls linked together. The beauty of this image gives free rein to the imagination of tattoo artists of the zodiac, as shown in the models below.

First, a Gemini tattoo can be made on the ankle, with a fine and subtle design, like the natives of the Gemini sign.

Gemini tattoo /Source: Pinterest

Also, a tattoo with the image of Gemini can sport a more elaborate, more extravagant design, like the drawing below. Very present and yet most often invisible, because located on a part of the body very little shown, this tattoo is in the image of the Gemini person himself, whose soul is elusive.

Gemini sign tattoo / pinterest

A cute tattoo is also well compatible with the sign of Gemini. For example, the symbol of the Gemini constellation perfectly matches the drawing of the two little cats on the arm in the photo below, representing the duality of the sign well.

Cancer sign tattoos

A minimalist drawing, drawn in one line, is possible with the sign of cancer. For example in the photo below, the little crab tattooed on the back of a woman’s neck could inspire personalities born of Cancer, with its sweetness and reverie.

Crab Neck Cancer Tattoo/Pinterest

The constellation, the symbol of the crab, the symbol of the Moon: the following tattoo honors all aspects of the Cancer sign. We also appreciate the heart shape suggested in the shell, which refers to the intense and warm sensitivity specific to people who were born in the astrological sign of Cancer.

Female shoulder tattoo black ink cancer sign / Pinterest

The sign of Cancer has the advantage of having a very visual symbol: that of the crab. The crab design opens up the voice to melancholic art as above, but also to more concise and geometric art as below, with a crab meeting the constellation Cancer.

Minimalist Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo /Pinterest

Leo tattoos

The lion sign is a symbol of majesty. It influences a charismatic personality, full of will and strength. A lion person thus has a character very similar to the real animal, king of the jungle. In fact, a realistic drawing will surely be more revealing here than a minimalist tattoo to pay tribute to the astrological sign of the lion. We offer two models below.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo / etsy

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo / etsy

Tattoos for the zodiac sign of Virgo

The virgo sign tattoo can take on the features of a woman representing a virgin, but then it can be tricky to interpret. You can prefer the simple symbol of the sign, as below.

Blank sign / Pinterest

Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Libra is a sign of balance and harmony. In fact, a Libra person is often inclined to love fauna and flora, to feel close to nature. This Libra tree will therefore be perfect for a Libra person.

tattoo balance / etsy

Tattoos for the scorpio sign

A person born under the astrological sign of Scorpio will appreciate this sultry and sophisticated tattoo. Indeed, scorpions are romantic and the rose suits them as well as their symbolic animal.

Scorpio star sign tattoo / pinterest

Tattoos for the astrological sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are known to be true conquerors. Their symbol is the arrowwhich coupled with a bow, can give rise to the design of delicate tattoos, filled with a mysterious beauty.

Besides, the sagittarius constellation tattoo can also be a nice design like in the picture below.

sagittarius star sign tattoo / pinterest

The arrow of sagittarius can be drawn in a more feminine style like with this ripple that cuts through it.

sagittarius star sign tattoo / pinterest

Tattoos for the sign of Capricorn

The symbolic animal of the Capricorn sign is so dreamlike that the beauty of its tattoo design is beyond doubt. Indeed, the constellation Capricorn is likened to a mermaid-tailed goat. This image is a delight for tattoo artists, as seen in the photos below.

Capricorn Symbolic Animal Tattoo /Pinterest

The fishtail goat is also very beautiful intertwined with the star design of the constellation.

Capricorn Symbolic Animal Tattoo /Pinterest

tattoos for the sign of aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is represented by two small parallel waves. The minimalist tattoo that represents these two waves horizontally is of course a safe bet. But it is also possible to stylize it somewhat, as on the following model, by modulating the wave design and tattooing it vertically.

Aquarius Tattoo/Pinterest

The waves of Aquarius can lead to more colorful, even more realistic drawings. Thus, you can opt for colorful waves, with, as in the model below, a hidden figure, elusive like the air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius Tattoo/Pinterest

pisces tattoos

The Pisces sign is very advantageous for astrology fans who would like to get a tattoo. Indeed, the drawing of two fishes which revolve around each other is for sure in good taste and gives rise to very beautiful tattoos, as the following model shows.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Tattoo

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